What Dean Wants

Castiel was a gentle lover, to a fault really, clearly terrified of hurting Dean. He supposed it was hardly surprising, with the strength of an angel all it would take was one moment of carelessness and he could destroy Dean. After all, before Dean, Cas had never had sex while in possession of his grace. Dean bore it out for as long as he could, but soon he couldn’t take it. Every kind word and soft caress sent agonising shards of guilt radiating through him, far worse than anything he had experienced in hell. He didn’t deserve this, couldn’t.
“Cas?” Dean spoke into the sheets as Cas softly topped him from behind.
“Yes Dean?”
“Can we…” Dean trailed off, he couldn’t say it out loud, couldn’t vocalise something as personal as this.
“Can we what? What do you want?” Cas walked around the bed to where he lay, kneeling down so his face was level with Dean’s, concern creasing those beautiful features. Dean sat up slightly.
“I just… It just…” He couldn’t find the words.
Cas reached a hand out to stroke Dean’s cheek, no doubt feeling the tension in his jaw, seeing the fear of rejection in his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Dean looked down, scared that Cas would read his thoughts, and be scared away. Cas leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Dean’s lips. “You know you can tell me anything.” He said quietly, eyes conveying the heartfelt conviction of his words, the honesty of an angel.
“You’re being…Too nice to me.” Dean looked directly at him with those last words. Too late to turn back now.
He could see confusion cloud Castiel’s expression, he wondered if the angel would even have the human knowledge to understand his meaning, then it cleared.
“I don’t have to be.”
With that, he slammed Dean back down on the mattress, holding him down with a firm hand pressed into the small of his back as he moved to straddle him. He thrust into Dean, hard enough for the headboard to crash against the wall.
Dean cried out. He felt Castiel falter for a moment, lessening the pressure on his back with the hint of a question. Dean nodded his head a fraction of an inch, and that was all the confirmation Cas needed. He resumed fucking Dean, each thrust somehow harder than the last, reaching depths Dean didn’t know he had.
Dean grabbed the sheets, fists curling around the material in an attempt to ground himself. Cas noticed his movements, then in a single smooth motion, pulled his arms away from the bedspread and pinned them to his lower back, effortlessly holding them there with one hand as the other grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved his face down hard into the mattress.
Dean shook as an orgasm was wrenched from his soul, his hips violently bucking beneath Castiel’s punishing weight. Castiel’s own orgasm following close behind.
Cas collapsed on top of Dean, releasing his hands and his hair as he did so. Dean just lay there as Cas planted tender kisses across his shoulders and the back of his neck. It was only when he moved up to kiss his cheek that Cas realised he was crying, tears streaming down his face and soaking the mattress below, his shoulders starting to shake from the silent sobs. Cas hurriedly rolled him onto his side, horrified that he had caused such pain in the man he loved so much.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The words rushed out, the panic increasing as Dean only seemed to cry harder, his sobs vocal now. “Dean I-”
“Thank you.” Dean spoke hoarsely, the tears not letting up despite his words. Cas was utterly confused.
“I can heal you if you’re hurt, let me-” he reached out a hand to heal whatever damage he had done, but Dean took hold of his wrist and gently moved it away.
“I’m not hurt Cas. I’m… I’m great. I just… I’d needed that for so long…” The tears that had begun to let up flowed down his cheeks once again. Dean turned his face away, feeling shame redden his face as his senses returned. Cas sat back down beside him, pulling him up with the lightest of touches, then brought his face to his and kissed the tears away. Dean leant into the angel’s touch and kissed him softly, slowly, and completely honestly.
“Thank you.” Cas murmured against his lips, his voice deep and emotional.
“What for?” Dean asked, feeling that he should be the one doing the thanking.
“For letting me see you, the real you.”
Dean responded with a deep kiss, not knowing the words to describe all that he felt in that moment, he didn’t need to. Castiel knew all he wanted to say. He let out a blissful sigh, and lay down to rest in the warmth of his angel’s arms, at complete peace for the first time.

What Happens In Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fighting, smut, rough smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Dean (sorta), Dom!Reader, Sub!Reader, gambling, smut, use of sex toy, smut, oh…did I mention smut?

Word Count: 3819

A/N: This was written for @avasmommy224 birthday smut challenge. My prompt is in bold and please forgive me for this lol I had an idea so out of my comfort zone and ran with it. Please leave feedback! it is welcome and appreciated

There will be a part 2 later today!!!! Maybe even a part 3 in the future!

