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Fallout New Vegas mod: A Familiar Friend - The Pip-Boy 2500 by EdisLeado

This is the Pip-Boy 2500, the successor of the rugged Pip-Boy 2000 and the predecessor to the more recent Pip-Boy 3000. This mod will replace your arm-mounted Pip-Boy 3000 with the handheld Pip-Boy 2500 and will also remove the 3000’s accompanying glove.

The Pip-Boy 2500 was designed with a larger and wider screen than the 2000’s. The 2500, unlike the 3000, operates using a series of (visible) vacuum tubes and boasts a more classic design. The multitude of buttons on the Pip-Boy 2000 were condensed into 3 buttons, each of which house 5 sub-sections for neater navigation. This interface was carried over to the latest Pip-Boy 3000 unit.

Pick up your very own RobCo Pip-Boy 2500 today at the low, low price of absolutely free!