Pairing: Young Justice x Reader [platonic] Kaldur x Reader [romantic]

Relationship: friends and past relationship 

Request: nope

Plot: based on theses prompts;  50. Promise me you’ll come back…I need you to promise me,49. I can’t promise you that, 51. I missed you,‘don’t break my heart and tell me you’ve forgotten me’, 91. How long has it been?

Key: [Y/N]= your name, [h/c] = hair colour, [e/c] = eye colour.

Words: 1,588

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded anything in so long. I’m hopefully getting back on track soon. 

3 years ago

The mission had been long, and it had been physically exhausting on the young heroes and this was obvious as they walked into the main area of Mount Justice where they were greeted with Batman and and Black Canary staring them down, Canary with soft eyes and Batman with his usual hard stare as they all joined them around the screens on the computer that seemed to be broadcasting all their mistakes from the mission, well more specifically [Y/N]’s mistakes.

The young hero had been the newest addition to the team and, and though she had been there close to a year upon recommendation of Doctor Fate after seeing her magical potential she was still having difficulty controlling her magic and she once again put the demon in danger by not being able to keep it in check.

Looking to the ground, she rubbed her arm with her opposite hand and let out a gentle sigh, she didn’t know what was wrong with her or why her magic always seemed to go nuclear when she tried something even slightly more difficult than a defensive or telekinetic spell, but it did. And now the team was getting punished for it.

The feeling of a warm hand wrapping around her own hand and pulling it down to the side, away from her arm that she had unconsciously stopped rubbing and started digging her nails into, broke the [h/c] girl out of her thoughts and forced her to turn to face the man she had come to call her boyfriend.

A comforting smile was on the Atlantean’s face as he rubbed his thumb softly over the knuckles of the girl as the team was dismissed. Another sigh left her lips as she looked into the eyes of Kaldur, the two of them being the only two remaining as Batman had left for Gotham and Canary was beginning her sessions with some of the team to go over the trauma of the mission.

“I’m useless-” another sigh left the young girl’s lips as she used her free hand to move some hair out of her face, “- I can’t do anything right.” A comforting smile made it’s way onto Kaldur’s face as he removed his hand from [Y/N]’s, only to bring it up with his free hand and cup her cheeks as he spoke to her.

“You are doing fine my love. You are still learning.” Another sigh passed the girl’s lips and she cast her eyes to the ground again, “You are still improving. This time 12 months ago you had no idea that you had magic and now look at you, you are doing amazing.”

While she enjoyed hearing the encouraging words coming from Kaldur, [Y/N] knew they weren’t true. What was true was up until 12 months ago she had no idea what she could do, she thought she was normal, that was until her family was in danger and she found herself unconsciously casting a shielding spell around them, protecting them from shrapnel and gunfire.  That was how the League found her, well more Doctor Fate, and he recognised the potential in her and took her under his wing, bringing her into the team almost immediately to allow her to learn with those her own age as well as from him.

It was also then that she learned she was adopted and her adoptive parents had no idea what she could do, though they didn’t love her any less, and they had been trying to find out everything they could about her birth parents ever since then to giver her a chance to find out who she really was and how she was born with magic.

“We both know that’s not true. Kaldur, I’ve been working with Doctor Fate for a year and I can’t even do a simple tracking spell! I-” Huffing slightly, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked to the man, “I have to leave.”

Kaldur’s eyes widened as he processed her words, he hadn’t expected that and he didn’t want that. He was sure the team didn’t want that either, they adored the girl despite her misfortunes and thought of her as a sister. “W-What? Why?”

[Y/N]’s tongue darted past her lips as she felt them dry up, along with her throat, a direct response to having to tell Kaldur that she had to leave. “My birth parents? Their from a homo magi community that’s really reclusive. They, uh, when we contacted them to find out about my parents they told me they could help me.”

“I have to go.” She stepped closer to the boy, closing the small gap that had been between them as she spoke because this might be the last time she spoke to him for a while, the last time her lips would touch his for a while.

“Promise me you’ll come back” He looked down to the girl, his hand reaching out to push some hair behind her ear, “I need you to promise me” A soft sigh pushed passed [Y/N]’s lips and she once again looked to the ground, a nervous tick she had. “I can’t promise you that.”

