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Backseat Driving

“She says to turn left at the next intersection.”

“What? That’s not right. We’re still in the middle of nowhere.”

“She’s never wrong, sweetie. You know that.”

Shaw sped up and passed the turn. She knew where she was.

“You can also make a left in two streets. She says there’s an accident up ahead and we’ll get stuck in traffic if we keep going. And you need to use your turn signal in this area.”

“Will you tell google maps to knock it off and let me drive?”

“Sameen! You can’t compare Her to a sub par navigation app!”

“Then both of you quit it with the backseat driving. I’ve got this.”

The directions she didn’t mind so much, it was the other little comments. Despite having once told her to drive off an overpass, the Machine could be a goody two shoes about driving laws.

She took the left turn this time. If the Machine said there was an accident then there was an accident. Sitting in traffic didn’t sound fun.

“It’s going to be the next right now.”

Shaw slowed down. “Don’t see a sign.”

“It’s behind that tree.”

“What the hell is wrong with this state? Signs behind trees. Have to turn right to make a left. Who came up with this bullshit?”

“No, I think that was rhetorical. Explaining would probably only make her more irate.”

Shaw glared at her passenger, unamused by the half of the conversation she could hear.

“Oh, you missed the street. You’re going to need to turn around.”

“Just great.” She hooked a u-turn at the intersection.

“She asked me to remind you that u-turns are illegal here.” Root sounded like she was holding back a laugh. That brat probably enjoyed being in the middle of the navigation battle.

“I turn where I damn well please.”

“We’re only trying to help. Also, She says the speed limit is…”

“One more comment about my driving and both of you are walking home.”

“You’d abandon me in the middle of New Jersey suburban hell, Sameen?”

“Try me.”

Twenty minutes later Root was trying to talk them out of a speeding ticket. The Machine graciously assisted by having the officer called away for an emergency.

Root batted her eyes and looked smug as the patrol car pulled away.

“This state sucks.”

“I know, sweetie, but so do I and later tonight you’ll appreciate that.”

Shaw started the engine. “With that in mind…how about the fastest route to the motel without running the risk of me assaulting a cop again?”

The Machine gave up and disabled all the traffic cameras in the neighborhood.


ok so I was looking to buy a mug for myself and my sister for when we do our Touken cosplays, right? Just because I thought they’d look super cute in photos and it’d be nice to have a mug with our favourite characters (despite its price being a little steep).

However I missed the preorders and have been checking Japanese stores online to find them. My Japanese is too sub par to navigate the websites without the use of google translate though, so I used it and I found the translated versions of the swords’ names too funny not to share. 

oh bless kanji and its multiple readings.

Time to buy one Izumi Mamoru Koji.

mana-burst  asked:

For a while, I was wondering why you didn't care so much for Egypt... but now.. as I finally finish the last sidequest (excluding the 'Lair' areas) in both zones... I am feeling exhausted from this whole place, ugggh.

A big part of why I don’t like the Egypt portion of the game is because the whole region is very poorly designed in terms of flow.  There are tons of quests scattered about to the far ends of the map, the terrain is extremely jumbled, and there is little visual variety.  The main town, al-Merayah, is an absolute mess that is nothing but stress trying to navigate.  The sub-zone, City of the Sun God, is even worse.

Compare it to the prior region: Kingsmouth.  There is a very sensible arrangement to the town, the surrounding woods, the bay, and the neighboring island that make up the zone.  There is also a circuit you can run that you start with Boone right by the entrance to the zone that takes you in a general spiral around the whole area.  By following it you not only hit all the missions in the zone, but you do so in an efficient path where you can perform a number of missions all at once and turn them in at the same place before picking up your next batch.  Egypt doesn’t have that - its missions are not laid out in a concise manner and many of them leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere when they’re completed, forcing you to warp back to town to pick up another one.

Compared to the tidy efficiency of Kingsmouth, Egypt is a gnarled cluster that’s an absolute chore to slog through.  The Devs really should have taken the opportunity of the re-release as SWL to redo the layout and arrangement of quests.

Fallout New Vegas mod: A Familiar Friend - The Pip-Boy 2500 by EdisLeado

This is the Pip-Boy 2500, the successor of the rugged Pip-Boy 2000 and the predecessor to the more recent Pip-Boy 3000. This mod will replace your arm-mounted Pip-Boy 3000 with the handheld Pip-Boy 2500 and will also remove the 3000’s accompanying glove.

The Pip-Boy 2500 was designed with a larger and wider screen than the 2000’s. The 2500, unlike the 3000, operates using a series of (visible) vacuum tubes and boasts a more classic design. The multitude of buttons on the Pip-Boy 2000 were condensed into 3 buttons, each of which house 5 sub-sections for neater navigation. This interface was carried over to the latest Pip-Boy 3000 unit.

Pick up your very own RobCo Pip-Boy 2500 today at the low, low price of absolutely free!

[ LOG : 17/08/17 ]


  • release of theme #20 milestone pack before the end of August;
  • release of theme #21 before September 15;
  • blood & bone anthology updates before the end of September;
  • two new entries in the poetry for the signs series before the end of September;
  • layout updates for both my main blog & its’ sub-pages (specifically, my navigation is in dire need of a make-over), as well as possibly my preview blog.

Mostly trying to overcome depression, hence my prolonged absence. I’m trying very hard to kick it into submission but it’s only working somedays. Brains are weird, folks.