sub luke is my weakness

It's 'Miss' to you // Luke smut

sub Luke is my weakness oh gosh here we go

“Come here you wuss!” You laugh and throw a pen at him whilst running around the kitchen table, catching up to the long-legged blond. You’re chasing Luke around his kitchen table, him clad in only his boxers and you in a robe. Luke laughs and ducks just in time, resulting in the pen flying somewhere on the floor. Somehow he decided to put toothpaste in your shampoo, leaving the part about it actually being Michael’s idea untold since Luke wanted all the credit to himself.

You decide to get him back and act like you’d given up. “Alright, I’m done.” You pant and head to the bathroom. You hear Luke’s breathy giggles following you from a safe distance as you dig your makeup bag for an eyeliner.
“I’m sorry Y/N,” he pants with a wide grin by the bathroom door. “It was too funny not to do it.” Luke has barely finished the sentence before you attack his bare chest with the eyeliner, smudging it everywhere while Luke flinches and runs away, laughing. You quickly wrap your arms around his waist, trapping him, and dropping the eyeliner.
“Alright, alright, stop it!” He yells in amusement as you tickle his sides.
“I already dropped the eyeliner!” You argue with a grin, continuing to assault his sides with your fingers. “But since I already got you back,” you ponder, stopping the tickling, “I guess I’ll stop.” You grin and kiss his back. Luke pants and places his bigger hands on yours, trying to peel them off him which only leads to you squeezing him harder, pressing open-mouthed kisses on his back. Luke walks to the living room, you following him as you’re pressed against his back, sometimes giving his sides small tickles to which Luke always giggles adorably. He sits down on the couch which means you have to let go of him. You stand in front of him with a pout on your lips and Luke reaches to take your hands and lead you to sit on his lap, facing him.
“You’re a meanie.” You pout. Luke looks at you before laughing again.
“Says you, look at me!” He exclaims, pointing to his smudgy chest. You laugh hard and feel the other sleeve of your robe rolling down. Hurriedly you reach to pull it back up.

You’re shy and insecure especially about your breasts, not being the perfect size or shape in your opinion. Luke, however, adores your breasts. He thinks they look so good in your - and his - favorite bra, sometimes slightly spilling out if you’ve bent down. He has never mustered up the courage to tell you, though. You’re both quite shy about each other’s bodies, having only dated for a bit over six months. With both of your sexual encounters being with each other - counting up to three times - neither of you yet really know how to act when aroused. You’ve given him a few blowjobs and he has touched you down there a few times, plus you’ve had sex those three times.

Luke smiles at you with a mellow expression. You return a shy smile and reach out to play with his fingers.
“You’re still a meanie.” You fake pout and Luke laughs before placing his soft lips against yours. You immediately return the kiss, turning it a bit more heated by pulling him closer, threading your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp and sometimes tugging the roots. Luke sighs into your mouth, tightening his grip on your waist and slightly pressing you down to him at the same time. You scoot closer to him on his lap, pulling his hair so that he’ll tilt his head up. Once he does - without you having to pull hard - you place hot, open-mouthed kisses to his jawline, trailing them down to his neck. Luke hums in content, rubbing your sides and sometimes letting his hands venture down to your bum, giving it a few squeezes.
“Can I please take this off?” He asks nicely, playing with the string of your bathrobe.
“No, hands on the backrest.” You instruct with a stern voice. Luke looks at you with big eyes, quickly placing his long arms on the sofa’s backrest. “Good boy.” You smirk. You have no idea where this confidence just came from, but you sure as hell aren’t complaining, and neither is Luke.

You dip your head back to his neck, constantly kissing, licking and nibbling it, earning a few quiet sighs and whimpers from Luke. The slight stubble on his chin stings gently against your soft, swollen lips while your hands go back to tugging his hair. You start to slowly and tentatively grind on him, feeling the muscles of his stomach clench as do his biceps on the backrest. You let your right hand venture down his smooth skin, slowly, circling his nipple and then moving down to play with the hairs of his happy trail. Luke lets out a breath you both didn’t know he was holding in.
“Since you’ve been such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward.” You say with the sexiest voice you can muster. Luke looks at you with fire behind his blue eyes, nodding fiercely with his lips parted. “I’m going to let you choose. Do you want me to…” you mumble, leaning in. “kiss you,” you whisper with your lips skimming his, “or,” your hand rubs his lower stomach. “touch you?" 
"Kiss me.” Luke sighs, knowing you can’t resist touching him while doing so. You press your lips against his, hungrily moving them as you increase the pressure of your grinding. Luke utters a throaty moan which you happily swallow within the kiss. He licks your lower lip, asking to taste your mouth with his tongue. You deny him and pull away.
“I think that’s enough for now.” You smirk and gently bite his chin. You can tell Luke enjoys this just as much as you judging by the tent forming in his boxers. “Your skin tastes so good.” You hum against his collarbones. Luke answers by bucking his hips against yours and whimpering at the increased contact.
“Ah, ah, ah.” You chaste, stopping your assault on his chest. “Good boys don’t do that. Are you a good boy?” You ask, stopping the movements of your hips against his.
“Yes.” He answers hurriedly, needing the friction between your crotches.
“Yes what?” You press, tugging his hair a bit harder.
“Yes Y/N, God.” He moans and squeezes the backrest harder.
“It’s ’Miss’ to you.” You correct the desperately horny boy and release your grip on his hair before continuing to now hump his cock. “Remember, baby,” you mumble and lean to his ear, “your cock belongs to me.” You whisper in the most seductive way you can. Luke moans loudly as an answer. “Tell me, who makes you feel this good, hm?”
“You, Miss.” He whimpers. You nibble his earlobe a while before pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek.
“Exactly. Now, good boys get a reward, don’t you think?”
“Yes Miss, please.” Luke pleas with frustrated blue eyes. You press your lips against his but then move back to his ear.

