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Name: Carmen
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hey there! I’m an Italian girl who loves to send and to receive letters from anyone. I feel like a child under the Christmas tree when I discover that the mail box isn’t empty!
Anyway, I’m studying languages (English, French and German) in the Italian equivalent of highschool and I speak Spanish too, since I was raised by a Spanish mother. Here are some things that I like, in no particular order:
carrots and carrot cakes,
Learning random languages,
Scottish accent,
Arctic monkeys,
Eating foreign candy,
red wine,
Doctor Who
And many other things that I won’t write, otherwise the post would be extremely long.
I’m an ISTP t if that really matters to you and a Sagittarius. I hope I can tell you something else about myself in a letter!
I’m looking for confident friendships and people who care. I don’t care where you’re from even if countries near to mine are preferred, for shipping costs and stuff. But really, I don’t care.
So, if you’re interested, here am I!

Preferences: 15-19


Bowhead Whale (balena mysticetus)

20m long and 74 tons, bowhead whales live in subarctic to arctic waters and live the longest out of any mammal. They have been recorded to live up to 211 years of age. In fact, a bowhead whale was hunted in May 2007 off the coast of Alaska, they found a harpoon in it from new Bedford, Massachusetts from roughly 1890. Reproduction can begin between 10-15 years and continues until around 90 years. Bowheads also have the longest baleen recorded measuring 3m.

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Name: Ella
Age: 16
Country: UK

I’m in my first year of sixth form (I don’t know any other country equivalents sorry). I guess I’ll just lost as many interests as I can think of and then if you’ve got any in common or just think you’d like to talk to me then hit me up.
I’m really into music and play cello, piano, and bass. Off the top of my head musicians that I like include The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, Bulletproof Bomb, Jamie T, any other mod bands like the Jam.
I’m also really interested in anything maths and science, and I’m taking maths, further maths, chemistry and physics for my A levels.
I have two dogs and a cat and I love them.
TV wise, I like The Mighty Boosh, Black Mirror, Hannibal, Big Mouth, Rick and Morty, and of course Doctor Who. (Probably more I can’t think of also lol)
I like reading, most recently I read The year of the flood (would recommend it’s the second book in the Madaddam trilogy) and I love Harry Potter, Tess of the Durbervilles, Gatsby, Sherlock Holmes and others.
So yeah message me if you think we have anything in common.

Preferences: 15-19. Don’t care about anything else (I’m gay so gotta be cool with that obviously)

Han Solo’s Life After Meeting the SkyTwins

Han: Alright, Imma go pay off the crime boss that I owe money to because I like not having to look over my shoulder worried that I’ll get shot in the back.

Luke: I’m going to go on a suicide mission because its the Right Thing to Do.


Han:…Kriff, can’t let the kid get blasted to pieces. C’mon Chewie, lets go take on Darth Vader for him.

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Litang - Tibet

At an elevation of 4,012m above sea level, Litang is one of the highest cities in the world. The town sits on the edge of a grassy valley. Many people who live in the surrounding area are yak herders. The 7th Dalai Lama, 10th Dalai Lama, and 11th Dalai Lama were born here.  The climate is alpine sub-arctic, with an average temperature of 10.6 °C in July, and -5°C in January. Visitors can hike the mountains nearby, visit the local monastery, or relax in the natural hot springs just outside of town. 

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Name: Tara
Age: 19
Country: Indonesia

Hello! I’ve submitted a post on here before, but I think I might give this another shot. My name is Tara, 19 years old, and I live in Bali. I’m currently in university studying IT Engineering. I guess I can classify myself as an introvert, but I am always open with meeting new people and talking about a lot of stuff. I am an open-minded person, so don’t be shy to talk to me about literally any topic. I can speak both English and Indonesian.

I enjoy listening to music, reading, and watching movies/tv series a lot. Some of the musicians/bands I like are Arctic Monkeys, The xx, Tame Impala, The 1975, Lana Del Rey, Flume, and a lot more. My favorite tv series are Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and Stranger Things. Currently I’m still learning few programming languages, so if you’re into programming that would be really cool!

I also really want to get to know people from different country because I like learning about other cultures. Also I prefer talking online (via email, tumblr, instagram or any social media) because I find it easier ☺️

Preferences: Around 17-25, any gender and sexuality is fine as long as you’re not racist.