You love your job, plain and simple. You were probably one of the few people who had the pleasure of saying that but it was true. Sometimes things got a little heated but you were more than equipped to handle just about any situation tossed your way. You had just dealt the halfway mark of the current blackjack game at the casino you worked at. It was a table full of testosterone to say the least. One guy is burly with tattoo sleeves down both arms, definitely someone to steer clear of in any kind of hostile situation, the next is a bit smaller than him and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s slightly built and has the most stunning green eyes you have ever seen and every now and then you catch those eyes travelling up and down your physique; what’s visible due to the waist high blackjack table that is. You catch yourself having to fight a smile back every now and then whenever he looks up at you and sends you a flirty wink or two. Casino rules and expectations can be very tricky and the wrong hand gesture or facial expression can throw up red flags, cheating was severely frowned upon and anyone was a suspect.

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Featuring frottage and humiliation!

I’m honestly so blessed. Also I’m really sorry for the delay! I hope this makes up for it.

They’ve been at the carnival for hours. When they’d first arrived, Cas pulled over in a far corner the parking lot behind rows of empty cars, and opened him up. The plug still  feels so big inside him now, long and wide, and it’s rendered him unable to focus most of the day. Cas first took him on the ferris wheel, and then the bumper cars, where he took great pleasure ramming into Dean from behind - typical Cas.

He’s forced Dean to go on the carousel twice, having to give him a leg up so he didn’t hurt himself climbing onto his horse. The up and down had been pleasant, and Cas was on the horse behind him - he’d put on a little show, rolling his hips in time with the rise and fall, using exaggerated cowboy movements to mask that he was fucking the plug deeper inside him each time he sat back down.

They’ve been playing games for the last half hour and Cas won him a big fluffy bear wearing a cardigan.

“Where do you want to go next, Dean?” Cas asks him, hugging the bear to his chest.

Dean is flushed, not paying attention. Cas just laughs, dragging him over to the roller coaster.

“Really?” Dean asks, apprehensive.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” Cas says.

They deposit their things in the personal items bins. Dean gets seated and strapped in, and Cas has to double back, having forgotten to take off his sunglasses. Dean’s waiting for him, absent-mindedly thinking about when they’ll go home, when he feels the plug inside him buzz to life.

Cas jogs back to his seat and slides in next to Dean.

“You said you left the remote at home!” Dean hisses at him, clenching down as he’s stimulated.

“Oh yeah, I lied about that,” Cas says, smiling triumphantly.

“Asshole,” Dean muttered, but he couldn’t blame Cas. He probably would have done the same.

The ride starts and they shoot off, twisting and turning, and the plug is jolting inside him like crazy. They pass a loop the loop and the roll of it is perfect - he’s going to have to get Cas to practice doing that to him later.

Once they’ve disembarked and Cas has turned off the vibrations, Dean needs to take a breather. They find a tree to sit under on a secluded edge of the grounds.

“That was one hell of a ride,” He tells Cas.

“Was it too much?” Cas asks, looking at him with concern.

“No, it was good,” Dean says, pulling Cas in for a kiss.

They make out for a little, there in the grass. Cas is getting a little frisky, so he’s not surprised when Cas pulls away from him, panting slightly, and suggests they should leave.

Dean squirms the whole way home, Cas playing with the remote from the passenger seat.

“Strip,” Cas commands him, the second they walk in the door, switching the plug to the highest level yet.

Dean leaves his clothes in a pile by the shoe rack and follows Cas into the living room where he’s standing by the couch where he dropped the stuffed bear.

“I want you on the floor, ass in the air.” Cas says, and Dean moves hastily to obey. Cas kneels down behind him, pressing the line of his hard cock against Dean’s cheek. He leans over Dean, grabbing his hair and using it to keep his face pressed into the carpet. Dean can hear the slick sound of Cas jacking himself, and focuses on breathing through the intense vibrations, the angle of his hips putting pressure against his prostate. He hears Cas grunt, feels come striping hot and wet across his ass, his taint and balls. Cas turns off the plug.

Dean’s achingly hard, has been since they got in the car to leave.

“I want you to stay there until it dries, do you understand?” Cas instructs in a low voice, leaving Dean spread out on the floor and covered in come while he leaves the room - Cas hears him talking on the phone a few minutes later. That asshole is on the phone.

Dean doesn’t know how long he kneels there, knees splayed open with his ass tilted up. They didn’t even bother to shut the curtains first - if anyone walked up to the house right now, they’d see Dean kneeling face down with his ass plugged and messy with jizz. His dick is leaking profusely, beads of it drooling onto the carpet.

Cas comes back into the room at some point, still talking.

“Dean’s doing good,” He says, “He’d say hi but he’s busy at the moment.”

Eventually Cas hangs up, only to sit down on the couch and turn on the tv, paying Dean no attention at all. Dean’s itching in his skin, arousal coursing through him and lighting his every nerve ending on fire. And Cas is watching TV like his naked, aching, come slathered boyfriend isn’t on the floor.

After what feels like forever, Dean hears his name.

“Dean,” Cas says a second time, “You can get up now.”

