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Bowhead Whale (balena mysticetus)

20m long and 74 tons, bowhead whales live in subarctic to arctic waters and live the longest out of any mammal. They have been recorded to live up to 211 years of age. In fact, a bowhead whale was hunted in May 2007 off the coast of Alaska, they found a harpoon in it from new Bedford, Massachusetts from roughly 1890. Reproduction can begin between 10-15 years and continues until around 90 years. Bowheads also have the longest baleen recorded measuring 3m.

Han Solo’s Life After Meeting the SkyTwins

Han: Alright, Imma go pay off the crime boss that I owe money to because I like not having to look over my shoulder worried that I’ll get shot in the back.

Luke: I’m going to go on a suicide mission because its the Right Thing to Do.


Han:…Kriff, can’t let the kid get blasted to pieces. C’mon Chewie, lets go take on Darth Vader for him.

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Of Sleeves And Obsessions - snowbaz

heck wow im uploading? again?? jess r u ok??? yes i am thanks for the check up. it’s currently 12:04am here in nz and i am so tired but here!! it is!!!!! for @lifegoeson-wecarryon who wanted some simonxforearms action ;) ;) ;)

Genre: all fluff

No warnings.

Simon experiences some difficulty in carrying on when confronted by Baz in plaid.

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I was always partial to dogs, but there was nothing about him that was appealing, not a tinge of sympathy nor the telling curl of adoration in his face. I thought for a moment that it could be how light-less and lifeless his eye were, but realistically, I knew it was because I never intended to be sitting on my knees across from a Jackal-headed judge that I never even thought to worship. I’d forgotten more about Egyptian mythology than most tattooed twenty-somethings ever learned. Whiskey always seems to steal the wrong memories.

I sat before him, wishing I hadn’t been too lazy to shave, slightly embarrassed at the stubble covering cheek and chin. I knew what was coming, incapable of moving more than the muscles in my face, a slight corner kink turning my blank expression into a sad little smirk. I was more concerned with my shirt being ripped or my tattoo getting damaged than any sort of supernatural sentencing. Priorities. My breath caught, frozen in my chest as his hand took up residence. Every molecule of oxygen, every drop of blood solidified, the sub-arctic chill strangling me from the inside out. I shut my eyes tight. It hand to end soon.

And yet it carried on for what seemed an inconceivably long time. Surely eternity wouldn’t come before judgement had been passed. My eyelids slowly separated, pupils focusing on a face that now resembled a compassionate puppy dog than the stoic scavenger from before. Slowly his hand withdrew, bringing with it the comfort of a temperature change, the thawing of the breath ready to escape my lungs. He held out his palm, nearly empty except for a few small shreds of some muscle long removed.

“This is all?” he asked.

“Yeah…Well…” was all I could muster.


Heres my OC Jack, at age 17 and 28-ish, respectively. He went from a sub-arctic whaler to a traumatized mess of a war vet and military deserter living on an unregulated tropical island in the span of 10 short years.

Sounds like an interesting character! I like the way you’ve shown in his face that he’s aged! -Kyo

My “Autumn/Winter Nostalgia” playlist!!

So I know a lot of you are probably missing Autumn and Winter right about now at the start of Summer, and these are all of my songs that inspire feelings of those seasons! Enjoy!!

SONGS(In Alphabetical Order):

- English House by Fleet Foxes-

-Each Coming night by Iron and Wine-

-Fireside by the Arctic Monkeys-

- Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran -

- I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-

-In a Week by Hozier (Featuring Karen Cowley) -

-Naked as we Came by Iron and Wine-

- Outro by M83-

-Sun Giant by Fleet Foxes-

-Take Me to Church- Hozier-

-Warm Foothills by Alt J-

-White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes-


Edie :)

The Real World

Digital Devil Saga 2 really impressed me due to the plot twist between DDS and DDS2.

There are some hints where the events of five years ago as well as the events in DDS2 take place. I also pondered about how DDS is connected to the other titles of the MegaTen Universe:


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anonymous asked:

"You could have died!" With Harry?

Harry could barely breathe. He was so mad at you. You were too stubborn and he should have known the second he said don’t do it, you were going to do it. It was his own fault. He pissed you off and now you were out in the middle of a snowstorm.

He paced in front of the couch. He couldn’t call you because he would kill you if you answered the phone while driving in the snow. Every second you were gone longer the more Harry thought something happened to you.

His heart was so loud in his ears he was sure anyone walking in the door could hear it without a stethoscope. Harry hadn’t had an asthma attack in almost five years but he was pretty sure he was about to have one strictly from hyperventilating.

Oxygen was not enough he felt weak and lonely. “I’m so sorry. So sorry,” he whispered to no one but himself.

The second the door opened, his heart just about popped. He truly thought he was going to have a heart attack. He was so relieved, but he also felt like he was going to collapse anyway from worrying.

You shook the snow out of your hair, it was starting to become stringy from the moisture. His chest throbbed as he saw your slender figure shiver from the cold, kick off your boots and shrug out of your jacket.

You turned to look at him and smiled sweetly, iced coffee in hand.

He could have killed you for making him worry so badly.

