A Good Little Girl: Recovery with Dean (Part 6)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary of Recovery with Dean: You’re too sore for sex. Dean works around it.

Word Count: 2600

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, rimming

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest). Let me know what you think!

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A Good Little Girl: Punishment (Part 5)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary of Guilt: You decide not to tell Sam about what happened with Dean.

Word Count: 2900

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, double penetration, spanking

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest). Where did that drama come from? Are we possibly getting close to plot??

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psa for all those who enjoy dom/sub deancas 

 Dean Winchester is NOT submissive because 

  1. He likes to wear pink lacy panties ((feminine =/= submissive thanks))
  2. He got pushed into a wall by cas in The Alley scene ((that’s actually really not okay guys pls stop it)) 
  3. He bottoms ((bottom =/= sub, top =/= dom))

Dean Winchester IS submissive because 

  1. He enjoys and consents to being told what to do in bed or perhaps evens //needs// it (it also may extend to non sexual things as well but imo I don’t really see dean being submissive outside of the bedroom) 

okay thank you carry on

Still Good but Used

Like a Thrift Store Jacket, Still Good But Used by triedunture
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 6,000 words

Summary: A gift for nicole_sill who requested this: Dean is a natural bottom, loves to take it up the ass like no one’s business. Problem is, he’s hung like a horse, or at least big enough he pings every guy’s secret size kink. So, Dean ends up topping even though that’s not what he wants. Enter Castiel.
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Guys…guys…you know me…I rarely post recs…and I almost never reblog ficlets…but this is seriously the hottest ficlet I’ve ever read and the only reason I’m not reblogging the Tumblr post version is to maintain the barest semblance that my blog is SFW.

It’s a thousand words of bottom!dom!Cas and top!sub!Dean and it’s…well…let’s just say that this is exactly, precisely the kind of detail and hotness I want out of explicit scenes I read. :) :)

Castiel’s Bumble Bee

Dean’s tied up on the bed, Castiel is standing at the foot, slick running down his legs from the sides of the plug.

“You going to be a good alpha?” His Omega asks, whiskey deep voice sending vibrations down the alpha’s spine that all he can do is whine and whimper.

“That’s not an answer, boy,” Castiel states before walking over to the paddles on their shelf.

“I asked you kindly to stay away from Lisa and I come home to find you sitting on the couch with her,” running his hand over Dean’s favorite paddle, the one that they had specially made, “sitting extremely close, I can still smell her on you little bumble bee, she smells like day old bread and gasoline. Honestly its making me sick.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Dean begs fighting against his restraints. He and Cas know he can get out of them easily if he pushes out all his Alpha strength but the last time he did Castiel locked him in a cage for two days, only being let out for base survival things, being fed through a little slot and forced to watch his Omega fuck himself on different toys screaming Dean’s name, He learned then not to fight too hard against the restraints. His omega could get very inventive. “I told her to leave, I promise. Let me- let me go shower, I’ll get her smell off me. I’m sorry.”

“You know that won’t help bumble bee, you tried that line last time,” Castiel replied smooth and calm as ever, he grabbed the paddle with his name in it and walked over to kneel on the bed. “Turn over, ass up,” he said voice leaving no room for argument, almost vibrating off the walls it had so much power.

“I came home from work early,” he started rubbing the paddle gently over his alphas butt, “I tried to call you many times to tell you my heat came early,” pulling back and smacking the paddle down, “we are supposed to be trying for a baby right now, not you being punished,” bringing the paddle down again this time a little lower than before, he dropped the paddle and began rubbing the skin, “I’m the one who should be in this position right now, not you.”

Dean could only whimper some more, he knew the town seer had told them Castiel’s next heat would be the one where they would end up with child, but only if they had within two hours of Castiel’s heat starting.

“You couldn’t be reached cause you were with that slut,” Castiel said retaking the paddle in his hand and bringing it down again, this time a little harder. “Seven more then you shower and get her stink off you.”

Castiel brought the paddle down on his alpha again and again after that, before he untied Dean and had him shower he put lotion on the welts on Dean’s backside kissing them as he went. He’d be lying if seeing his name all over Dean wasn’t turning him on even more. The plug in his ass barely doing anything to satiate his heat. He needed his alpha and he needed his alpha now. He could tell by the way Dean whimpered now that it wasn’t from the red marks of ‘Castiel’s’ on him but from the overwhelming smell of the omega’s heat. 

