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3 Years of Sam and Colby [Nov. 13, 2014 - Nov. 13, 2017]

Congratulations to Sam and Colby for not only officially making it three years on YouTube, but for also surpassing one million subscribers on November 7th! Here’s to another year of exploring, traveling around the world, and making over a million people laugh. Another year of taking chances, and living beyond the norm. Sam and Colby versus the world. (@colbybrock)

u-know-yunhos  asked:

Your favourite homin variety shows/interviews/documentaries?? Haven't watched much and I don't know where to start. Love your blog!:*

Hi~~ ^_^ Thank you so much for your nice words and dropping by ^_^

When it comes to Toho shows…there’s a lot, but i tried to make a list with a few I like and appreciate the most :) I’ve tried to find links with eng subs, but couldn’t for some, so I’m sorry ;;3;;


- Sanma no manma 2014

- Music Dragon 2014 [x]

- King’s Brunch - 2013 and 2015 - forever my fave❤️

- Lion no gokigenyou 2015

- Sukkiri 2013, 2014 [part2]

- Beatles Code 2014

- The Ultimate Group 2014


- KBS DO Dream

- We Are T - First and Second Memories

- Catch Me Production Note

- All Bigeast DVDs :) [winter 2015 here] - always so precious❤️

- TVXQ Documentary 2015

there are of course also dvd documentaries after every tour/PV shooting…but i think these things above are a pretty good start and this is already too many hours of footage to watch XD

I hope I could help ^_^