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The signs as quotes from Freeman's Mind
  • Aries: "Ugh. Darwin was right. I didn't realize I was working with a bunch of lemmings."
  • Taurus: "I should think less like a human being that uses doors, and more like a... squirrel that has anger problems."
  • Gemini: "It's like the classic debate of why measuring the position of an electron changes its momentum and vice-versa. The only correct answer is to get drunk and set fire to things."
  • Cancer: "Since this morning, I've been bitten, shot, bombed, electrocuted, almost drowned, almost fallen to my death, and strangled. Rasputin wasn't so lucky."
  • Virgo: "You can never prove the absence of ninjas, only their direct presence."
  • Libra: "What was that Nietzsche said? 'He who fights drummers should see to it that in the process he does not himself become a drummer'? [...] I wonder if Nietzsche was in a band. I bet he was. I should look him up when I get out of here. I bet the songs have pretty deep lyrics."
  • Scorpio: "Friends are like weeds that scream."
  • Sagittarius: "It looks like an anemometer, but it is not. Anemometers don't fire bullets. Not even the expensive ones. Or I don't think they do. If they do, meteorologists are more hardcore than I thought."
  • Capricorn: "So yeah, I'm killing people now. But that was NOT murder. That was TOTALLY self-defense. Just because I have a sub-machine gun doesn't change anything."
  • Aquarius: "I do belong in a pedestal, but metaphorically, God damn it!"

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Why do you consistently want Belle to hit BF on the head with Her Handsome Hero?

It’s just a happy mental image for me, especially if Belle does it in the middle of the Black Fairy’s inevitable evil monologue. Double bonus points if Belle has to stand on a little step stool to do it.

Also, they keep showing the book as a symbol of Belle’s Maternal Love and also the Desire To Be a Hero so the book should be used in some way again. Preferably weaponized, as Belle is non-magical and anti-murder so: “CLOSE UP ON: SUB-MACHINE GUN. Belle PICKS IT UP and …” is not going to be one of the Sneak Peaks from an upcoming episode.

Tumblr disclaimer: I don’t actually condone whacking people with books; you might hurt the books.


Heckler and Koch love for your Tuesday. Two of my favorite subguns, MP7 A2, and UMP 45. The G36C and two belt fed machine guns, MG4 & MG5. The beautiful Jessica Nyberg of the sportsmans channel handguns and defensive weapons handling the MG5.

Only two people in this photo may have survived the war, the boy in the foreground and the SS man holding the MG.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – Photo from Jürgen Stroop Report to Heinrich Himmler from May 1943. The original German caption reads: “Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs”.
An iconic image of World War II. People identified in the picture:
Identity of the boy in the front was not confirmed, but is possibly Artur Dab Siemiatek, Levi Zelinwarger (next to his mother, Chana Zelinwarger) or Tsvi Nussbaum.
Hanka Lamet – small girl on the left
Matylda Lamet Goldfinger – Hanka’s mother next to her (second from the left)
Leo Kartuziński – teenaged boy in the background with white bag on his shoulder
Golda Stavarowski – in the background, first woman from the right, with one hand raised.

Most were transported to the extermination camp Treblinka.

Tsvi Chaim Nussbaum (August 31, 1935 – July 2, 2012) was the only Holocaust survivor in his family, and is considered by some as being the boy in this photo.

Josef Blösche (12 February 1912 – 29 July 1969) was a member of the Nazi Party who served in the SS and SD during World War II. Blösche became known to the world as a symbol of the Nazi cruelty inflicted on people within the Warsaw ghetto because of a famous photograph taken during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which portrays a surrendering little boy (possibly Tsvi C. Nussbaum) in the foreground, and Blösche as the SS man who is facing the boy with an sub-machine gun in hand.

He was finally identified (as in August 1946 he suffered a major accident at work, leaving the side of his face severely deformed) and arrested in January 1967.
Blösche was put on trial in Erfurt in April 1969. He was found guilty, including in participating in the shooting of about 1,000 Jews in 1943. He was sentenced to death, and executed in Leipzig on 29 July 1969.

(Colorised by Mikolaj Kalzmarek from Poland)

Costume Contest & Trick-or-Treat Winners
  • Romano: huh? Why is our group costume 'unique'?
  • Netherlands: Ophelia does not carry a sub-machine gun, and Juliet looks like she could beat up both houses just to marry Romeo.
  • Liechtenstein: yay, we won something~~
  • Austria: never again will I go to America during Fall shirtless...
  • Iceland: I can't believe we dressed up as the Teletubies... and I was the sun-baby... *cries*
  • Denmark: oh-ohh~
  • Norway: Den if you made an actual 'oh-ohh' I will stab you win my antenna.
  • France: honhonhon- *gets thrown into oblivion by England*
  • England: I-It doesn't mean that this makes up for France being a fucking dickhead, or anything...
Death comes for all.... pt one

Lucio ran for his life, he didn’t know where he was going, heck, he didn’t know what he was doing. Talon’s ambush had worked all according to plan. They were caught off guard and Lucio was separated from his team. He tried using his com link. But the only response he received was from a all too familiar Mexican accent.

“Did you really think that would work?”

He threw down his com and kept running. He didn’t want to know how close reaper, widow maker or Sombra was from him. Just keep moving. Suddenly he heard the rapid fire rip of a sub machine gun.

His legs roared in pain and he hit the ground. Blood was already every where. He tried to get up off his knees but his legs gave out. He heard footsteps, taking their precious time to get to him. Run, move somthing! He screamed to himself. He scrambled to his knees again to try to stand when reaper kicked the back of his head.

He fell forward onto his chest, he wasn’t able to catch himself and hit his head on the hard ground. The world faded in and out of focus. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. Reaper grabbed him.

“No… Please…”
He begged. He knew it was pointless.
“I don’t… Wanna die…”
He said and then repeated.
“I don’t wanna die,
I don’t wanna die”
He wasn’t ready to give in, he wasn’t ready to move on, he still had a life to live and goals to achieve. He didn’t want to die.

Somthing about that phrase stirred somthing deep in Reaper. For a moment he wasn’t holding the unfortunate teen in his arms but Jesse. Missing his arm, close to death and nothing Gabriel could do to help him. He wanted to help him. Reassure him. Save him.
“I don’t wanna die.”
“You won’t kid, I got you. I promise.”

He forced himself back to the present. The past is worthless. Focus on his job. Mcree should’ve died there. He told himself, even though just thinking about it sent a pang of guilt through his heart. A heart that no longer beat.

“Death comes for all…”

Lucio felt his grip slipping, his life falling through his hands. He felt tired, so,
So so tired.
Darkness danced at the edges of his vision. Breathing became an insurmountable task. The world faded away entirely now,
Into a meaningless blur of color and sounds, the faint scream he knew belonged to Hana no longer had any weight on his mind.

A single voice called out to him.

“Lay your head and rest.”

And he did.

“A United States soldier advances cautiously at left with a sub-machine gun to cover any attempt of the German tank crew from escaping their fiery prison inside their tank following a duel with U.S. and British anti-tank units in Medjez al Bab area, Tunisia, on January 12, 1943.”


So Saints Row 4 is on sale and I snatched that up super quick and naturally I made my character look like Alexander and the closest I could get is a really buff purple looking Robbie Rotten with a deep Australian accent wielding a sub machine gun. And he’s dressed as a fucking pirate.