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[Insert Member] Is Useless

No group has a useless member.

Not one.
I’ve seen time and time again that ‘fans’ will say things like “that member can’t sing so he’s worthless”, or “she sucks at dancing”, or “his rapping is awful” and I’m absolutely tired of it.
So let me break it down for you.


In most groups, there’s a group leader. Typically the leader would be the eldest member of the group, but it’s not always the oldest.
Suho, leader of EXO is currently the second to last oldest member.
CL, was the second youngest of her group, 2NE1.
Taeyeon, leader of SNSD, is the oldest.
The leader is meant to be mature, and charismatic, and be able to handle focus and attention that’s on them. They’re meant to care for the other members, to motivate the group, and represent them(eg. speaking on stage). In short, they’re the parent of the group, responsible for their members.

Top: Taeyeon(SNSD), Taeyong(NCT), Shownu(MONSTA X)
Bottom: Suho(EXO), S.Coups(SEVENTEEN), CL(2NE1)

The Vocalists:

Vocalists, are pretty much, the singers of the groups. Most groups have multiple vocalists.

The Main Vocalist- The member who most often(but not always) gets a lot of lines in a song. Often gets the vocally challenging parts(i.e. high notes).

The Lead Vocalist- Usually sings before the main vocalist in verses, because they “lead” in the song. They’re often a back-up should the Main Vocalist be injured or sick.

In groups with a large number of members, there are often several sub vocalists.

Top: Soonbin(WJSN), Taeil(NCT), Bom(2NE1)
Bottom: Jeonghan(SEVENTEEN), Soyou(SISTAR), Baekhyun(EXO)

The Rapper(s):

Rappers and rapping is a very essential part of the majority of Kpop music. Just the same with vocalists, there is often a hierarchy, if there are multiple rappers to one group.

The Main Rapper- Gets the most of the rapper parts, typically the one with the best technique and rapping ability.

The Lead Rapper- Usually being rapping parts, good ability as well, but second to the Main Rapper.

Some groups don’t have rappers, but it’s common to have at least one included.

Bottom: Chanyeol(EXO), CL(2NE1), Johnny(NCT)

The Dancer(s):

By default, as this is Kpop, all members are dancers. But there are still roles for the groups. Again, same hierarchy;

The Main Dancer- Expected to have the best dancing skills, less focused on singing, often have fewer parts during songs, might even have only sub-vocal parts(as breathing needs to be reserved for their dancing), often have solo dance parts.

The Lead Dancer- As the whole group dances, the Lead Dancer will lead the group and often dance in the front, when the group is dancing all together.

Top: Rose(BLACKPINK), Lay(EXO), Minzy(2NE1)
Bottom: Taemin(SHINEE), Hyorin(SISTAR), Ten(NCT)

The Visual:

Kpop emphasizes on beauty. There is even a position in most groups that, who ever is given the role, takes special care of their looks, because that’s an important feature for a group: looks.
It’s not fan-appointed, it’s given by the company, as all roles are. It’s a real thing.
The Visual is someone that is deemed most attractive, and is most likely seen endorsing products and be on commercials and ads.

Note: don’t confuse this with the ‘face’ of the group, aka the member most easily recognized.
Some idols are the face and the visual(Hyuna, Taeyong) but the two are not the same.

Top: Haeryung(BESTIE), Kai(EXO), Naeun(APINK)
Bottom: Hyuna(4MINUTE), Taeyong(NCT), Dara(2NE1)

The Maknae:

Some positions you don’t get trained for, you’re born into them.
The maknae is simply the youngest of the group. They don’t have a specific task to do, they’re just the baby of the family.
But of course being the youngest is often associated with being cute, so some maknaes make a point of being the complete opposite of the Leader, the most charismatic and responsible member. They’re often ‘forced’ to do aegyo, and act cute when asked.

Top: Ren(NU’EST), Tzuyu(TWICE), Sehun(EXO)
Bottom: Dino(SEVENTEEN), Minzy(2NE1), Jisung(NCT)

Considering the fact that idols aren’t just thrown out into the public, they’re put through anywhere from a year to 10 years of training, insane diets, learning choreography, songs, new languages, and often times while still juggling school, you can’t say they don’t deserve a spot in their group. Adding on to the fact a lot of times, idols actually have a hand in creating choreography, lyrics, and music, they pull their weight.

