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24HR TV - Hanyu Yuzuru EngSub

I really loved this segment. It’s really cute and watching him teach was very inspiring. Right after it played, there were so many tweets about his quotes, and #あと2回転 (#2 more rounds) was trending lmao I got so excited about it, I decided I would break out the good ole Aegisub and sub the whole thing.

Yea I forgot how old my laptop is. This is the result of 1.5 days of struggling with lagging video and cursing the NihonTV editor who kept subbing everything they said out of sync and making my job all that much harder. Forgive the bad typesetting, I am too exhausted to care anymore ^^:: 

Huge thanks to @wherespacepooh for helping me when my computer died at the hardsub stage, and gifting me a more HQ ver in the process XD

Enjoy :)

Raw credit to the wonderful yuzu_pino, who uploaded it less than 10mins after it aired. (Please do not remove the watermark, I’ve already made it really tiny)



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EP 2 :

EP 3 :
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PT 2

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EP 6 :

cr. H0EBABY | iKOFF_ | iKON Subbing Squad


Mamo’s Q&A in Taiwan, with English subtitles. @shakkuris

“The topic always comes back to beer”. Of course, hahaha… 😂

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Lay - 170709 Go Fighting Season 3 Ep.1 - Full - [ENG SUB]

Credit: Dragon TV. (极限挑战第三季第一集)


(ENG SUB) 170730 MBC Section TV Idol Men - EXO

ID #53287

Name: Brittany
Age: 28
Country: USA

Hi there! I’m Brittany. Born and bred in the PNW by way of the Florida Keys, I live in Los Angeles and write for television. I’ve always really loved the idea of a pen pal – there’s nothing quite like curling up with handwritten correspondence and a cup of something warm (I’m an equal opportunity beverage enthusiast – tea and coffee are uniformly delightful). I tried the pen pal thing when I was Young and Irresponsible ™, but didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. Now that I am Old and Somewhat Less Broke ™, I’m back at it again and very excited to potentially meet someone great and have it turn into a long-term friendship.

Quick and dirty stats: I am a Taurus sun, Leo moon; a Gryffindor and a Wampus; an ENTP in the streets and an ENTJ in the workplace; I like sports, film, television, comedy, fine art, concerts, reading, yoga and hippie shit; I’ve had relationships with both men and women; I ferociously love to swim; and I can drink more red wine than you (although I do not endorse such contests because I am also Very Healthful and Responsible ™).

Preferences: My only preference would be to exchange handwritten letters with folks in their mid-twenties and up, just so’s I don’t feel like a very old grandma. Please absolutely be over 18.


I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

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