subarashi hibi


Happy birthday!

You see, I wanted to do something on your birthday since I wasn’t able to wish it to you last year and even then this year I can’t really say it directly… But nevertheless this little pic is dedicated to you.

I know we had a pretty bad falling out but I want you to know that before I was a mess and confusing the shit out of you and had all that crap that made you stop talking to me, I meant everything I said to you before. And I’m sorry, however you want to take that, and it pains me that we don’t talk but maybe it’s for the best. And if it is for you then I understand. 

And I really hope you’re happy, if not happier, and that you have or will find someone to love you and be with you for a very long time.

Today is a wondrous day. A day where you were brought into the world and now that you’re here and we’re able to celebrate it. Think about how far you’ve come and not how much further you have to go. Be proud about yourself because there’s a lot to be proud about.I think you’re an amazing and talented person~ So you’ll definitely go far and meet tons of great people and do lots of awesome things. 

Remember to keep your chin up, ok? Your smile is one of your best features and I swear it could make other people smile too. Thank you for being born and I’m glad I’ve met you.