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Call For Submissions

We’ve extended submissions for #Trans: an anthology collection about transgender and nonbinary experience online. We’ve had some people drop out due to personal reasons, so we’d like to fill our remaining slots.

What we’re looking for: creative non-fiction, personal narrative, or an academic hybrid at around 1500-4000 words. You can use theory and outside resources, but try to fold it into the text so it supports the narrative at the core. We want to hear about you, ultimately, and how the internet, technology, or other tools have shaped your identity. Your audience is other trans people; think of this as a conversation at a dinner table, where we’re all telling our stories of how we’ve gotten this far. If you do cite something in your essay, please include an MLA works cited! 

Some ideas/scenarios to get you started:

· How has YouTube and the community online helped you to come out?

·Tell us the first time you heard your new singing voice on a recording.

·How did self-publishing your autobiography allow you to take back control from doctors?

·Tell us about your first video game avatar that made you realize you didn’t fall into one category or the other.

·What about that night you went lurking on the #realtransadult tag and found a former friend from elementary school, and reconnected? 

·Tell us about how much fanart you sold on your RedBubble page so you could afford surgery, and all the awesome friends you ended up meeting from that experience.

We would love to see essays that combine the theme of technology, online communities, and the internet in with other intersectional identities. Talk to us about using Grindr as a gay trans guy. Talk to us about how doing/watching queer porn allowed you to come to terms with your different body type.  If it has to do with technology, gender, and framed around a personal story, we want to see it.

Deadline: October 31 2016. The book will be out December 2016, so the earlier the submission, the better!

Compensation: copy of the anthology, honorarium (to be determined).

Rights: We want essays that have not been published before. If you’ve previewed sections on your Livejournal, your YouTube, or something similar, that’s totally fine. Be sure to let us know if you have, and send a link if you can. We would like exclusive rights for two-five years after the publication date; after that, you can do whatever you want with your work. 

Submission instructions: Please tell us your name (preferred name is fine, but we will need to use legal names for contracts), your final word count, what technology/app/internet website you focus on, if this has been published before, if you have been published before, and a small bio (no more than 75 words). Please paste your submission in the BODY of the email and send to 

Questions & final words: If you’re unsure if your essay falls under our guidelines, please send it anyway. Don’t self-reject on a hunch that we won’t take it. More information can be found on the website. Thank you!

Castiel’s eyes widened as he was slammed into the wall, the breath knocked out of him. Well, that was new.

Dean’s eyes slipped black, the mark on his arm glowing. He snarled and pinned Castiel’s wrists with his hands, the force crushing the bones, bruising his flesh. A mortal would have been screaming, begging. But Castiel was better, he knew he was. It was why Dean liked him.

The short distance between them closed, Dean’s breath fanning out against the lower half of his face. “Say it again.”

A vicious little thrill raced up Castiel’s spine, feathers standing on end with a sense like an impending battle. “My king.”

Dean groaned and pressed their mouths together, flecks of blood still scattered across their faces, their lips. This battle was over, but if Dean had his way, he’d plunge Hell into civil war just to be the king Castiel claimed him to be.