Members aren’t meant to be good at everything, that’s why there’s roles.

Some groups don’t have concrete roles, and that’s fine too.

So there you have it, your little Kpop introductory class.

Each group is carefully put together by companies. Every member has a point, if they didn’t, they’d be a waste of money and wouldn’t be in a group.

You can easily look up a groups’ roles, and see why a member is there. It’s not hard to not be ignorant about groups.
Learn something from this, and keep your mouths shut.

A Beginner’s Guide to Victon

A/N: Stan and support the softest beans you will ever encounter

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General Information

Victon is a seven member group under Plan A Entertainment and is to many known as A-Pink’s “little brother group”.

On the 4th of November they released a performance trailer with the song “What Time Is It Now?”. Although, this is not a title song, only a sort of pre-debut teaser:

They made their debut on November 7th, with title song “I’m Fine” and released their first album Voice To New World (Which is also where their name comes from):

Already with these two music videos, they have shown how they can handle different concepts, and they take on yet another one with “Eyez Eyez” released March 2nd and the album Ready:

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Me7Nam (Me and seven men) is a pre-debut reality show that displays how it is being like a so called ‘fly on the wall’ around Victon. Although the concept is slightly cringey at times, it is a good way to get to know the boys:

This is the link to the first episode, the next ones will pop up at the end or at the side

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Variety Shows

A list of variety shows Victon has been on are:

Other than this, they have also attended interviews, have dance practices and shows on their own channel called TVicton and Victon Diary

You can find all of these along with all the mentioned above in this playlist

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Now onto the fun part, I will give a few points of facts and then explain their personalities briefly.

Han Seungwoo

  • Born: December 24th 1994
  • Height: 184cm
  • Position: Leader, Rapper and Vocal
  • He is the younger brother of former Secret member Han Sunhwa

Seungwoo is the dad of the group, and also the rock. He is always positive and kind hearted and takes care of his members so well. He gives his all for the group (which is showed clearly on Weekly Idol) and has a very calming, but silly personality. Oh - and he works out a lot his body is great

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Kang Seungsik

  • Born: April 16th 1995
  • Height: 180cm
  • Position: Main Vocal

Seungsik is the mom of the group. He cooks and also cares for the members like Seungwoo. He might be the member that has to suffer from the pranks from the younger the most, but he never gets angry about it. He is sensitive at heart and has a brightening smile. And he also works out *cough*

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Heo Chan

  • Born: December 14th 1995
  • Height: 177cm
  • Position: Main dancer and vocal
  • He is the younger brother of Madtown’s Heo Jun

(Heo) Chan is the uncle of the group (he says so himself). He is very close to Subin and laughs a lot (the sun shines nicely when he does). He is a very good dancer as the main, but his vocals are also of high quality. He is 1/3 of the dimple line with Sejun and Byungchan and loves anything cute (Subin)

Originally posted by seungwootology

Lim Sejun

  • Born: May 4th 1996
  • Height: 180cm
  • Position: Main vocal, face of the group

Sejun is the first son of the group (yes, they really have a system like this). He is soft spoken and dorky, but can be reserved and quiet on certain situations (like variety shows). He is also easily flustered and loves food more than anything. Sejun has dimples deeper than the pacific ocean.  

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Do Hanse

  • Born: September 25th 1997
  • Height: 179cm
  • Position: Rapper

Hanse is the second son of the group. He has many sides, but is all in all a softie (he’s even scared of cats how). He is very sweet, quirky and humourous and is as many rappers, very passionate about music.  

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Choi Byungchan

  • Born: November 12th 1997
  • Height: 185cm
  • Position: Sub vocal and visual
  • Edit: He has a little role in Sassy Go Go

Byungchan is the third son of the group. He has made himself known with featuring on Variety Shows and killing the girl group dances on Weekly Idol. Byungchan speaks prettily, is reassuring and heart warming. He can also be very silly at times.

Originally posted by sunghoonsgf

Jung Subin

  • Born: April 5th 1999
  • Height: 175cm
  • Position: Sub vocal, maknae

Subin is the fourth son of the group. He is a good mix of a sweet child and a maknae on top. Everyone likes to care care of him but also use the fact that he is the youngest against him (as a joke of course). He is very close to Chan, but also Hanse, who likes to always squish his lil cheeks.

