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Pastel x punk
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan and Phil bring polar opposites<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan wearing pastel jumpers, skirts, etc.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil having tattoos and wearing band shirts with ripped black jeans.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan being loud and bossy towards most people.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil always being quiet, yet threatening.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Them being seen as the "assholes to everyone, but sweethearts to each other" couple<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Everyone thinking that Dan would be a power bottom.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan actually being completely submissive.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> "Trying to act all high and mighty won't get you anywhere kitten" "yes, sir"<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil always tolerating Dan's attitude while they're out, but immediately punishing him when they're home.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€: Dan begging for Phil to hurt him<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil laughing when someone suggests Dan tops<p/><p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan being a good boy for his Daddy<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil fucking Dan when Dan's friends are over so they know how Dan really is<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan's friends leaving quietly before they're done.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> "You two seemed a bit busy so we headed out-xx"<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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omg headcanons for sub!minghao

  • a stubborn little brat
  • always getting himself punished on purpose
  • talks back to you and breaks you rules but then he gets himself spanked and at the first slap he’s whining and bucking his hips desperately and begging you to touch him
  • one well timed flick of your wrist and he’s moaning and swearing to you that he’ll be good
  • lowkey loves being called a slut in an affectionate way
  • ‘such a good little slut for me, being so good’
  • okay if you have a dick lowkey he will love it when he’s sucking you off and you pull away and come all over his face
  • looks up at you with big innocent eyes while he sucks you off/eats you out and just moans against you softly because it feels so good to be on his knees for you, making you feel good
  • please tie xu minghao up pretty please
  • would get all breathless and panting when you tie him up, hands above his head and legs spread open as wide as you can get them
  • also please put something in his ass i don’t care if it’s your dick i don’t care if it’s a dildo or a vibrator  or a butt plug or anything i don’t care please please please
  • imaging him all stretched out and empty oh yes
  • his little hole flushed red, his face somehow even redder
  • whining and begging you to fuck him, to give him what he needs hard
  • and if you don’t fuck him soon enough he’ll full on grab you and push you down and sink down on your cock/toy himself, even though he knows it’ll get him punished. It’s worth it if it means he gets to feel deliciously full

 Well, my bed calls and my eyes dropping so I’ll take that as my cue to leave. Good night and may your sleep be restful  


Supernatural S05E04 “The End”

This was the moment that made me see dean as a sub. Not because of the panties. But because of the way he said “She made us try on her panties.” I might be reading too much into it, but I dunno there’s just something in the way they’re both remembering it…

So yeah, my headcanon totally has dean down as a sub.

Also, and I’m very sure this was not deliberate, but it kinda looks to me like Dean’s flirting a bit with himself here…probably because he just can’t help himself, it’s an automatism to him at this point :D But just look at endverse!dean’s final facial expression…there’s something going on there ;)