sub rosa bakery


New video! In which we explore the great city of Richmond, Virginia, and think about its history as well as its present.

Featuring The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Reynolds Gallery, 1708 Gallery, VCU School of the Arts, the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, Quirk Hotel, Rappahannock Restaurant, Lamplighter Roasting Company, Early Bird Biscuit Co., Sub Rosa Bakery, and Libby Hill Park.


sub rosa bakery

step inside sub rosa, and breathe a sigh of relief, for your search for the perfect bakery has ended. sub rosa is warm, inviting, and darn good. its ambience is snug on a wintry day with wooden tones and dry plastered walls. every detail has been thought of, from the dine-in artisan plates to the clipboards on which menus sit to the presentable, nay, attractive, trash station.

their food is seasonal, and everything is wood-fired right in the restaurant. the flour for their extensive bread list is ground in the mill out back. savory or sweet, sub rosa has the pastry for your mood. I had the spiced apple tart, and its flakiness and heat was the perfect pick-me-up. I had to seriously restrain myself to bring half home to share the succulence with my family. sub rosa also makes teas and coffees to compliment the bread.

the people of sub rosa are real artisans. they aim to use virginian ingredients, and the care in their product is tangible.

stop by sub rosa, right across the street from the roosevelt, and stay to enjoy some calming craftsmanship exhibited through pastry.