Dean moves slowly, his joints stiff, and sits back on his haunches. He feels the dried come pulling at his skin.

Cas has his eyes on the TV, but his arm is stretched out in Dean’s direction, offering him the stuffed bear. Dean takes it, tentative, not sure what to do. A few seconds pass, and Cas looks over at him, eyebrow raised.

“Well?” He says, clearly unimpressed, and then, “I got you a present and you’re not even going to play with it?”

Dean swallows, thick in his throat. Does Cas expect him to…? Eyes are boring into him, so he shifts gently, spreading his knees to fit the bear between them, pressing it’s soft fur to his leaking, aching cock.

Cas has already turned back to the TV.

Dean shivers, his dick twitching. He starts moving his hips, using both hands to cradle the soft fabric to his dick as he grinds into it, plug still shifting in his ass. He picks up the pace, rutting against the bear’s back, precome spreading across the cheap polyester, making it damp and ragged, catching on his dick.

He’s getting into it, eyes closed and panting as he moves, so he doesn’t notice Cas stand up. All of a sudden the bear is ripped from his hands, and Cas is dropping down in front of him, pulling Dean towards him until Dean’s straddling one of his thick thighs, half covered with boxer briefs.

Cas grabs Dean by the hair, yanking his head back to expose his neck. He places soft, wet kisses along the column of it, biting down hard unexpectedly, Dean moans out, his hands clasping at Cas’s shirt.

“I told you to play with your new toy, not fuck it. Did you enjoy it?”  Cas whispers into his ear, his tone harsh, “Such a dirty little bitch, you’ll rut against anything to get off.”

Dean swallows thickly, knowing better than to say anything. This is the game Cas likes to set up.

“You think you can just rub yourself against anything and come?” Cas asks, “You come when and if I say you do. I was going to fuck you, but seeing as you’re such a desperate slut, I’m not sure you deserve it.”

Dean groans, unbelievably turned on.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Cas asks, letting go of Dean’s hair, stroking his neck with dangerous fingers, “Rutting against the first thing you lay your eyes on, like a filthy animal.”

He pulls Dean forward, sandwiching his cock between his own stomach and Cas’s thigh.

“Well now’s your chance. Get moving.”

Dean buries his face into Cas’s chest, into the fabric of the soft t-shirt he’s wearing, and starts moving his hips, rubbing his dick against Cas’s strong thigh.

Cas has him by the back of his neck, fingernails digging into the skin. He reached behind Dean and pulls out the plug, letting it drop to the carpet. He shoves two fingers into Dean’s hole, twisting them as Dean moves.

“You’d do whatever I told you to do,” Cas growls, “You’d fuck my mother if I ordered it. What’s it like being a mindless fuck toy, Dean, is it fun?”

Dean’s moving so fast now, moaning as he thrusts into the slick he’s trailed across Cas’s skin.

“I could leave you out on the street and let you service whoever felt like having you, would you like that?” Cas says, “Of course you would. You’d enjoy every second of it, because I told you to. Little slut.”

Dean can’t take much more, his hips stuttering. He comes, moaning, spilling across Cas’s thigh. Cas pulls his fingers out of Dean’s ass. He’s leaning against Cas’s chest, panting, when Cas shoves him off.

He looks up at Cas, kneeling over him. Cas scoops the come off his leg, smearing it across Dean’s face with his hand, over his lips and cheeks. He pulls Dean’s ass towards him, before pushing down his boxers and sinking into Dean in one movement.

Dean didn’t notice him get hard again, but Cas definitely is, fucking hard and fast into Dean’s loose ass.

“Look at you, dripping with your own come,” He says, “You love this.”

The sight of Dean seems to drive him crazy, and it doesn’t take him long to come, spilling deep and wet, with his hips pressed tight to Dean’s backside.

“There,” He says, “That should be enough come for you.”

He pulls out of Dean, trailing fresh wet come out of his hole.

And then he giggles, and Dean joins in, his face cracking into a smile under his own jizz.

“Jesus Christ, Cas,” He says.

“Was that okay?” Cas asks him, moving to sit next to Dean, running a soothing hand along his chest.

“That was amazing, baby,” Dean says, his eyes drifting shut.

“No, don’t go to sleep, we need to get you cleaned up,” Cas says, moving to help Dean off the floor.

“Okay, but then you’re sucking my dick,” Dean says, “You owe me a second orgasm.”

“Of course,” Cas laughs, “Would you like me to bring your bear?”

“Fuck off,” Dean mutters, pressing a kiss to Cas’s cheek.

Make Me

Requested by Anonymous

Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Warnings: smut (this is probably the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written), fluff, cussing, cockslut!Dean, Dom!Cas, hesitant!Dean, Sub!Dean, Bottom!Dean… yeah I think that’s it.

