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please come fight me about the quality of the subs in bon voyage season 2

rip international army

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subs were so,,, cant you hire a better translator bighit? so... do we know why jimin was giving yoongi heart fingers?

jimin told a story about how yoongi was once upset about something ??? and when he was writing some serious post jimin came up to him and asked him what was wrong but may have made things worse so they all started laughing at him and then teasing jimin about how he genuinely looked sorry, and that’s why jimin gave him a heart

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What's your favorite AUs?


I like lots of AUs. Most of the time I prefer AU fic to canon compliant fic bc… Canon is a mess. Anyway!

🍑 I like BDSM AUs. I have a preference for sub Dean, but as we know from psi delta alpha boys, I can be swayed into reading sub Cas.

🍑 I like sex worker AUs, where one is the client of the other. I prefer sex worker Dean, but again, I have read many sex worker Cas fics that are 👌👌. It’s especially wonderful when the sex work is BDSM themesld and Dean is Castiel’s hired sub. :)))))) See: I Want To Get Outside (Of Me), and Carry On. And others.

🍑 I like FWB AUs. All the ones I’ve read have them falling in love and revealing it too fast. Give me that emotional slow burn. They’re sucking each other down but they better not reveal emotions until after the 40k mark.

🍑 I like Modern AUs. Maybe one is a teacher, or fire fighter, or author. The other is a business man, or a cop, or a lawyer. Either way, they meet and they fall in love and it’s wonderful.

🍑 I like closet AUs. Set whenever, whereever, one of them is deeply closeted and the gay panic is delicious.

🍑 I like proud AUs where everyone is out and it’s nice and happy and fun. Maybe there is family conflict by it’s all part of it.

🍑 I like lost love AUs. They used to be in love but they broke up. They used to be in love but never got to be together. One love the other and told them. One loved the other and kept it a bitter secret. They find each other years later and the emotional history is. Delicious.

🍑 I like SciFi/fantasy AUs. Give me apocalypse, give me princes, give me magic, and astronauts, and wars between countries.

🍑 I like fusion AUs. I want to see Dean and Cas in Pride and Prejudice, in Love Actually, in The X Files. Put them in Game of Thrones, and Star Trek, and Scrubs.

Give me them falling in love as pirates, as chefs, as theives, as rich and powerful Men, as social outcasts, as royalty, as fight pilots, as soldiers, as employer and employee. Give me power imbalance and fluff and darkness.

Give me their love, any way imaginable.

This got dramatic, my apologies!!!

Fic Rec

Read what’s on the label, folks, I’m not your mom.

Not Your Average Prostitution AU

Il Traviato by kedgeree
This is a Pretty Woman au, need I say more?
Dr. John H. Watson, Sexual Surrogate by smurff
The lovely cutteroo brought this fic to my attention, and I am so glad. You have to squint to fit it into this category, but it’s worth putting it in the mix
Bought and Paid For by wendymarlowe 
John is a sub for hire, and you can guess where this fic goes
Let’s Play Doctor by beautifullyheeled
Again, another fic that you need to squint a bit to make it fit the list. However! I take any chance I get to rec this amazing work
The Virgin and the Prostitute by cheshirecat101
I love this take on the escort story, it has a few twists that make it interesting

Sherlock is a Prostitute for Reasons

For Rent by sexxicawrites
A nice little pwp to get you through the day
Deflowered - Director’s Cut by Lorelei_Lee
I first read Deflowered and was left wanting more. The Director’s Cut gives the extra bit to fill out an interesting story
Filthy/Gorgeous by mirabilelectu
A long one if you need to drown for a bit in rentboy hell before coming up for air
First Time for Everything by KeelieThompson1
Feelings, angst, more feelings
Rented Out by tenderly_wicked
Ok, folks, this one hurts. A lot.
Hooked by foolsdance
Angst. Just angst.

John Has a Heart of Gold and a Crotch of Gold

The Orchard by dancinggrimm
You really should read this, because it’s good and a favorite of mine? Have I convinced you yet?
Roosters by Sexxica
Sherlock and Lestrade unwind after a case … and honestly has Sexxica ever led us astray?
Proves the Rule by brighteyedjill
This just feels good
Rentboy in Red by janto321 (merindab)
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
A Brief History of House Calls by Regency
I don’t like to rec WIPs for secret reasons, but this is just too good to pass up. Vignettes of John’s life as an escort
I Don’t Buy It; It’s Not For Sale by BrighteyedJill
Not what I was expecting, but good none the less
Ilium by janto321
I’m not sure how this one missed the first round! Here’s a nice long one to fuel the burn

This campaign is pure brilliance!! Love it! 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, logistics company DHL pulled a clever prank on its competitors and had them advertise for the company for free. 

Titled ‘Trojan Mailing’, the prank involved large boxes that were painted with temperature-activated ink that turned black when exposed to sub-zero temperatures. 

DHL then hired its competitors like UPS and TNT to pick up these boxes to have them delivered to addresses that were difficult to find. Over time, the boxes eventually warmed up, revealing a hidden message on the front saying “DHL is faster”. 

The delivery person from the other companies had no choice but to deliver the ‘Trojan’ boxes, advertising the message to everyone who walked past them. 


We’ve gotten many asks about Andromeda and where you can find English subs of it or when/if we will be subbing it. Since each episode is over an hour long, Admin Y has decided that instead of subbing each episode in its entirety, she’ll sub cuts from each episode. Since it’ll be a waste for her to watch each episode, then have to go back and watch it again in order for her to find and sub cuts, we’ve decided to hire a temporary mod. 

This mod’s job will be to compile each Andromeda episode and watch them, while summarizing what happens throughout each episode (For example, 0:00-2:21 - Introduction, 5:43-12:41 - Game + *a short summary, if possible*). 

This will help us decide which cuts are worth subbing. The job will last until Andromeda comes to an end, again emphasizing that it’s temporary. 

Keep reading to know the requirements and how to apply.

We’ll appreciate everyone’s help in spreading the word by reblogging this post.

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