After Dean showered with the special shower gel they had bought after the first time Lisa came over that masked all scent’s it was time for the omega to whimper. He missed the smell of his alpha, he needed the smell of his alpha.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Dean kept repeating from his position on the foot of the bed watching his omega. While in the shower Castiel had got out Dean’s favorite toy; it was eight inches long and at least an inch wide, blue colored with a suction cup at the end that Castiel had stuck to the floor to ride. After he came all over his stomach he raised an eyebrow at his alpha, who lept off the bed to lick it up not leaving a drop left.

Castiel moved to the bed, knowing his alpha would clean up the toy later, and laid on his back. As his alpha kissed his way up the omega’s legs, Castiel repeated “Good bumble bee” over and over while Dean begged for forgiveness between kisses with “I’m sorry”’s and “I love you”’s. Dean kissed all over his abs and hips, sucking on the mating mark on Castiel’s neck when he got to it, leaving a little hickey in the middle, before finally reaching his omega’s mouth for a kiss.

The kiss was passionate and needy. Castiel reached between his legs to put two fingers in his slick before rubbing it on his hand to put all over Dean’s abs and neck, he repeated this action until the only smell in the room was his own, he wished he could smell his alpha but knew scent marking Dean was the next best thing. After Dean was covered in a thin layer of his slick on his abs, hips, neck, and mouth where Castiel had made him suck on his fingers he let out a breathy “Now.”

The sex was much more slow and tender than Castiel had wished from his heat, but appreciated his boy making sure he was taken care of.

They found out two weeks later that not only were they expecting. They were having twins.

Lisa, mysteriously, was never heard from again after she left Dean’s that day.

Authors Note– so this was my first time writing any ABO story and Dom/Sub story… but after searching for one like this I couldn’t find one and thought I’d write myself. what do you think…?

anonymous asked:

Okay but have you ever considered dom!Krissy, dom!Claire and their sub!dean? he's so protective and in control when hunting but he gives up control to his girls in the bedroom. [1/2]

(2) on days where hes been particularly mouthy they spank his ass red until tears are rolling down his face and his erection is being ground into the bed. [2/3 I lied]

(3) he doesn’t get to come until he’s eaten both of them out to multiple orgasms and Krissy has her strap on pounding in and out of his ass. [3/3]

Ya Hi Hello I am so totally definitely here for this, like sub Dean just makes me so fucking happy but christ like imagining Claire and Krissy in their early twenties as an established hunter duo or even pals who hunt together when they need to, hooking up with Dean to take care of some big bad, and celebrating after. Like I just. Yes. Lbh when you get Dean behind a motel door and shove him up against a wall, he just goes so easy with his wide green eyes and his needy desperate want to be useful. And sex is so good, it’s something easy he can do, with all the adrenaline from the hunt and the blood flowing it’s even easier. Oh but Dean’s little gasps and begging when they get him worked up good, I bet Claire’d rest against the headboard and get Dean’s face between her legs while Krissy spanks him raw, probably fingers him while she does it, teases him with not quite enough while she makes his whole body jump and quiver for a touch. They’d switch off, take him higher and higher, until he’s so strung out on pleasure and quivering from it, body aching, nerves all lit up from the pain, until he’s fucking insensate then they’d fucking ruin him. ADhldjfs:LSdlkfdslkf…. and with toys they’d just go all night, tongues and fingers and silicone cocks tugging more out of him until they tease him for being an old man but Dean’s ready to pass out.

Fucking. Yes. Ok wait was this a prompt or are we just playing ask box games. XD Cause I’m just. Ngh. Over here. Right now. Yes. :D

So I’ve been writing fics in various fandoms for 10+ years, but I’ve never posted an explicit fic until a few days ago. First times for everyone! Anyway, you can find Might as Well Try It here. Contains sub Dean, dom Cas, kink negotiation, and jokes about spreadsheets and Harry Potter.

There’s also a part 2 in which Dean and Cas keep getting interrupted and Sam, Bobby, and Charlie learn more than they probably want to know.