Blonde, or wait was she a red head? No, the red head was last night, so she is definitely blonde. She probably has a name like Casey, or Calie or Britney. Something super girly like most blondes with fake boobs, shorter than should be humanly possible skirts and 6 inch heels. Yeah, life was good for Dean Winchester, well at least his sex life. Monsters were still haunting his dreams and he was still drowning himself in copious amounts of alcohol. Regardless, every night he got to forget about his crap life and get more action than most men can even imagine.

For Cas on the other hand, Deans night time “adventures” are really getting on his nerves. Now that Cas is human he needs his sleep, however the endless moans of “OH YEAH, DEAN. RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!” or “YOU LOOK HOT WHEN YOU RIDE MY DICK LIKE THAT” or the more common and simple “FUCK. OHH. MMM. YEAH FUCK” coming through the adjacent wall in the motels are keeping him up and he can’t stand it any more. Tonight is no exception! 

Dean has been pulling this crap for two straight weeks. Although Castiel found Dean’s noises fucking delicious, he knew something was wrong. 

Yes, he loved the way Dean sounded. He’s had a soft spot, no, a melted caramel plush fluffy spot for the older Winchester for awhile now. He was going to have to talk to Dean tomorrow about what the hell he thought he was doing. 


As planned, when Castiel heard Dean awake he marched over to his room and banged on the door. 

Dean answered the door only wearing boxer briefs which fit beautifully. Castiel did a once over of the man in front of him and blushed furiously at just how much skin was showing. 

“Hey, Cas.” Dean smirked. He was still glowing from sex last night. Well… Very early this morning. 

“Hello, Dean. May I come in?” Castiel gulped. 

“Sure. But uh- it’s kind of a mess in here.”

“I can imagine.” Castiel said under his breath. Cas came in and sat down at the table with Dean. 

“What’s up, Cas?” Dean’s morning voice was gravelly against the soft silence of the room. 

“What’s wrong with you? Something is wrong, Dean. You’ve brought over a dozen girls home in the last two weeks. One every night. Two on a couple nights.” Castiel muttered. 

“What do you mean what’s wrong? I’m great!” Dean lied. 

“No. You aren’t.” Castiel stood, growing slightly angry. 

Dean stood as well. 

Castiel stalked towards Dean, making Dean walk slowly backwards until his warm back hit the cold wall. Castiel still stood about a foot and a half from Dean. 

“Your little flings are keeping me up. All. Night. And I’m not particularly enjoying the lack of sleep.”

“Cas, I’m not gonna stop enjoying myself just because you lose a couple hours of shut eye. I hate how that sounds but I’m having a good time.” Dean laughed darkly. 

“You’re going to stop.” Castiel stepped closer to Dean. 

Dean’s jaw clenched, “Make me.“ 

Castiel pressed Dean into the wall, pinning his hands above his head as Castiel crashed his lips against Dean’s harshly. 

They stood like that for a few seconds and then Castiel pulled back a few inches slowly and stared at Dean as his eyes grew dark. 

Dean was positively flustered as his candy apple green eyes stared widely at Cas. 

"Uh-” Dean breathed. 

“Think about it.” Castiel growled and left the room quickly, slamming the door behind him. 

Dean let out a sharp breath that he didn’t know he was holding in. His arms were still beside and over his head although no one was holding them there. He lowered his arms and leaned his head back against the wall. 

Did Cas seriously just do that? Dean thought. 

Yeah. He totally did

Dean wasn’t sure how to feel about the whole thing. The only thing he was sure of was that THAT was fucking hot

Dean thought he was straight. He knew he was straight. He told himself that but his dick was telling him otherwise. 

“No. Nope.” Dean said to himself. “I’m not-” he sighed.

Dean went and sat on the bed, his elbows propped up on his knees and leaned down so he could hold his face in his hands. 

The past couple weeks Dean had been great. Every night was just “Wam, Bam, thank you ma'am”. And Dean was fine with that. But why had he been doing that?

Castiel was right. He was just trying to fill an empty hole. What hole? He had no clue. 

Maybe Castiel could-

“Fuck!” Dean hissed quietly to the room. “Shit. I don’t even-” Dean whispered to himself and flopped back on the bed. Lust and confusion clouding his mind. 

Back in Castiel’s room he was having a total meltdown and adrenaline rush. 

“What the-” he said to himself. 

“What the hell did I just do? I just kissed Dean Winchester. I kissed-” he whispered, bringing his fingers up to his swollen lips. 

“Hmm.” Castiel shrugged and gave himself a mental pat on the back for the sudden rush of confidence. 

Castiel laid back on the bed with a smile across his face and he finally got a few hours of sleep.


That afternoon, after Castiel’s nap, he woke to the sound of soft moaning coming from Dean’s room and he swears if Dean has another girl over he’s gonna kill him. 