Of Sleeves And Obsessions - snowbaz

heck wow im uploading? again?? jess r u ok??? yes i am thanks for the check up. it’s currently 12:04am here in nz and i am so tired but here!! it is!!!!! for @lifegoeson-wecarryon who wanted some simonxforearms action ;) ;) ;)

Genre: all fluff

No warnings.

Simon experiences some difficulty in carrying on when confronted by Baz in plaid.

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Name: Nikhat
Age: 17
Country: India

Hey guys! Honestly the idea of pen pal has always interested me but I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to go through with it. I would love to get to know someone from a completely different country and culture just to learn more. I was born in and spent half my life in Dubai, UAE. I, later, moved to India. I am originally Indian. Well I have interesting story attached to that as well :)

I love music. It takes up a big part of my time. Some fav musicians are Arctic Monkeys, G eazy, The Neighborhood, The 1975 as well as a little bit of Bieber. My hobbies are singing, cycling, travelling, listening to music, watching a ton of tv shows and movies. I’m a big movie buff. Coming back to travelling- I love travelling and I travel pretty often. Last year I was able to go hiking in Himalayas and live in tents and stuff and it was pretty much the best experience of my life.

I’m a super open minded person. I don’t have a religion. I can’t decide whether I’m agnostic or atheist. I have quite an obsession with astrology too. I have an great understanding of Christianity, Islam Hinduism so feel free to start discussions and debates. Other than that I also love nature and the universe and all that jazz makes me really happy.
*Also my IQ is 132 (self promo 😂)

I’m excited to find some amazing people! x

Preferences: Age: 15 to 19
Gender: No preference
Country: Preferably other than India

It’s a Start Part 2

Summary: Tony needs to attend to some business at the Avengers Compound in upstate New York. Taking advantage of the forests and dark skies, you recruit Bucky and Loki to be chaperones on a camping trip so you can look at the stars in the sky.

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Loki

Warnings: cursing

A/N: Here’s a continuation of It’s a Start! I might do more of these, but I don’t plan on really fleshing out a huge storyline. Feel free to send me ideas for these characters! As always, thanks for reading!

It’s a Start Part 1

One Shot Masterlist

There was something really cerebral about a black sky dotted with hundreds of thousands of small stars. The air was calm and cool, and the only light came from your campsite fire a few yards away. Crickets chirped in the nearby woods, and you saw the occasional bat flutter from tree to tree.

Tony and the crew needed to spend two weeks in the Avengers Compound in upstate New York, so you found yourself on an unannounced vacation.

It had been your idea for a campout. Jupiter and Saturn were visible in the sky, and if you managed to stay awake long enough for sunrise, you would be able to see Venus too. You had brought Tony’s telescope with you, and you recruited two chaperones to come with.

Bucky said yes right away. He was a huge space nerd and was excited to see the planets up close. Loki had been a bit harder to convince, but after countless days of begging and pleading from you, he finally relented. He determined that you and Bucky needed someone with “extreme intelligence” to help set up a tent and the telescope. You couldn’t help but giggle at that one considering you were pretty sure Loki had never seen a tent before.

Tony had taken much more convincing to let Loki out of the compound.

The atmosphere amongst the three men had gone from sub-arctic to global warming glacial since Tony’s epic blowout. He had been making good on his promise to try to come to neutral ground with Loki and Bucky. You had heard him exchange (very) small pleasantries at the dinner table, and Loki had quit annoying Tony on purpose.

Tony installed an extra tracking device on Loki’s power-subduing band, and he made you carry an emergency button in case there was any funny business. You had deemed your brother’s terms reasonable and left to go camping the next afternoon.

Watching Loki try and set up a tent was absolutely hilarious. You and Bucky let him struggle with the poles and fabric before you finally put him out of his misery. Bucky had put up numerous tents during his time in the war, and yours was up in no time. It had a main sleeping area and three small pods attached to it so you each had your own “room”. You couldn’t care less about the tent, though. You were really out there for the night sky.

Jupiter had been easy to spot during dusk. While it was an interesting planet to both you and Bucky, you were both really excited to see Saturn. A few clouds threatened your perfect view, but once they had cleared, you had gotten to work trying to find the ringed planet.

“I think I see it!” you exclaimed, squinting your eye on the telescope lens. You fiddled with the focus knob and hopped up and down. “There it is!”

The great planet filled your entire telescope, and you gasped every time you saw part of its rings. Bucky had to pry you away so he could get a look for himself. He was just as excited as you to see Saturn up close. He handled the telescope with delicate precision, and you admired his seriousness as he ooed and aahed over the planet.

