sub irrigated planters

I have achieved all the parts I need for my whiskey barrel SIP for the grand cost of about three dollars. That’s less because the parts are cheap than because between my folks and I we have a lot of useful junk accumulated. All I had to buy was the 1″ PVC pipe for the fill-tube. I’ve got heavy plastic to line the thing, dad had some random tubing for a drain pipe and an old plastic produce box I can use for the soil ‘floor’, and I found (free!) plant flats at home depot* that *should* work for the wicking feet. I think. 

I spent a heck of a lot more on new potting soil, but that’s kind of necessary.

I might have to run back to dad’s or the store for tacks for the plastic, or borrow the staple gun if I can’t seat the tacks (my barrels are already ten years old, so that wood might just be too darn hard). 

*I’ve been trying to avoid HD because they were heavily invested in the Asshole Cheeto, but I had a huge bucket of stuff to return from years and years ago, most of which they were willing to take.