But the only sounds he heard came from one person and they were definitely Dean’s. Castiel’s eyes rolled back into his head and his hands fisted into the sheets at the shear thought and image of Dean’s current activity. 

Cas clenched his jaw and breathed heavily for a moment. He could feel himself getting worked up and maybe, just maybe, Dean was teasing him. 

He stood and took off his coats, the temperature increase slowed slightly but Dean’s moans paused for a moment then returned louder than before. 

Before Castiel had the chance to rip Dean’s throat out he needed to figure out why he was gonna rip his throat out. 

Castiel flung his door open, stomped next door, and kicked Dean’s door in. 

There Dean was, fully clothed, kneeling on the bed, hands on the wall, and his fake moans stopped the second his door flew open. 

“Uhm…” Dean mumbled. 

“I see you’ve though about it. It’s not very polite, teasing me. Is it, Dean?” Castiel’s voice was rough with lust. 

“No, but you look pretty worked up. I find it kinda funny.” Dean laughed once. 

“No. It’s not. You’ve been a bad boy, Dean. I think I’ll have to punish you.” Castiel lowered his head, shut the door with his foot, and stalked towards Dean who was now sitting regularly with his feet hanging off the bed. 

“Fuck.” Dean breathed. He had to admit, Cas was being unfairly sexy right now and damn, was he turned on by it. 

Castiel walked to Dean, then got on him to straddle his lap. Cas put his hands on Dean’s shoulders and Dean put his hands behind himself to stay sitting up. Cas leaned in, licking a stripe along Dean’s jaw. Dean’s eyes flutter closed as his lips parted slightly. 

Cas rolled his hips hard against Dean’s and they could each feel how hard the other was. 

“Cas…” Dean moaned against the former angel’s neck and his hands wove into his deep brown hair. 

Castiel whispered to Dean, “I think you’re enjoying this too much.” His lips brushed against Dean’s ear, his breath making Dean shiver. 

“I-” Dean wasn’t sure what to say to that. 

“That’s okay. But like I said, you will be punished.” Castiel kissed Dean’s temple and kept rolling his hips as his hands went to Dean’s toned chest. 

“Oh- I- fuck.” Dean groaned. 

Castiel was good at this and Dean momentarily wondered where he’d picked up such talents, but then remembered he didn’t care as long as Cas never stopped. 

“You’re very aroused.” Cas simply stated, but his voice was still dripping of sex. 

“I’m gonna- Cas, I’m gonna-” Dean tried to form a sentence but failed miserably. 

When Castiel heard Dean’s words, he stood and stepped away, leaving Dean to shiver and fall back on the bed, panting. 

“What the fuck?” Dean whined. 

“This is your punishment. You can stay like this all day. At lunch, in front of Sammy, while you’re driving… And you can’t do anything about it. If you’re a good boy, I’ll reward you later.” Castiel smirked. 

“I cannot believe-” Dean started. 

“Believe it, babe.” Cas shrugged, kissed Dean’s cheek and started to leave. But before he did, he turned back around “Speaking of lunch, I’m hungry. I’ll go grab Sammy and we’ll go to the diner down the road. Straighten up.”

“O- okay.” Dean stuttered. 

“Good boy.” Castiel winked and left. He had Dean wrapped around his little finger. 


“Dean, you ready?” Sam banged on his door. 

Dean got up with a grunt, going and opening the door to see Sam. 

“Woah, you okay?” Sam asked.

“Yeah.” Dean’s voice was strained. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. You just look kinda flush. You can hang back if you need to.” Sam said, concerned. 

“I’m fine, man.” Dean smiled, heading to the Impala. 

His hard-on rubbed teasingly against his jeans and he didn’t know how the fuck he would get through the day. 

They went to a movie after lunch and Sam wanted to see something other than them so throughout the whole movie Castiel traced around the bulge in Dean’s jeans with a finger. 

Later, they went to dinner, where Castiel proceeded to send dirty thoughts to Dean. 

At last, they went back to the motel and Dean had never been happier to get back to the hell hole of a place. 

Once Sam disappeared down in his room, Castiel grabbed Dean and pulled him into his room. Castiel’s room was much neater and they could do a whole lot more damage in there. The bed was bigger, and there was a lot more free wall space to push Dean against. 

Speaking of, Castiel pressed Dean against the wall and attacked his neck with open mouthed kisses. 

“C- Cas!” Dean moaned. 

“Mm?” Cas hummed against Dean’s neck. 

“Please- I’m- you’re killing me.” Dean whined. 

“Patience.” Castiel breathed against Dean’s ear, making him shiver. 

Castiel fell to his knees into front of Dean, his blue eyes looking up at the hunter. 

Dean gasped at the sight.