“You won’t mind if I… have a little taste?” Your fingers play with the waistband of his boxers.
“Please.” He urges, bucking his hips to meet your fingers with his lower abdomen. You let him get away with it, feeling sympathy towards the worked up boy. You get on your knees in front of him, his swollen lips parted with pants escaping from his mouth, his chest heaving. You tug down his boxers to his thighs, releasing his cock from it’s restraints. His tip is an angry red, begging for your attention. You smirk up at Luke, pressing a small kiss to the tip, him throwing his head back with a groan after finally getting some real relief. You hollow out your cheeks as you lower your mouth on him as far as you can, bobbing up and down at a semi fast pace. Desperate moans and pants sound from above you, Luke’s muscles tensing and relaxing at the feeling of your mouth around his pulsating cock. You use your tongue to massage him as you go, a ‘fuck’ escaping from between his lips. You pull away and pull his boxers back up, much to Luke’s disappointment. 

“That’s enough, we don’t want you to finish so fast.” You tease, sitting down on his lap again. “Kiss me.” You command and Luke immediately presses his lips hard against yours, tugging your bottom lip and sighing into your mouth. You slide your left hand up his torso, all the way up to his shoulder and form there out to his hand, taking it in yours and leading it to between your thighs. “Please me.” You sigh against his lips, Luke immediately taking over and rubbing your clit. You moan against his lips, bucking your hips forward and running your hands through his dirty blonde hair. Luke runs his tongue along your lower lip and this time you allow his tongue in your mouth, greedily dancing with yours. A particularly fast rub makes you gasp and you feel Luke smile against your mouth.
“That’s enough.” You say pulling away, claiming dominance once again. “Hands where they were." 
Luke returns his hands to the backrest. "I think you deserve another reward for following the rules so nicely.” You smirk and kiss his neck. “Do you want to touch me, or do you want me to finish you off?” You ask, palming his almost painfully hard member through his boxers. Luke thinks for a moment; of course he wants to touch you, to feel your hot skin under his hands, but he also enjoys your little game a lot. His cock is begging for attention, pulsing in his pants and he is so desperate to orgasm after a long time of your teasing.

“Finish me off, Miss.” He requests nicely.
“I don’t think you want it bad enough.” You tease, “prove me you want this badly.” Luke sucks in a sharp breath before begging;
“Please Miss, I’m so horny for you.”
“Who owns your cock, baby?”
“You do, Miss. Please let me come in your mouth, I’ve been a good boy, don’t I deserve it?” He pleas, muscles straining against the couch. “My cock needs you, Miss. Please.” He whimpers in sexual frustration.
“Gosh, you make me so horny, baby.” You moan, press your lips against his and pull out his member from his boxers, stroking it gently before squeezing harder, working the boy - now a moaning mess - toward his orgasm. You continue kissing him fiercely as you pump him faster, his hips rising to fuck your hand. Luke moans and pants loudly, you enjoying every second of the boy writhing under your touch. His moans become more desperate as he nears his release, but you pull away form his angry cock once again. Luke pants hard, pulling away from your kiss.
“Please Miss, oh my God I can’t take this any longer. I need you, fuck.” He nearly cries, eyes watering. You kneel in front of him, taking him by surprise as you suck his member fiercely, bobbing up and down at a fast pace, squeezing his tensed thighs and massaging his cock with your tongue. Luke’s moans are the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard, sending out straight to your core. His moans increase in both volume and amount before you give his tip a particularly hard suck. He releases his load down your throat with one last broken cry. You work him through his orgasm and pull away, wiping your mouth with your hand and slumping down next to him on the couch.

Luke rests his head against the cushions, eyes shut, his breathing slowly returning to normal.
“God damn,” he pants, “that was the best thing I’ve ever witnessed.”
You giggle and reach for his hand, again pulling it between your thighs and letting out a pleased sigh. “Oh,” Luke taunts, “does my princess feel left out? Did you enjoy pleasing me, huh? Well you’ll enjoy this even more.” He smirks, lays you down on your back, removes the robe and kisses down your stomach before placing his mouth on the place you needed him the most.