Originally posted by softsnuper

I hope you enjoyed this brief runthrough of the group. Send me any messages if you spot mistakes or if you have any questions.

Happy stanning!



Label: Maroo Entertainment (with the others SUPPORT & LOVE THEM TOO )

  • Born: May 29th, 1999 // 18/19 years old // Maknae line
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
  • Height: 173cm or 5 feet 7 inches
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Position: Lead dancer, sub-vocals, sub-rapper #ALL ROUNDER TOO #THEY FORGOT 1/11 OF THE VISUALS

Final Rank #2

Grade: C → B


STAYED #1 FOR A WHILE BECAUSE OF THIS (I honestly wasn’t affected by this at first & at first I didn’t understand the hype about him, so idk how I became to stan him. I don’t know how I got here. I was attacked somewhere in between the episodes)


#KING OF CATCH PHRASES LITERALLY “Self made aegyo catchphrase "save you in my heart” “nae maeum soge jeojang” became famous (probably forever his most iconic catchphrase) leading to companies using the phrase for marketing purposes. Jihoon started receiving offers from companies to become their advertisement model while the show was still being aired as everything either worn or used by him became sold-out.” ← NOT EVEN A LIE

Jeojang ft. that weird ass neck pillow hoodie that was sold out. Cross my heart it was sold out. NOT BECAUSE I TRIED BUYING IT OKAY 

Literally everyone at least knows this catch phrase

He even has another one!  “Googoogaga





Oh Little Girl Performance 

Boys in Luv performance 

(He touches his hair a lot too) #Habits



Named top visual by PD101s2 trainees (Fixed Pick)



Considered to have terrible fashion tho lol 

Yeah the glasses need to go 


I actually like this outfit tho


LIL BOY IS WISHING ON ABS (We’re the same age butttt NOOOOO IM NOT READDDYYYY P.S. I love his tummy)

Popping & Wacking (He’s also knows House too) 

A living pokemon: Jigglepuff

Common Ships: 

WINKDEEP // Park Jihoon x Bae Jinyoung

They literally just put their nicknames together and BAM Winkdeep was born (People also use HoonBae but I personally like WinkDeep better)

PANWINK // Lai Guanlin x Park JIhoon 

(Can you believe I forgot this ship existed) Here’s another 

2PARK // Park Woojin x Park JIhoon 

BONUS ALL FOUR (I swear that’s the back of Park Woojin’s head)

Extra fun facts: 

  • He used to be a trainee at both SM Entertainment and Fantagio
  • He doesn’t like being scolded
  • His specialties, according to him, is being cute
  • He was also a child actor and have been active (in general?) since 2006  YES THAT’S HIM. (OMFG IM SO SOFT. I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE HIM CRY)

He even cried in front of Big Bang


Most of these gifs I created and some pics&gifs are not mine! They belong to their respective owners.

– about seventeen

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Hangul: 세븐틴

Debut (Y.M.D): 15.05.26

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Fanbase: Carat

MEMBERS: (oldest to youngest)

Originally posted by imaginesofkpopandthings

Name (Real Name): S.Coups (Choi Seungcheol)

Hangul: 에스.쿱스

Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.08.08

Position: Leader, Hip-Hop Team Leader, Main Rapper

Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team (Leader)

Nationality: Korean

Height: 178cm (5ft 10in)

Weight: 65kg (143lbs)

Originally posted by shownusgrl

Name (Real Name): Jeonghan (Yoon Junghan)

Hangul: 윤정한

Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.10.04

Position: Vocalist, Visual

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 178cm (5ft 10in)

Weight: 62kg (136lbs)

Originally posted by jishooua

Name (Real Name): Joshua (Joshua Hong/Hong Jisoo)

Hangul: 조슈아

Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.12.30

Position: Vocalist, Visual

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team

Nationality: Korean-American

Height: 177cm (5ft 9in)

Weight: 58kg (128lbs)

Originally posted by jisoos-princess

Name (Real Name): Jun (Wen Junhui)

Hangul: 준

Birthday (Y.M.D): 96.06.10

Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

Sub-Unit: Performance Team

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 182cm (6ft 0in)

