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happy birthday masaki suda aka phlilip of the one half of the the 2 and one rider duo kamen rider W nomaily i bitch about anything bad that happened of the course of a riders show but not in w’s case this was an awesome show through and through so yeah to masaki himself i wish to nothing but success with your j-damas enjoy your day dude
Naruto Storm 4 Road to Boruto - Naruto Apologized to Himawari English Subtitles
Naruto Storm 4 Road to Boruto - Naruto Apologized to Himawari English / Português Subtitles Unprecedented scene English and Portuguese Subtitles where Naruto...

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Hold onto your hats, folks, here is the filth on which this person @naruhina-subarashi whom I can’t tag felt the need to leave this comment:

What kind of person looks at this and thinks, “yes, this perfectly innocent and not in the slightest cross-tagged image NEEDS some hate vomited all over it”?

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Anyway who’s up for a nice spate of NaruSaku spite translation??? Ehh??? Eh?????

Also can anyone recommend me some SANE NH blogs to follow, since I actually ship NH? Why is this fandom full of sore winners and assholes? Or am I just unlucky that they’re all I run into?

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4. Last song listened to: Ed Sheeran - Perfect
5. Last movie I watched: Sword of the stranger. It’s the only movie I’ve been watching for the past weeks. I love it. Also Your name (Kimi no na wa). Those two … everyday. Love them.  
6. Top three fav TV shows: I can’t seem to find a TV show that will keep my interest for a long time. Except GOT. So I just watch old TV shows like Friends and Malcolm in the middle. I know they’re old … like very old … but I find them really funny and relaxing. Oh … I also watch Supernatural, but only because I have a crush on Dean.  
7. Top three fav characters: #1 - Nanashi (from Sword of the stranger), my new fictional crush … my new “dream man”. #2 Kakashi – My previous fictional crush and still my “dream man”. There’s no #3 … for now.
8. Top three ships: Naruto x Hinata; Sasuke and Sakura. I don’t like Sasuke very much, but I do like that pairing and I wish to know more about how they got together. Again … no #3. Maybe I should watch more anime. P.S. Looking forward for recommendations.
9. Book I’m currently reading: John Steinbeck - East of eden.

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Japanese Language (speaking & listening)

Hasil belajar selama 3 hari @_@’. Based from Jdrama.

To be continued…..

Nanda kora: what is this?
Nani kore: what is this?
Nanda: what is it?
ogenkidesuka: how are you?
Ore wa: my name/ i am/me (male)
Watashi wa: my name/ i am/me (female)
Ore mo: me too (male)
boku mo: me too (male)
Atashi mo: me too (female)
subarashi: amazing
sugoi: amazing, terrible, great
kakkoi: handsome, cool (to men)
kawaii: cute
Dakedo: however
dakara: because..
So/sou ka: yes/ that’s right/ is that so
so desu ka/ sodeska: is that so?
Sumimasen: excuse me/sorry
Nani ka?: whats’ wrong?
Yoroshiku: nice to meet you
Chotto: a little/ a moment
Matta: wait
Chotto matta: wait for a moment
chotto matta kudasai: wait for a moment please
Daijoubu ka?: are you ok?
Daijoubu desu: i’m ok/ it’s alright
Nandayo: whats the matter?
Yappari: as i thought
Kedo: but
datte: but/because
umae/kimi: you
souda: that’s right
Dakara: so
nani??: what?/why?
sore wa: that is/so
kore: this
so nanda: really?/ i see..
sore: that
are: that
yada: i don’t want to/no/ i hate
yoisho: yes!/yeah/encouragement word
ittadakisamu: let’s eat
kotowaru: i declined/refuse/ inform/to ask leave
Ja: later (leaving)
Ja mata: see you later (leaving)
Ja na: see ya (leaving) used by men
Ja ne: see ya (leaving) used by male & female
sayonara: goodbye
nanda yo: what the..
wakatta/wakatteru: i get it/ i understand
wakatteru yo: i know
wakarimasu/wakarimashita: i understand
wakarimasu ka? : do you understand?
shirimasen: i don’t know
wakarimasen: i dont understand
gomenasai/gomen: i’m sorry
Iie: no
Hai: yes
namae wa: the name is____
onna: female/girl
warukatta: its my fault
minna: everyone
minna-sama: everybody
konnichiwa: good afternoon
konbanwa: good evening
oyasumi/oyasuminasai: good night
ohayou/ ohayou gozaimas: good morning
moshi moshi: hello
kinou: yesterday
masaka: it cant be/no way/ not expected
Banzai: hurray!
Yokatta: It’s great!
Onegaishimasu: Please
nan demo nai: nothing/never mind
Watashi, (name) wa: I, (name)
Gakuen: school
Irasshaimase: welcome!
saikou: highest, supreme, the best
saikou no dachi: the best friend
dou shita no?: what’s wrong?
honto ni?: really?
honto ni arigatou: really thankful
doko: where
nani: what
dare: who
itsu: when
dore: which
ikura: how much
hazukashii: shameful/embarassing
daisuki/suki: to love/to like
suki desu: i like you/i love you
watashi wa anata ga sukidesu: i like you/ i love you
anata ga suki desu: i like you/ i love you
hontoni suki dayo: i really like/love you
kore ga suki?: do you like this?
aishiteru: i love you
daikirai/kirai: hate
sou da: that’s right
nihon ni ikimashou: let’s go!\
Ike ike: go go
gambatte ne: goodluck
baka: idiot
shitte yo/shitteru yo: i know
yamete: stop it! (doing)
domou: thanks
arigatou: thank you
dou itashimashite: you’re welcome
Iie, kekkou desu: no, thanks
hitori: alone
hitori ja nai: i’m not alone
hayaku: hurry up/ be faster
hai, ikimasu: yes, i’m coming
omae wa: you are…
majime: seriously?
kimi wa: it’s you