“Wanna check it out?” he asked Loki.

Loki peeked up from his lounging spot on the grass. “No,” he replied simply, but you weren’t about to let him off that easily. You hopped over and yanked him up by the arm before dragging him over to the telescope. He sighed dramatically and looked into the lens. “Very nice,” he said, completely unimpressed.

You shoved his shoulder. “Butt head,” you muttered. A small gust of wind caused you to shiver involuntarily, and you wrapped your arms around your chest. Loki noticed the gesture and brought you one of the sweatshirts Bucky had insisted on packing. “Thanks,” you said, giving him a smile. “You know, you really need to balance out the whole asshole-nice guy thing.”

“Language,” Loki and Bucky said simultaneously. You stuck your tongue out in response before sitting back on the ground.

“Can you see Asgard from here?” you asked, staring up at the sky. More clouds rolled in, and you thought you heard thunder in the distance.

“Asgard is in another dimension,” Loki replied. “You can’t see it with a mortal’s telescope.” His eyes fell, and you detected a tiny hint of sadness in his voice.

“Do you miss it?” you asked softly.

Loki merely shrugged in response before sitting down next to you. “Sometimes,” he finally said. You laid your head against his shoulder, and he kissed the top of it in response to your comforting gesture.

Bucky sighed and stepped back from the telescope. “Too many clouds now,” he grumbled. “Maybe we’ll be able to see Venus by sunrise.”

You nodded and tried to suppress a huge yawn. All-nighters were never your thing, and you were succumbing to sleepiness at the late hour.

“Someone appears to be tired,” Loki taunted.

You yawned again as your eyes drooped. “Am not,” you mumbled. Loki chuckled and lifted you off the ground to carry you back to the campsite. Bucky followed after you with the telescope. You felt a few pricks of rain against the bare skin on your legs, and you looked up into the sky nervously. All of the stars had been blotted out by darker, ominous clouds, and you definitely heard thunder in the background. The rain picked up, and the three of you managed to get inside the tent just as the skies opened up in a torrential downpour.

The pitter-patter of the rain sounded melodic as it bounced off the fabric of the tent. It contributed to your tiredness even more, and by this point, you could barely keep your eyes open. Loki carefully laid you down in your section of the tent before retreating into his own.  You scooted into your sleeping bag, and just as you were about to fall asleep, a thought crossed your mind.

“Bucky?” you called. “What would you have wanted to do if you hadn’t gone to the army?”

Bucky paused. Out of all of the random questions you had ever asked him, this was definitely the most difficult to answer.

“Ummm…” He trailed off, trying to think. What would he have wanted to do? He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Something with science,” he finally answered. “If I had my choice, it would have been something with science.”

“I think you’d make a great scientist,” you mumbled, pulling the sleeping bag up to your chin. “How about you Loki? Do they have jobs on Asgard?”

Loki chuckled. “Of course they do.” He laid down and zipped up his own sleeping bag. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the rain continued to fall against the tent. The rhythmic noise was enough to begin to lull Loki to sleep. “I think…I think I would like to do something with books,” he finally whispered. “Perhaps teach, even.”

You hummed in acknowledgement before finally falling asleep. Bucky stared at the roof of the tent and considered Loki’s confession.

“You’d be good at it,” he said. “Teaching, I mean. You’re really smart.”

“I know,” Loki replied, a cheeky grin on his face.

Bucky threw an extra pillow at Loki, but there was no malice behind it. “Can’t you just say thank you?” Without waiting for an answer, he zipped himself in his own sleeping bag. Soon, his breathing evened out as he slept.

Loki closed his own eyes and allowed the sound of the rain lull him to sleep.

You groaned as someone shook your shoulder. You reached out of the warm confines of your sleeping bag to punch them, only for your hand to meet the cold metal of Bucky’s arm.

“Argh!” you groaned, waving your hand in the air. “Bucky!”

He laughed and unzipped the rest of your sleeping bag as you whined in protest. “We’re going to miss Venus,” he said, pulling you up to a sitting position. “C’mon.”

You complained a bit more before finally complying. Loki sat in the center of the tent with disheveled hair and a distasteful expression on his face.

“I hate you,” he muttered to Bucky, rubbing his tired eyes. “You could have easily taken her without disturbing my rest.”