It was the truth, she didn’t know if she would be back. She didn’t know the price she would have to pay to learn to control her magic, and she didn’t want to leave with empty promises in the air. So, that was the last thing said before the girl leaned up and pressed a kiss to Kaldur’s lips, their last kiss before she left.

Present, 3 years later.

The team was tired, they always were after a fight and they had just gotten out of the showers when they were called to the training area for a briefing for their next mission, well a continuation of their current mission that seemed to be broken into sub-divisions of missions like in a video game, and a long groan left the lips of many of the members. But they went anyway.

This team, this team consisted of Kaldur, L’Gann, M’Gann, Connor, Bart, Artemis, Tim, Jaime, Barbara,Virgil and Cassie, it was a new configuration that took some getting used to as old members had left and new ones had joined and they were getting used to the others abilities and fighting styles. But they were a good team, they got along well and worked well together but this newest mission was kicking their ass and so Batman had called in reinforcements.

Before the team stood a girl, with long [h/c] hair that looked familiar and [e/c] eyes that sparkled with excitement and happiness and she overall looked familiar, like a friend not seen in years and the feeling of knowing nagged at the back of the original teams mind as if they should know this person and yet they don’t.

“Who is this?” It was Kaldur that broke the silence and a gentle laugh filled the air, it came from the lips of the stranger who was standing with their arms crossed and their eyebrow raised as they looked over the team. “Don’t break my heart and tell me you’ve forgotten me?” And it was then that everything clicked.

Smiles broke out onto the faces of M’Gann and Artemis as the girls walked forward and wrapped their arms around their old team mate while Connor and Kaldur remained frozen, trying to comprehend what was happening. “[Y/N]!” It was the declaration of her name by M’Gann that broke the boys out of their trance as realisation dawned upon them. However, the remainder of the team remained confused as to who their stranger was and how she was known to the original team.

“I missed you. All of you.” She looked to her former teammates, though there was 2 missing, she still spoke the truth, she had missed them all. “Where did you go?” A little chuckle left the girls mouth and she tilted her head slightly and let out a ‘tt’ sound, “That’s complicated. Because it was technically another dimension so we will not talk about it.”

A light laugh left Kaldurs lips as he stared at the girl with an eyebrow raised, “Of course you would end up in an alternate dimension.” [Y/N] pouted slightly, “Okay. It was deliberate? I was supposed to be there.” Kaldur laughed at the girl and a kind smiles were shared between the two.

“How long has it been?” [Y/N] questioned her friends, after all she wasn’t sure because she was preoccupied, “Three years.” Shock dawned on [Y/N]’s face, she honestly hadn’t realised she was gone that long.

“Not that I don’t love you being back, but, why are you back?” Licking her lips slightly she thought for a moment, “I thought it was time for me to come home and Batman needed reinforcements for your fight against Faust. I wanted to come back, Batman just gave me a reason too.”

“Wait, so you’re back for good?” M’Gann’s voice raised a few octaves at the end of the question to match the squeal she let out when the girl answered her question with a nod, “I’m back for good.”

The friends were broken out of their conversation and brought back to reality as a new voice broke through the crowd, the voice of Virgil Hawkins who’s tone matched the looks on the rest of the team, “Can someone explain what is going on?”

Not sub(missioned)scribed

I take vast notes on the important parts of our campaign as a player so the DM can’t pull anything on us for forgetting. 

Our ranger had managed to steal ¾ of my kills last game, but that wasn’t important to the plot/my character.

DM: the ambushing party ceases their actions and look very confused and excited to see (the other rogue). 

NPC: oh good! We were waiting for your arrival!!! We were hoping to see another woodelf soon.

Me OOC: (ranger) is also a woodelf.

DM: oh! I for some reason I didn’t write that down. Thanks for telling me.

Me: no prob, I write everything down.

Ranger: did you write how I balanced on a cow to get a great shot last game?