Weight: 66kg (145lbs)

Originally posted by studykpoptrash

Name (Real Name): Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung)

Hangul: 호시

Birthday (Y.M.D): 96.06.15

Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Performance Team Leader

Sub-Unit: Performance Team (Leader)

Nationality: Korean

Height: 178cm (5ft 10in)

Weight: 60kg (132lbs)

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Name (Real Name): Wonwoo (Jeon Wonwoo)

Hangul: 원우

Birthday (Y.M.D): 96.06.17

Position: Lead Rapper 

Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 182cm (6ft 0in)

Weight: 63kg (138lbs)

Originally posted by svt17-carat

Name (Real Name): Woozi (Lee Jihun)

Hangul: 우지

Birthday (Y.M.D): 96.11.22

Position: Lead Vocalist, Vocal Team Leader

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team (Leader)

Nationality: Korean

Height: 165cm (5ft 5in)

Weight: 54kg (119lbs)

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Name (Real Name): DK (Lee Seokmin)

Hangul: 도겸

Birthday (Y.M.D): 97.02.18

Position: Main Vocal

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 179cm (5ft 10.5in)

Weight: 66kg (145lbs)

Originally posted by love-meknot

Name (Real Name): Mingyu (Kim Mingyu)

Hangul: 민규

Birthday (Y.M.D): 97.04.06

Position: Lead Rapper, Visual

Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 185cm (6ft 1in)

Weight: 68kg (149lbs)

Originally posted by mountean

Name (Real Name): The8 (Xu Minghao)

Hangul: 디에잇

Birthday (Y.M.D): 97.11.07

Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

Sub-Unit: Performance Team

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 179cm (5ft 10.5in)

Weight: 53kg (116lbs)

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Name (Real Name): Seungkwan (Boo Seungkwan)

Hangul: 승관

Birthday (Y.M.D): 98.01.16

Position: Main Vocalist 

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 174cm (5ft 8.5in)

Weight: 58kg (127lbs)

Originally posted by ohmysoups

Name (Real Name): Vernon (Hansol Vernon Choi)

Hangul: 버논

Birthday (Y.M.D): 98.02.18

Position: Main Rapper

Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team

Nationality: Korean-American

Height: 176cm (5ft 9in)

Weight: 62kg (136lbs)

Originally posted by dino-net

Name (Real Name): Dino (Lee Chan)

Hangul: 디노

Birthday (Y.M.D): 99.02.11

Position: Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper

Sub-Unit: Performance Team

Nationality: Korean

Height: 170cm (5ft 7in)

Weight: 56kg (123lbs)

GIFS are not mine, credit to the original owners! - ra 

wjsn for newbies here we go

BACKSTORY so cosmic girls/wjsn is made up of four units (wonder, joy, sweet, and natural) and is the baby sister girl group to sistar and monsta x. they are WILDLY gay and chaotic (have been coined the Chaos Family by yours truly). their concept is that they are from space and thats it thats the concept so space is gay. theyve had two comebacks and had a member in ioi and a member who participated in girl spirit

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anonymous asked:

can you help me get into myteen before they debut?

sure thing, anon! right now is a great time to get to know myteen since their debut is a couple weeks away, you won’t have to suffer long months of being teased like some of us earlier. ;;

so to start, i’m sure you all know that myteen consists of seven lovable members. they’re under music works ent, whom notably houses baek jiyoung, minzy, kim sohee, and u sungeun. 

official links:

myteen has A LOT of content and we have a pretty small fanbase right now, so subbing is a bit on and off. i would check out their vlives since most of the time their broadcasts and earlier myteen shows are subbed. for the more recent myteen shows, i recommend jxj subs. (keep in mind that they’re a two-person team and they do have a life, so subs cannot always be ready right away!) 

vlive subbed their mini reality show, but it only has yuvin, eunsu, hanseul, and chunjin! this was before myteen was even announced. such fetuses. each episode is only 5-10 minutes long!

FY!MYTEEN uploaded all the episodes from MYTEEN GO, their reality show, and unfortunately, it’s not subbed except for episode 2. link.

now that all the basics are out of the way, let’s jump into the members!