“Have you been a good boy?” Cas tilted his head. 

Dean nodded. 

“That’s what I thought.” Castiel began to mouth at Dean’s hardness through his jeans. 

“F- fuck.” Dean moaned and carded his fingers through Castiel’s hair. Dean bucked his hips but Cas pressed them back up against the wall. 

Castiel quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Dean’s pants, ripping them along with his boxers down his legs. Dean got the memo and threw his jacket across the room, his shirt soon following. Castiel kissed Dean’s thighs as he pulled off his two coats, loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his t shirt. 

Cas licked a stripe up Dean’s dick, ending with a swirl of his tongue around the tip. Dean groaned and threw his head back. 

Cas stood and finished taking off his shirt. Dean was stark naked and Castiel was still wearing his pants, his very tight fitting pants.

Cas’ hands cupped Dean’s jaw firmly as he leaned is to kiss him, teeth and tongue. Castiel rolled his hips and Dean whimpered. He fucking whimpered.

Castiel rapidly unbuckled his belt and in ten seconds he was just as naked as Dean. Dean stared down at Cas’ cock and swallowed thickly at the sight of it. 

“Like what you see?” Castiel growled. 

“Y- yeah.” Dean stuttered, reaching for it and dragging his finger slowly along the underside. 

Cas’ eyes rolled back in his head. “Did I say you could do that? No. I’m gonna have to… Restrain you." 

Dean gasped at the suggestion. Castiel grabbed his blue tie, pulling Dean’s arms in front of him and tying them at the wrists. Dean bit his lip, looking at his bound hands. 

"Too tight, baby?” Cas asked. 


“Good. Now get on the bed, all fours, and stick that sweet ass of yours up in the air for me.” Castiel walked to the other side of the room, as Dean followed his orders, grabbing a little box of toys and lube among other things.

 Dean turned to Castiel, “Whatcha got there, Cas?”

Cas pulled out a small bottle of lube and a vibrator. 

“F- fuck. Oh.” Dean moaned and buried his face in the pillows. 

Castiel walked over behind Dean, setting the two items down on the bed as he crawled up to kneel on it. 

Cas placed both hands on Dean’s ass, then gave an experimental squeeze, eliciting a high pitched moan from Dean. 

Cas’ gaze moved from Dean’s glorious back, down to his little pink hole. “Fuck.” Cas cursed. 

“Wha- Oh… Oh fuck- Cas!” Dean whined. 

Castiel had leaned down to lick Dean. His tongue dipped in a couple short times, making Dean say ungodly things. 

Castiel was basically eating out Dean’s ass and Dean could not get enough.

Castiel worked a finger into Dean, then two, scissoring him open. Dean rocked back onto Cas’ fingers, grunting with each movement. The former angel pulled his fingers and face away, “Flip.” He demanded. 

Dean did so and met the most lustful, primal gaze he’d ever seen from anyone. The blue in Cas’ eyes had almost vanished around the large black pupils. 

Dean put his bound hands over his head on the pillows and spread his legs wide. 

“So fucking hot.” Cas leaned down to lick and nip at Dean’s v-lines. 

“Cas- please…” Dean bucked up looking for friction. 

Castiel grabbed the vibrator that had been sitting a few feet away and pressed it slowly into Dean on the lowest setting. 

Cas crawled back and supported himself on his forearms around Dean’s hips and leant down to lightly run his teeth along Dean’s shaft. 

“JESUS FUCK!” Dean pressed his nails into his palms, most likely breaking the skin from how it felt. 

“Please Cas. I’m- Ah! Im so close!” Dean pleaded. 

“Not until I say.” Castiel’s tone and hot breath against him was killing Dean and he felt like he was gonna blow his load involuntarily if Cas said one more thing. 

Castiel sat up, pulled the vibrator out, threw it behind him lubed up fast and thrusted into Dean harshly. 

“Ah ah!!!” Dean whimpered as Cas pressed Dean’s knees up by his chest. The new angle allowed Castiel to get even deeper and fuck, Dean was gonna die. His face went from contorted pleasure to completely blissed-out and Castiel fucking loved it. 

Cas’ hands were beneath Dean, on his back and his face was buried in Dean’s neck as he sucked hard on Dean’s collarbone. He was gonna give Dean twice as many hickies, twice as dark as all the girls gave him in the past two weeks. Moments ago Cas had even gave Dean a couple marks on his backside. 

“Dean. Such a little cockslut aren’t you?” Cas grunted against Dean’s jaw. 

Dean nodded furiously. “Been wanting you so bad, Cas.”

“Good. Do you wanna cum?" 

"Please, oh god, yes please… Sir.” Dean added the last bit to see what Cas would do. He got the exact reaction he’d hoped for, Cas growled in approval and pressed a wet kiss to Dean’s cheek. 