Me: No. If you want a scribe to sing your praises, my premium is 30 gold a week.

jedifinnrey  asked:

also, lab partner, elevator, manager: cisco, jax, wally

thank u…..

get them randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester: ok i would feel bad if any of them were my lab partner bc they’re all so much better at science than me but. fuck i’m crying inside i guess cisco? my physics lab woulda been done SO fast

get trapped with them on a broken elevator for ten hours: dude i’m gonna chat with wally for TEN HOURS how great would that be?? i mean i’d be worried abt like. his metabolism. but would i use half of it trying to talk about linda park? fuckin maybe

they’re your employee trainer for your new job at McDonalds: okay but hanging out in a random era mcdonalds having abandoned the training an hour ago for milkshakes and fries and yes i picked this one JUST because of that one scene. also jax is really good at leadership altho i’m definitely taking it as a sub-mission ‘cause the boy is too good for mcdonald’s, please,

e/R mcgill university headcanons
  • Grantaire refuses to buy textbooks, mostly because he just doesn’t see a point—he majors in Classics and minors in Literature, and it’s not like other peoples’ professional bullshit is any greater than his own less distinguished kind, right? The library’s always there if he needs it (he never needs it.) He’s at McGill for the company and the city, and his ramblings always somehow sound intelligent enough to get him scraping by with a passing grade.
  • Enjolras pursues an honours major in political science and minors in sociology. He also refuses to buy textbooks from the bookstore, because overpricing mandatory textbooks puts a strain that is downright cruel on the already financially struggling students, especially those without a decent support system. He advocates for alternate sources like textbook exchange programs and is initially somewhat encouraged by Grantaire’s lack of textbooks—not so much when he realises the liberal arts student doesn’t exactly put much stock into school at all.
  • Enjolras juggles working with Midnight Kitchen (vegan food for pay-what-you-can, so nobody ever has to go hungry), QPIRG, and Queer McGill. The non-hierarchal activism club he runs (he hates calling himself the ‘leader’ of the thing, Combeferre and Courfeyrac are equally involved and should not be seen as lesser simply because they aren’t giving the speeches) takes top priority, though, except during exam season.
  • Grantaire has never been to a single student service or club—he deems them a total joke, and simply designed for overeager students to run with the sole purpose in mind of getting that well-rounded CV for grad school. As a francophone student from a small town in Quebec (everyone he knew was shocked when he mentioned where he was going in passing) he haunts a lot of local bars and those really good hole-in-the-wall poutine places that look like they could potentially be a safety hazard but actually take a lot of care to make sure their customers are happy.
  • And in a reversal of the laws of common tropes… Enjolras actually speaks terrible French (to his chagrin) and despite his determination to use the language to every single local he encounters, they simply smile politely and switch to English for him. Seeing as how he loves Quebecois culture (those infamous protests are right up his alley) as well as French history in general, it’s one of his biggest pet peeves when people bring up the fact that he is not, in actuality, French.
  • So when they meet, Enjolras hates that Grantaire is completely fluent in both languages but shrugs off his ability to speak native French (with that Quebec accent to boot) like it’s less than nothing. Well, he hates a lot of things about Grantaire. But he never hates the man himself, much as he tries. Much as it often seems like he does, particularly the first time Grantaire comes in to one of his meetings and he is so caught off guard that he ends up yelling at the cynic more than he yells about the government that night.
  • When he has the time to spare, Enjolras methodically rigs campus printers so that a glitch occurs and they print for free, until staff come along to fix it. Feuilly showed him the trick, first time they met. This is the extent of Enjolras’ tech skills. He’s just never had the time to learn, and besides, Combeferre takes care of it all with incredible efficiency.
  • Oddly enough, the club never had a clear overall purpose before Grantaire came along and was the first to point out all the inpracticalities of the many unfocused ideas Enjolras was constantly throwing out. By the very next meeting Enjolras had created a 6-page-long, multi-sub-titled mission statement including short term / long term goals as well as a numbered list of things they hoped to achieve, and realistic ways in which they could be achieved. (He finds a lot of satisfaction in slamming the thing on Grantaire’s table, the next time he finds his way to a meeting for the second time, three weeks later. His unreliable attendance, however, slowly increases in frequency until he’s in the meeting room almost (but not entirely) as much as Enjolras himself.
  • One day, Grantaire drags Enjolras to a McGill vs Concordia hockey game and as much as E likes to think he’s above such petty inter-school rivalry, mcgill’s spectacular loss riles him up and they leave locked in a charged discussion over unfair refs and the death of sportsmanship, and it’s incredibly refreshing to them both to for once argue about something other than serious social injustice as they realise that wow, they actually really enjoy each others’ company??? in a non-academic, non-politically driven context??????
  • This leads to many ‘study sessions’ in which they come to learn a whole lot about each others’ subjects until eventually Enjolras is just able to effortlessly counter Grantaire’s constant classics references with ones of his own and Grantaire subconsciously uses a lot more concrete political theory to back up his arguments too and their friends just raise their brows and say nothing but literally everyone except them see what’s going on
  • I just
  • have a lot of feelings about mcgill au e/R ok
The tragedy of Adam Jensen

I started another play through of Deus Ex Human Revolution last week. I’m at that part where you visit Detroit for the second time and I just finished the sub mission where you conclude searching for your past. It always moves me, that mission, it’s so depressing. Seeing as Deus Ex is my favorite game, I decided to write a bit about it.