Originally posted by taebinnie

Taevin / Taebin

  • full name: lee saewoong (im honestly not sure if it’s sewoong or saewoong lmao)
  • birthdate: january 22, 1996
  • position: sub-vocalist, actor, visual(?)
  • speaks english since he lived in new zealand
  • high iq king
  • screamed bc he thought a shoestring was a bug on him
  • shares the visual spot with junseob!
  • shot a cf for j route (x)
  • featured in gb9’s just i like you with kim sohee (x)


  • full name: kim sangjin
  • birthdate: december 22, 1996
  • position: main dancer, sub-vocalist
  • quiet but also that weird one 
  • takes care of his health
  • he keeps herbal medicine in his bag


  • full name: choi eunsu
  • birthdate: february 12, 1997
  • position: leader, rap
  • mommy leader!
  • sensitive and shows his cute side v often
  • he cried when they performed on stage for the first time, poor bby (x)

Originally posted by taebinnie


  • full name: kim gukheon
  • birthdate: april 15, 1997
  • position: main vocalist
  • honey voice king
  • scared of honestly everything (first ep of myteen go shows this clearly)
  • honestly so funny and extra
  • future variety king


  • full name: shin junseop
  • birthdate: february 4, 1998
  • position: main rapper, sub-vocal, visual(?)
  • honestly his visuals are top notch so i think he shares the visual spot with taebin
  • auditioned for show me the money 6
  • he laughs a lot bc he loves lame jokes
  • savage af
  • taebin said he was reading a book and junseop called him a liar

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • full name: song yubin
  • birthdate: april 28, 1998
  • position: main vocalist
  • auditioned in superstar k and was in the top 4
  • baek jiyoung liked him so much, she decided to make a duet song with him called garosugil at dawn and it’s literally so perfect (x)
  • also made his solo debut with you to the bone (x) ft. eunsu, xiheon, and hanseul
  • part of ‘i am the actor’, a show where yuvin shows his acting skills along with other idols! (x
  • pretty much the most popular
  • bby lost a lot of weight ;;
  • he has a dog but is allergic to it lol
  • rly talkative and annoying (in a good way)
  • he speaks english out of nowhere sometimes lmao

Originally posted by saeoong


  • full name: park minjun
  • birthdate: january 8, 2001
  • position: sub-vocal, maknae
  • he’s a tall bby
  • was not present in myteen go and most events due to school and his shoulder injury
  • so do not worry if you don’t see him in past myteen show videos!!
  • he has a bucket of different types of sweet

and that’s all the info you really need to know for myteen! hopefully there’ll be a fanbase soon to provide subs because they are literally so funny!!! there’s only a few of us, but i hope this post will help you and a lot of other people to become their fans! the boys are extremely lovable and talented and i can’t help but obsess over them. 

a couple of blogs you should follow:

@all-myteen @saeoong@taebinnie@xi-heon@minijuns@princejunseob

and also @kmseul​ (that’s my side-blog for myteen i made a few months ago lol i am definitely going to post a lot more myteen content on that blog, esp since i miss making gifs!!) and to those who i didn’t mention, i’m sorry! 

we’re finally leaving the predebut era and coming closer to debut. i hope all you lovely people will join the myteen train and support them because this is music works’ first boy group, and first group overall! our fanbase is small, but we haven’t even entered the beginning yet, so let’s do our best to make our boys have a successful debut as well as a successful route into the idol industry. 

i know this wasn’t a very good guide, but i tried my best! thank you so much for following me and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see how many people are steadily becoming fans of them. i will do my part and post a lot of content of taebin!

p.s. myteen will make their debut on july 26, don’t you guys forget!

Shakarian: Post ME1

Imagine if Shakarian had happened late ME1/PostME1, how would have Garrus reacted to her death?

Garrus’ blue eyes were transfixed on the vid screen.

Breaking news. The Alliance has just reported that Commander Shepard is formally considered killed in action while scouting for Geth in the Attican Traverse. A memorial service will be held tomorrow to honor the actions of the recent Savior of the Citadel…

Coffee had spilled out of his mug, scorching his hand but he didn’t care. His mind was travelling at a million light years per minute, no Shepard couldn’t have been in the Traverse, she could be somewhere in space, she’s a survivor…

“Vakarian!” his superior barked, “You gonna bring me that coffee or what?”