Cas’ hand ran down Dean’s stomach and stroked his cock harshly. “Cum for me, baby.”

Dean came harder than ever before with a scream of Castiel’s name. He clenched around Cas and that triggered his orgasm. They both pushed, pulled, and moaned until there was nothing left.

Castiel pulled out and off of Dean, untying him and curling up behind him. 

Dean had serious trouble catching his breath and calming down, but Cas comforted him by tracing patterns into his arm. 

“Cas-” Dean gulped a breath of air. “I didn’t know you had it in you. But shit, I’m glad you had it in me." 

They both laughed at Dean’s remark and Cas kissed the side of Dean’s neck. "You enjoyed it?”

Dean chuckled, “Did you see me a few minutes ago? There are no words to describe how much I fucking loved it.”

“I’m glad.” Castiel had gone from this dominant, rough guy back to his soft self so quickly that it practically gave Dean whiplash. It was totally worth it though. 

Dean turned over in Cas’ arms to face the blue eyed man. 

Dean ran his fingers through Cas’ hair and Cas closed his eyes, humming softly. 

“So, you gonna let me get some sleep or what?” Cas looked into Dean’s eyes with a smile. 

Dean bit his lip, “After that, I don’t think either of us will have time for sleeping ever again.”

Bite Me. Dean Winchester.

Request:  Can you please do a Dean x reader smut, where the reader is a vampire and Dean has feelings for her, and she likes him too, but he doesn’t know. Then Dean and Sam return a little injured from a hunt and the reader sees Dean shirtless (because he was stitching a wound or something, I don’t know) and she just loses it and kisses him,that leading to smut. Also, it would be amazing if Dean lets the reader drink his blood while they are having sex,and he kind of enjoys the pain(if it’s not too weird)

Triggers: Smut. Blood/Injury Kink. Biting.

Word Count: 2021

Enjoy ;D

“You sure you guys will be okay?” You asked, getting a bit antsy as your eyes flashed slightly.

Dean smiled to you and shuffled your hair. “Relax, Y/N. We got this. Just be sure to draw the curtains in so you don’t burn up.”

“It’s not like that, Dean,” You growled, playfully flashing your fangs at them.

Dean waved his fingers playfully at you. “Oh, what? Gonna bite me?” He teased. Sam smacked his chest to which you snickered as your fangs retracted. “Seriously though. Try to get some rest, Y/N. You were busting ass pretty hard.”

“Just be careful. If anything happens, call. I mean it.”

“We’ll be fine,” Sam said before kissing your head. You smiled as his scent hit your nose. “Stay inside.”

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anonymous asked:

Priest!Cas and his dirty little secret aka Dean! please!

We all need Jesus. I hope this is okay!


Cas is giving his sermon, and he’s doing a good job. He mostly tries not to think about how, just behind the curtains behind him, he has a naked Dean waiting for him, face down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back, ass high in the air and stuffed full with a thick, vibrating plug. Cas had anointed him with holy oils for a good half hour before he slid the plug in between those beautiful smooth cheeks.

The remote is in Cas’s pocket, and he turns up intensity whenever he leads the congregation in a hymn, because no one will hear if Dean accidentally lets out any of those lovely little noises.

It’s something different each week. Last Sunday, Dean was decked out in lingerie and tied to a chair with his legs spread as far open as possible, a ball gag in his mouth. The week before that, Cas had spanked him until he cried, raw and smarting, and then sent him to sit in the front row for the full hour long service.

And that one time at Christmas, when Dean had waited for him until the end of Midnight mass, dressed up in a tiny, fur tripped Mrs. Santa skirt and high heels, his legs locked into a spreader bar as he bent over a high wooden bench, his ass full of anal beads and clad in white lace that was soaking with the come Cas had put there earlier in the afternoon. Had anyone peeked into the back of the church, they would have seen Dean there, completely wrecked and ready for the taking.

Cas was always thinking up lovely new things for his boy, and no one ever suspected a thing. They didn’t know that as soon as Cas was done with this sermon and had talked to all the parishioners, that he would go behind that curtain and fuck Dean bare, right there in the church while wearing his priest’s uniform, and fill his dirty boy up with come.

If he thought about it too much, he had to stand in front of the pulpit, hiding the bulge in his trousers.

He loved giving sermons, but he loved what came after so much more.


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: Castiel is very angry with Dean.

This fulfills #45 from my Kink List, requested by anon.

warnings: Destiel, anal sex, angry sex, rough sex, somewhat Dom!Cas and Sub!Dean, punishment, spanking, slightly forced sex

word count: ~2100

Castiel slammed the bunker door, already down the stairs by the time Dean had re-opened it to follow. “Cas, wait!” he yelled, eyes glimpsing the back of the angel’s trenchcoat disappearing through the doorway of the hall.

