subaltern culture

[There is] no need to hear your voice, when I can talk about you better than you can speak about yourself. No need to hear your voice. Only tell me about your pain. I want to know your story. And then I will tell it back to you in a new way. Tell it back to you in such a way that it has become mine, my own. Re-writing you, I write myself anew. I am still author, authority. I am still [the] colonizer, the speaking subject, and you are now at the center of my talk.

bell hooks, Marginality as a Site of Resistance

“we should kill or otherwise permanently destroy the social relations of people who have done x form of social harm” well when intergenerational trauma and the lingering effects of structural white supremacy exist, it turns out doing this just ravages subaltern cultures. child abuse is deplorable but it’s at epidemic levels in Māori society because of structural, non-individual historical force so if we just respond to that by killing child abusers, we’ll continue to transmit those forces into the future. the carceral solution to social problems is, itself, part of what allows those problems to persist.