Bucky ignored him and opened the main tent flap letting in the cool morning air. “Let’s go,” he commanded. You and Loki both shot him evil glares as you trudged outside the tent.

The sky was still dark, but the faint sunlight on the horizon cast a purplish-orange glow across the damp grass. The rain had cleared away all of the clouds, and you could clearly see the moon setting in the morning light. Bucky set up the telescope, and the grass squished under the weight of it. After a few adjustments and checks, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Check it out,” he encouraged, pulling you towards the lens.

You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and leaned down to get a closer look at the planet. You gasped when it came into view. It was tilted on its side, but you could clearly make out the alternating white and reddish lines on the surface. A faint rainbow halo encircled the edges of the planet, making it look even more mysterious and wonderful.

“Wow,” you breathed, taking a step back. You gave Bucky a huge smile. “That’s so cool!”

Loki couldn’t deny that he was intrigued. After all, he had been rudely awakened at some god-awful hour. It was only fair that he glimpsed the planet too.

“May I?” he asked, stepping forward. You moved aside so he could get a better look. He held back a smile at the tininess of the planet. He had seen more greatness from his own home dimension, but he couldn’t deny the happiness etched on your face.

He would never admit this aloud, but he was glad you had an enjoyable experience with the campout. After all you had done for him and Bucky, he would have spent an eternity searching the sky for wonders for you to see.

“Do you know any facts about Venus?” you asked Bucky.

Bucky’s face was overtaken with a grin. “Do I?” he asked. “Absolutely! Venus is actually the second brightest object in the sky besides the moon. It’s name comes from the goddess…”

You smiled and stared admirably at Bucky and Loki, thinking about how far your relationship with them had come in a few short weeks. As you listened to Bucky’s facts, you wrapped your arms around each of their waists and pulled them close so you could all watch the sunrise together.

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Name: Eva
Age: 16
Country: Germany

heyy im Eva, 16 from germany
beware I’m weird I’m obsessed with bands like the 1975; arctic monkeys; 5sos; green day; etc anything indie/alternative…i love sherlock; doctor who; stranger things; etc.
I can speak german english and spanish (only learned spanish in school so its not too good) i love travelling, learning about new languages and cultures..
I’d love to get to know new people with different backrounds
I’d love to hear from you

Preferences: 15-20, just be nice please


I was always partial to dogs, but there was nothing about him that was appealing, not a tinge of sympathy nor the telling curl of adoration in his face. I thought for a moment that it could be how light-less and lifeless his eye were, but realistically, I knew it was because I never intended to be sitting on my knees across from a Jackal-headed judge that I never even thought to worship. I’d forgotten more about Egyptian mythology than most tattooed twenty-somethings ever learned. Whiskey always seems to steal the wrong memories.

I sat before him, wishing I hadn’t been too lazy to shave, slightly embarrassed at the stubble covering cheek and chin. I knew what was coming, incapable of moving more than the muscles in my face, a slight corner kink turning my blank expression into a sad little smirk. I was more concerned with my shirt being ripped or my tattoo getting damaged than any sort of supernatural sentencing. Priorities. My breath caught, frozen in my chest as his hand took up residence. Every molecule of oxygen, every drop of blood solidified, the sub-arctic chill strangling me from the inside out. I shut my eyes tight. It hand to end soon.

And yet it carried on for what seemed an inconceivably long time. Surely eternity wouldn’t come before judgement had been passed. My eyelids slowly separated, pupils focusing on a face that now resembled a compassionate puppy dog than the stoic scavenger from before. Slowly his hand withdrew, bringing with it the comfort of a temperature change, the thawing of the breath ready to escape my lungs. He held out his palm, nearly empty except for a few small shreds of some muscle long removed.

“This is all?” he asked.

“Yeah…Well…” was all I could muster.

My “Autumn/Winter Nostalgia” playlist!!

So I know a lot of you are probably missing Autumn and Winter right about now at the start of Summer, and these are all of my songs that inspire feelings of those seasons! Enjoy!!

SONGS(In Alphabetical Order):

- English House by Fleet Foxes-

-Each Coming night by Iron and Wine-

-Fireside by the Arctic Monkeys-

- Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran -

- I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-

-In a Week by Hozier (Featuring Karen Cowley) -

-Naked as we Came by Iron and Wine-

- Outro by M83-

-Sun Giant by Fleet Foxes-

-Take Me to Church- Hozier-

-Warm Foothills by Alt J-

-White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes-


Edie :)