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Being Good

Summary: Reader knows exactly what Dean needs tonight…

Square Filled:  Dom/Sub

Pairing: sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (dom/sub dynamics, handjobs), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Dean Wants What Cas Wants

Dean falls to his knees as soon as Cas walks into the bedroom, the floor of the bunker perpetually too cold, and fucking preens when Cas hums his approval.

Cas is gentle when he says, “We’ve talked about this, Dean. I don’t like you wearing clothes when you know we’ll be alone.”

Dean looks down to his t-shirt and sweats but mostly Dean just looks down because they have talked about this and Dean should know better. “Sorry, Cas,” he murmurs.

He works the t-shirt off and stands to drop and kick off the pants. Before he can return to his place on the floor, Cas steps into his space and grips his chin more firmly than his soft tone and lax demeanor suggest he would. He angles Dean’s head up so he’s forced to meet Cas’ eyes.

“I know you are and I’m going to spend the night drawing a proper apology out of you.”

“Y-yeah, okay.” Then quietly, “Please, Cas.”

The grin Cas gives Dean is downright predatory and paired with the wicked gleam in the bluest eyes Dean can’t help the shiver that runs through him.

“Get on the bed,” Cas tells him and Dean always does what Cas tells him. “All fours. Good.”

Dean arcs his back subconsciously because when Cas says good he wants to be better.

“You’re so pretty, Dean.” Cas places a hand on one of Dean’s delicate shoulder blades and drags it down to the small of his back. “You always look so good for me.”

Cas flattens his hand against Dean’s burning skin and slides it to grip Dean’s hip bruisingly, a reminder for Dean that he’s doing penance.

“Show me more.”

Dean nods and vibrates with the opportunity to please Cas. He lowers his face to the mattress and reaches behind himself to spread his cheeks. It doesn’t surprise him that all Cas does for a long minute is stare. Cas does that a lot, takes the time to simply look at Dean often, and Dean’s theoretically used to it but he still squirms under the persistent gaze he can feel brush his skin almost tangibly.

Cas hums again. “This is why I don’t want you in clothes, Dean. Too pretty to hide away. Look at you, so willing to put yourself on display just like this. Just for me.”

Dean chokes out a sound they both know means yes but Cas is greedy and he wants more. Wants to hear Dean.

“Makes you a bit of a slut, doesn’t it?”

Dean nods against the comforter but Cas’ grip tightens so he’s quick to add a breathless, “Yeah, Cas.”

Cas spends what Dean tries to quantify as too long (he doesn’t mean it) opening up Dean until the man is shaking and moaning and slick and loose. Even then, Cas keeps going.

“Cas, please,” Dean begs, blushing which is kind of ridiculous because Cas has him begging every night, now.

“What is it, Dean? I’m busy.”

“Cas, c’mon,” Dean’s voice cracks so he buries his face deeper in the blanket. Dean’s voice cracks so Cas smirks.

“Did you want something?”

“Please, Cas, please. Want you. Want to be fucked.”

Still standing right behind Dean, Cas leans forward to pet Dean’s hair then grips his neck at a down stroke, fingers digging into the soft skin there. “I know you do.”

Dean whines when he feels the head of Cas’ cock touch his hole then whines some more when the length of it brushes against him, from the tip all the way to the base and then back. Cas doesn’t move after that, just keeps his dick against Dean’s entrance in a barely-there pressure.

Dean feels himself going crazy a little, wants to rip his hair out a little, is crying with need a little but he doesn’t dare move.

“So fuck yourself,” Cas says, tone darkened by something he only allows to come out when he’s alone with Dean like this.

Dean moans something high pitched and scrambles to lift his shoulders off the mattress. Cas allows it. Then Dean is pushing himself back, taking Cas’ cock faster than he probably should but Dean likes it to hurt a little anyway. He pauses when he feels Cas bottom out and lets out a shaky grunt, thighs trembling.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Cas growls, smacking Dean’s hands away and giving his right cheek a spank that has them both moaning.

Back on all fours, Dean uses his new leverage to rock back onto Cas. He fucks himself on Cas’ dick in earnest because that’s what Cas told him to do. That’s what Cas wants and Dean really wants to too.

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Dean gets aroused at mundane things. Cas sneaks in the associations slowly, molding Dean until he aligns with what Cas wants. A few months ago he couldn’t smell coffee without popping a boner.

It starts light—a spanking draped over Cas’ heavy oak desk—and escalates to Dean tied spread eagle to the legs with Cas’ tongue buried so deep in Dean’s ass Dean forgets his own name.

And when he finally gives in to Dean’s desperate pleas and shoved his cock in him, Dean comes untouched, pearly white stripes across varnished wood.

Cas is taking Dean furniture shopping today, heading straight for the desk section. Jackass.