Throughout the game, you keep discovering things about your past and your childhood. You’re in the dark, just like Adam. Shrouded from your past. As the game progresses you keep discovering heart breaking things about yourself. 

Almost at the beginning of the game, you realize that you were adopted. The people you grew up with were never your real parents and this is something which you discover by accident while trying to do your job. You keep digging more into it and later at almost the end of the game, you finally discover a name ‘Mitchell Walters’. She was apparently your ‘Guardian Angel’ and was responsible for taking care of you when you were an infant.

You find out where this woman lives and you pay her a visit. When you finally meet her, it’s heart breaking. She’s an old lady who’s gone senile. She doesn’t even remember you and mistakes you for some food deliver guy. You decided to talk to her and man, the conversation between Adam and Mitchell is so depressing.

Adam was brought up in White Helix Labs as an experiment. The experiment had something to do with gene therapy, it sounded like survival of the fittest. From what I made out from the story I believe the experiment was to find the most suitable DNA which can be made compatible with augmentations. Mitchell described a scene with a lot of babies in cribs being inoculated. While most didn’t make it, Adam survived. He was special. Adam’s real parents worked in the White Helix Labs and they were against this unethical practice. One night they set fire to the labs when all the cribs were empty but unfortunately died in it. Adam was saved by Mitchell and she took care of him until Adam was adopted by his foster parents.

The whole story is gut wrenching. After Mitchell finishes her story, Adam says ‘Miss Walters, my..Adam’s real parents, who were they?’ But it was too late. Miss Walter’s dementia did it’s work and she completely forgets what she was talking about. Adam never really finds out who his real parents were.

Before Adam leaves, Mitchell said that even though Adam’s parents died, they didn’t die for nothing. They stopped the scientists from experimenting on Adam and that he was saved. However she doesn’t know that her victory didn’t last forever. After Adam was left for dead, he was saved by Sarif but Sarif went too far with the augmentations. Sarif knew Adam was special and he took the chance to augmenting him as much as he could. He experimented on him. 

With major global events happening and the lives of almost the entire human population at stake, this might seem like such a trivial problem to worry about, but it means so much to Adam. Adam Jensen life is like a sad poetry. He loses the love of his life, he thought she died but she had been abducted and was alive the entire time. What’s sad is that she never made any effort to escape her abductors. She was forced to do research there and she gladly did that because she loves her work more than any thing else. Adam lost his dog too the 6 months he was in the hospital. He was lied to by the people he trusted the most. But still he lives on. 

I hear a lot of people complaining how Adam Jensen character is super grim-dark and generic. What they don’t realize is how painful Adam’s past is. 

I look up to his character, amidst all the adversity and painful history, he still lives on. He still has a heart. Like Brent Radford said, ‘A robot with a heart of gold’

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[ENG SUB] 160519 SEVENTEEN Mission Cut (ft. BTS, Nam Woohyun, I.O.I., & TWICE) @ M!Countdown

i downloaded the last mission movie subbed from someone called MINNASUBS and there were some pretty funny bad translated moments in it


or the ‘yes i do’ moments

i almost fell off my couch when i read this

and they also used german words. how international!

but the final fight was so funny, i made about 20 screenshots

looks like gon is trying out some new names for his jan ken pon
and killua gets mad


here, have this cute gon &killua pic as a bonus

Hello my beloved roleplayers. I’ve noticed an increasing amount of roleplays thats are based around the past decades and the music from those times. So, in an attempt to be helpful, I’ve created a masterlist of song lyrics written by the lovely punk-rock and grunge bands that I’ve grown up adoring. Bands such as Pink FloydThe Stranglers, and the Sex Pistols are featured below with plenty of songs with lyrics that I thought would be good for 1x1 plots, roleplay plots, and so on.. Please feel free to reblog and/or like if you found this helpful.

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