But he had no one to blame but himself. He was essentially glowering at you as you simply smirked. “Hi,” you said sweetly, teasingly. As if to say, “Haha, I did what you said I couldn’t and I got iced coffee in sub-arctic temperatures.”

Somehow that set him over the edge and he burst into tears.

That’s not what the reaction you were expecting.

Quickly you set your coffee and purse down. Harry was on the floor his hands covering his face as he sniveled and moaned. Carefully, you cupped his face and frowned sadly, pulling the fragile boy toward you. His sobs were so loud and noisy and you thought he was going to run out of air. Harry felt that was a viable option. “I was so scared,” he cried and he hid in your neck. His voice was so scratched and weak. “I’m so sorry,” he whimpered.

“What’s the matter, baby?” You asked and pushed his hair back and you felt your own tears filling your eyes. “You’re gonna make me cry,” you frowned and rubbed your thumbs against his cheeks. “Hey, it’s okay, baby,” you whispered you said gently rocking him.

“No its not,” he shook his head. “No, it’s not…I shouldn’t have let you leave,” he gasped. You shook your head.

“Stop, stop, stop,” you said quickly as he panted erratically. “Shh, baby,” you whispered. “I have you, it’s okay,” you crooned. “I’m right here and I’m okay.”

“You could’ve died,” he croaked.

“No, baby, no,” you kissed his forehead and rubbed his back. The two of you huddled in the middle of the foyer seemed so silly but the poor thing was losing it. “M’right here.”

“You can’t die,” he said. He pulled away, calmed down enough to stare longingly into your eyes. You swore he’d never looked at you so deeply before in your life. “I know I sound insane, but I—”

“Shh,” you hushed and rested your head on his heart and listened as the erratic rhythm slowed. “I shouldn’t have left. That was really stupid. I was being stubborn and stupid,” you admitted.

Harry was so relieved and he was finally putting it together that you were safe and sound and right there in his arms. “I love you so much, kitten. You can’t leave me. Ever, okay?”

“You got it, baby boy,” you promised.

“Were you okay?” He asked.

“It was pretty scary,” you said quietly. “Half the reason it took me so long is I had to drive so slow,” you whispered.

He sighed. “Please don’t listen to me be stupid ever again,” he begged.

“I love you, Harry,” you said quietly. “So much. You didn’t do anything and it’s okay, I’m sorry I worried you. I’m sorry I’m pigheaded and left in the middle of the snow storm to get coffee and snacks.”

He shook his head curling up to you. You sighed happily in his arms and he seemed to be content with how he felt now that you were safe. And you it did help. “You do have snacks?” He asked tentatively.

“Only the best for my best guy,” you said cutely and pecked his cheek. Somehow that made Harry blush and though you noted his eyes were still red from crying and his cheeks a little puffy, he was still the cutest thing in the world. “How about some hot chocolate, some food, a movie and some cuddles?” You asked and cocked your head to the side as you placed a hand on your hip to look at him as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen.

“Best girl,” he murmured quietly and strutted the short distance to you smothering your mouth with his.


We’re not ready for fall. Okay?

We know it’s already started but we just really, really aren’t into it. Fall means that winter is around the corner and last winter was too cold, too long, too much. We can’t trust those cozy sweaters and pumpkin-everythings because we know what’s next: cold toes, icy roads, and general sub-arctic misery. So we’re hanging on to summer with all we’ve got.

Unfortunately, there are only like two vegetables left in our kitchen. Chicago’s growing season just isn’t long enough to keep us in produce to maintain our seasonal denial. But when produce is scarce, dishes like succotash really shine.

Sort of a salad, sort of a stir fry, succotash is a modest pile of beans, corn, and aromatics served gently warmed. Instead of focusing on one star, peak of season piece of produce (or being an exercise in vegetal excess like a mid-summer salad), this dish perfectly balances almost-out-of-season vegetables, bringing out their best with a hit of vinegar and smoky bacon fat.  Perfectly toe-ing the line between summer freshness and winter cozy, serve it as nutrient-dense side (maybe for Thanksgiving? or protein-laden lunch and make the transition to cold weather a little more tenable.


  • 1 cup fresh or frozen Shell Beans– like Cranberry, Lima, or, in our case, Fava beans
  • 1 tbsp Bacon Fat– critical for the hit of salty smoke, but if you don’t do pork: use your fave fat plus a smidge of Paprika to compensate for the lost flavor. Butter’s best and olive oil works.
  • 1 baseball-sized Yellow Onion, diced
  • 1 Red Pepper, diced
  • 4-6 ears of Corn, fresh (and shaved from the ear) is best but frozen is OK.
  • 1 ½ tsp Apple Cider or Balsamic Vinegar
  • Parsley, Black Pepper, and Salt to taste

Shell and blanch your Beans for 10-15 minutes in salted, boiling water. If you’re using favas, pop off the leathery membrane. Shock in cold water to keep them from going mushy.

Heat the Bacon Fat (or whatever) in a cast iron skillet over medium-low heat. Cook the Onion until translucent and soft. Turn the burner to a medium-high flame, add the Red Pepper, Corn, and Beans (well-drained of the cold water, duh). Let cook– stirring often– for 2-3 minutes, until all of the veggies are hot. Finish with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper to taste. Toss with Parsley and serve while warm.