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Bon Voyage S2 EP.6 - Hoseok & Namjoon's conversation

(re-translated by request)

Hoseok: I haven’t gone on a real trip before, not even once. The Bon Voyage trip was my first…
Namjoon: For me, the fact that we can stay together until the end of the trip… (shakes hands) Since I couldn’t stay till the end last time.
Hoseok: How was last time?
Namjoon: Last time?
Hoseok: After you left first.
Namjoon: I couldn’t go anywhere other than the convenience store, for real. And my studio. I wrote a song in tears, you know. That song was one of the only 2 songs that got confirmed among the songs I sent in one year. Among all the songs I wrote in one year.
Hoseok: Really?
Namjoon: That song was one of those 2.
Hoseok: Seems like you make quite a lot of songs.
Namjoon: No, it’s not that many, I just take a lot of time working on one.
Hoseok: Oh, really?
Namjoon: Yeah, it takes longer than you think.
Hoseok: I’m writing a song recently too…
Namjoon: You should release it, it’s time.
Hoseok: I should.

Hoseok: I always feel this but I envy you.
Namjoon: I envy you. (laughs)
Hoseok: Why do you envy me?
Namjoon: You’re always… You’re the most professional-like in our team. You’re stable and I think that’s how a celebrity should be. I like that. Suga-hyung always jokes “Let’s do a rap line concert”, you know. But it can’t come true right away, it’s hard. I don’t have that many songs. There’s only a few thing I can do. I was only able to write 1 song while in America. I always find it hard to connect the verse and the hook.
Hoseok: Yeah.
Namjoon: When I first make the beat. Suga-hyung is incredible. I feel that sometimes when I listen to ‘Dead Leaves’ or ‘Tomorrow’.
Hoseok: Right.
Namjoon: I really respect Suga-hyung for writing songs for Bangtan. When it comes to writing Bangtan songs…
Hoseok: Right, it’s hard.
Namjoon: I have always wanted to talk about this with you.

Namjoon: People say this. “Taehyung and Jimin look very close, but Hoseok and Namjoon, one is in charge of dancing and one is in charge of rapping”…
Hoseok: Actually we talked a lot more than they think.
Namjoon: No, we talked a lot from time to time.
Hoseok: We talked a lot. I always came look for you when I had a slump in music.
Namjoon: I don’t know about you but, it’s true that you play a very big role of an axle to our mood, in another direction from me. And to be honest, I think you also help fulfilling what I can’t as a leader in the team, mentally.
Hoseok: No…
Namjoon: I’m serious. I’m all about external affairs.*

(*Namjoon means that while he takes care of the more professional matters of the tean like representing them in front of the outer world, Hoseok takes care of the team’s atmosphere and mood.)

Hoseok: Hey, thank you.
Namjoon: Me too.
Hoseok: For real.
Namjoon: No. You know what I think it’s dramatic? I heard you wrote that during Bon Voyage season 1.
Hoseok: They asked in the interview, “Where do you want to go?”, I said “Me? Shouldn’t I want to go to Hawaii at least once?”. The next question was “If you were to go with the members, who do you want to go with?” and I answered, “I want to go with Rap Monster, my same-aged friend”…
Namjoon: Wow.
Hoseok: We didn’t get that kind of chance often, you know.
Namjoon: I was wrong. I shouldn’t asked Hobi to go grab a cup of beer, I should have asked to go grab a cup of peppermint tea.
Hoseok: My favorite tea?
Namjoon: Yeah, you like peppermint tea, don’t you. I can’t understand people who drink peppermint tea.

Hoseok: We actually talk a lot. We talk a lot but it’s just that my character and his character on camera don’t coincide that much and we don’t have many in common, so people might think like that, but in reality, if I were to pick whom I talk with the most, I would pick this friend here.
Namjoon: We talk about trivial stuffs and also serious stuffs, thanks to that.

