sub rails


Derailment of CP 143 at Main Street on CSX Belt Sub, 9-13-17 by Rob Ball
Via Flickr:
Part of CP 143s train is shown compressed together after striking the Main Street bridge on CSXs Belt Sub in Buffalo, September 13, 2017. Not sure what happened here as of yet; there is a height restriction for one of the bridges on this stretch but is only on track 2 (left), not track 1 which the train is on. Evidently someone miscalculated the height of the containers when loading and the result of which is seen here.


here you go guys! below is the full list of links for ALL of the pre-console mixes and demos (even the couple that I posted links to previously) that Josh Mancell has posted on his soundcloud. I’ve organized them via game and timeline within game/location

jak & daxter: the precursor legacy

misty island pre-console mix
sentinel beach pre-console mix
forest demo mix
rock village pre-console mix
precursor basin pre-console mix
snowy mountain pre-console mix
the citadel pre-console mix

jak 2: renegade

main theme full length version
action jak demo
deserted city pre-console mix
guard pursuit pre-console mix

jak 3

leapers & kanga-rats (unlabeled)*
stadium ruins (unlabeled)*
metalpede nest 1st attempt
monk glider (unlabeled)*
precursor sub rails (unlabeled)

* most of the jak 3 tracks are listed as unlabeled bc mancell didn’t specify in the title whether they were pre-console mixes or demos so i just noted it. tho it’s safe to assume they’re pre-console mixes bc that’s what all of the tracks are supposed to be

enjoy!!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💖😍💋


Out of Tunnel 35 by Patrick Dirden
Via Flickr:
UP 3868, in charge of an empty ribbon rail train, heads out of Tunnel 35 at Yuba Gap, CA.