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So since your dick works, you have feeling in your legs, and you have some degree of movement down to your hips, is it possible that someday, with enough physical therapy, you'd be able to at least stand under your own power?

Not without some medical intervention. Those who’ve been following me since the beginning probably remember back when I was doing physically therapy all the damn time. There’s a point where your recovery plateaus and you just have accept it and move on. There was quite awhile where I just didn’t want to accept that my knees and ankles just weren’t going to come back. That was a hard pill to swallow.

However there is a lot of exciting researching going right now. There’s a really neat study at the University of Kentucky using sub-dermal implants that basically super charge your nerves. There’s also some cool stim cell stuff going on. Plus exoskeleton technology is progressing quickly. I cautiously hopeful that there will be something that’ll be able to get me on my feet again in the next five years. We’ll see.

Katniss,  Peeta and recovery process

I’ve been thinking recently about how different Katniss and Peeta’s recovery paths were after the City Circle bombing, even though they both suffered extreme PTSD, Peeta’s topped off with a nice amount of hijacking.

After the bombing, when Katniss’ wounds have healed enough, Dr. Aurelius (kinda) attempts therapy, but Katniss doesn’t communicate and he ends up sleeping in a chair. After she kills Coin, she get locked up in solitary confinement, with no therapy at all, no counseling, no support system. Just medicated and that’s it. Then she gets shipped to D12, which can only make her PTSD worse. Again, no therapy, nothing and probably no meds either (unless she had some slow release sub-dermal implant which released meds, or Sae fed her meds in the food, but both are unlikely).

After the bombing Peeta most likely gets therapy too when his burns have healed enough. I say most likely because there’s no text in the books that outright says this. But since he later says he needed to get clearance from Dr. Aurelius to go back to D12, that implies he did get therapy. And there’s no reason for us to believe that Katniss was treated after her burns healed and Peeta wasn’t. The difference between Peeta and Katniss is that Peeta’s therapy was not stopped by getting locked up. If he had therapy a few weeks before Snow’s execution and up until he went back to D12, that would mean he had a few months of therapy.

And look what difference having and not having therapy makes. When Peeta comes back to D12 he “lost the clouded look” in his eyes, while Katniss spent months wasting in a chair and looking at the fire. Only when she gets a boost of hope when Peeta comes back, does she call Dr. Aurelius and get phone therapy. Not the best kind of therapy, but better than nothing. You could also argue that even if Dr. Aurelius attempted therapy while Katniss was locked up, she wouldn’t have talked to him. But I think she would have eventually. I also don’t believe Peeta just jumped happily into therapy, especially not after the experimental therapy he got in D13 and getting strapped down to a bed a lot. So eventually, I think she would got a similar treatment for her PTSD as Peeta did for his if she didn’t get locked up and then sent home without any help for her PTSD.

Isn’t there a message SC wanted to make in this? Peeta, even though he had PTSD + the hijacking gets better with therapy, while Katniss who didn’t have her whole memories jumbled up, wastes away without therapy? Isn’t the way Katniss was treated similar to how a lot of veterans get treated after the come back from war? Getting no proper therapy, getting no counseling, just getting medicated and that’s it (at least that happens here a lot). For some who have been in a hospital or some psychiatric facility, coming back home is a tough process too, where often they have little or no therapy, no one that understands what they have been through and they have no one to talk to. Some go off their meds then and which makes it even worse. 

So I think that Suzanne Collins, who saw what PTSD looked like with her dad, wanted to show how important it is to get proper therapy for war veterans. That the solution is not just shipping them back home, maybe medicated and maybe not, but without therapy or support system. Having a proper support system is something that will make a difference for PTSD sufferers.

This is also why I really hope they didn’t cut Dr. Aurelius out of the movie. I don’t want them to show how Peeta miraculously suddenly appears in D12 all better. I want them to at least make a small montage showing Katniss wasting away and Peeta getting some therapy. I want them to show that Peeta gives her hope when he comes back, but I don’t want it to seem that he, all cured now, somehow makes all her problems go away. I want them to show Katniss getting phone counseling, I want them to show Katniss getting support from Dr. Aurelius on the idea of the Memory book, which helps her recovery. There is a message in all of this, and I hope the movie doesn’t ignore it.

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Are you permanently wheel chair bound?

I hope not. There’s some really exciting research going on with stim cells and sub-dermal implants that have been getting people with spinal cord injuries like mine walking again.