Pastel x punk
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan and Phil bring polar opposites<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan wearing pastel jumpers, skirts, etc.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil having tattoos and wearing band shirts with ripped black jeans.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan being loud and bossy towards most people.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil always being quiet, yet threatening.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Them being seen as the "assholes to everyone, but sweethearts to each other" couple<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Everyone thinking that Dan would be a power bottom.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan actually being completely submissive.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> "Trying to act all high and mighty won't get you anywhere kitten" "yes, sir"<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil always tolerating Dan's attitude while they're out, but immediately punishing him when they're home.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€: Dan begging for Phil to hurt him<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil laughing when someone suggests Dan tops<p/><p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan being a good boy for his Daddy<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Phil fucking Dan when Dan's friends are over so they know how Dan really is<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> Dan's friends leaving quietly before they're done.<p/><b>๐Ÿ’€:</b> "You two seemed a bit busy so we headed out-xx"<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 539

Warnings: None

A/N: (Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

“Kookie, we are NOT getting a pet chicken.”

Jungguk scrunched his nose. “(Y/N), don’t call me that. It makes it sound like I’m a baby.” He stood up from your bed and made his way to the middle of your room. “But couldn’t you just imagine running around scaring people with it?” He held up his foot with one hand and put his other sticking straight up on top of his head, a weird jumping motion almost throwing him off balance.

His awkward but cute impersonation of a chicken. You think.

Your eyes shut tight with laughter at how absolutely ridiculous he looked. You fell back on your bed, tears blurring your vision. You moved your legs to the side to half-hazard a glare at Jungguk. “Shhh! You’re gonna wake my parents. And you are a baby.”

“You’re only a couple of months older than me!” Jungguk pouted, bottom lip poking out. He sat back down on your bed, propped up against the headboard.

You rolled your eyes and lolled your head to look at him. “Okay, Sir. Is that better?” you teased.

The shift was small, barely noticeable. If you hadn’t known Jungguk for years, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it: his chocolate eyes a bit darker, his usual bunny-tooth grin replaced by barely parted lips, a faint blush dusting his cheeks. You could cut the tension filled silence that had settled over the room with a spoon. You licked your suddenly dry lips.

Jungguk’s eyes darted to trace the motion, unconsciously doing the same. Your room felt too small, suffocating almost. You were acutely aware of how little space was inbetween you and your best friend, how suddenly you wanted there to be no space at all. You wanted to feel the weight of his chest on yours, the softness of his lips against the sensitive skin of your neck. You blinked quickly, tucking those thoughts away for later, not particularly wanting to analyze what they might mean right now, not with him so close to you.

You prayed to whatever God may exist your voice wouldn’t falter.

“Don’t get weird on me, Kookie.” You tried reaching out to tickle his sides, earning a preemptive swat from Jungguk. His nose scrunched up again, cheeks still colored a pretty shade of rose, and he gave a nervous laugh.

“(Y/N), I said don’t call me- NO, STOP. I’M SORR-” You launched yourself towards him, hands flying up and down his sides, and under his arms where you knew he was most ticklish. His hands flew up in protest, desperately trying to fend you off.

You stopped only when tears began forming in Jungguk’s eyes, the smile impossibly wide on your face. Your bright smile fell however, when you heard the tell-tale sign of a door creaking open just down the hall, and light footsteps making their way towards your room.

You pushed away from Jungguk and grabbed your nearby laptop, hoping you had landed in a not-so-suspicious position. Jungguk looked at you with wide, doe-like eyes, just in time for your mother to pop her head in the closed door.

A shy smile filled his features, that pretty shade of pink returning to his cheeks. “Oh, hi, Mrs. (Y/L/N).”

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Hey mods! You guys seem to be a little bit behind on some stories and a couple times have posted about the huge backlog of submissions and how busy you guys are. I was wondering if you were on the lookout for another mod perhaps? I would be a happy volunteer to help thin the load for you all :)

I don’t think another mod would help, plus it’s Mandie’s say not mine. She has stated in the past that the three of us is enough and I agree. It’s not the lack of mods, it’s the limitations of tumblr and the high demand of the blog. We get more asks/subs than we can queue. We can only realistically post so much in a day without spamming as well. We’ll just have to shut the inbox every so often to compensate. Hopefully tumblr removes that annoying 300 queue limit. -Abby


Supernatural S05E04 “The End”

This was the moment that made me see dean as a sub. Not because of the panties. But because of the way he said “She made us try on her panties.” I might be reading too much into it, but I dunno there’s just something in the way they’re both remembering it…

So yeah, my headcanon totally has dean down as a sub.

Also, and I’m very sure this was not deliberate, but it kinda looks to me like Dean’s flirting a bit with himself here…probably because he just can’t help himself, it’s an automatism to him at this point :D But just look at endverse!dean’s final facial expression…there’s something going on there ;)