He didn’t answer at first. The words resembled an echo, a memory trying to bubble up to the surface. With his eyes still glued to the screen, Garrus murmured, “I’m taking a few days off.”


“You heard me.” He snapped back into the moment like a lightning rod, shoveing the coffee into his boss’ outstretched hand. “I have something to take care of.”

Garrus didn’t care if he ever worked at C-Sec ever again.

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Heyyyyo I'm a relatively new follower and I'm starting to get into b.a.p! I know you're dae stan but could you give me a little intro to youngjae or himchan? I think I know the least about them two lool. And also since you seem to love your mutuals (you guys are so cute) please tag a few so I can check them out 💕thank youuu

HEEELLOOOOOO WELCOME TO MY TRASH BLOG THAT I LOVE SO MUCH<3 and WELCOME TO BECOMING A NEW BABY!!!!!!! Youngjae and Himchan??? ofc I Can! (I love doing these okay bless)

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by mybutterflyfact

Stage name: Himchan
Full Name: Kim Him Chan
Position: Sub-Vocal, Rapper, Visual
Birthday: April 19, 1990
Zodiac sign:  Aries
Bunny: Pink
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Father, Mother, Older sister
Twitter: @BAP_Himchan
Instagram: @Chanchanieeeeee

Himchan is adorable soft amazing cute rude picky loud bunny teeth hard headed hard working mom of the group. He stepped up as leader when Bang Yongguk took a break during Noir/Skydive promotions, Has a major in music, Other members have admitted that he has perfect pitch, Plays SO MANY INSTRUMENTS TO GUITAR TO PIANO AND EVERYTHING INBETWEEN! 

He’s constantly fighting or gushing with the younger members(Fighting usually with Daehyun, loving mostly on Jongup) Vocal is deeper than others and REALLY shines in their harder songs. His personality is everywhere, He’s stunning with flawless looks and he knows it. Takes so many pictures of Babys it’s actually wonderful., He loves Babys so much. HYPE MAN ON STAGE!!!!! He’s a really soft kind man that is just full of so much love for everything. VARIETY SHOW KING!!!!!

Himchan stans are VERY protective of him (he’s been delt some shit in the past so I don’t blame them) They’re the quiet ones that will fight you over his mullet, Usually keep to themselves but will scream about Himchan 25/8. protect them. 

This video should helpful to get to know Himchan better (Plus the channel is super adorable and cute and I love their content please thank you)

Originally posted by iorelei


Originally posted by yooyoungjae-gifs

Stage name: Youngjae
Full Name: Yoo Young Jae 
Position: Lead Vocalist
Bunny: Yellow
Birthday: January 24, 1994
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Twitter: @BAP_Youngjae
Instagram: @yjaybaby

So fluffy, Sassy, loud, extra, super adorable, invented chokers and orange hair, squints his left eye while on stage for that smoldering look, Apple cheeks and heart lips that are so soft ;;, Has a promise with his mom to never reveal his body, once wore a see through sweater on stage and we saw his titties, Thats My Jam era was literally his Era, boy looked SO GOOD. Looks REALLY good in pink. Makes a cat face sometimes and I adore it personally. MEMES SO HARD ON STAGE IT’S ACTUALLY AMAZING. 

Bestfriends with Jung Daehyun, EXTRA LOUD when he’s around Zelo, Did a series with Jaebum from Got7 of Celebrity Bromance, Totally was hitting on Jaebum the entire time. (He was originally going to be in Got7 but left JYP to join TS) 

Youngjae stans are also p quiet, they’re the cutest humans I know tho, Always ready to fight for Youngjae, constantly yelling about him no matter whats going on, will spam you with profile shots of him if you mention it, They are lovely people ;;

Last year he did a special stage with Got7s Bambam, Monsta X’ Minhyuk, and BTOBs Minhyuk at the KBS end of the year Gayo and it’s actually the most important thing on this planet (also I like to remind Youngjae stans that this fancam exists every few months)

(He’s enjoying the shit out of himself and it’s actually so magical B Y E)

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NOW MY FAVE MUTUALS!?!?!?!? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?!?!?! THERES SO MANY!! I’ll name the few I gush over 25/9 okay? okay
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