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u-know-yunhos  asked:

Your favourite homin variety shows/interviews/documentaries?? Haven't watched much and I don't know where to start. Love your blog!:*

Hi~~ ^_^ Thank you so much for your nice words and dropping by ^_^

When it comes to Toho shows…there’s a lot, but i tried to make a list with a few I like and appreciate the most :) I’ve tried to find links with eng subs, but couldn’t for some, so I’m sorry ;;3;;


- Sanma no manma 2014

- Music Dragon 2014 [x]

- King’s Brunch - 2013 and 2015 - forever my fave❤️

- Lion no gokigenyou 2015

- Sukkiri 2013, 2014 [part2]

- Beatles Code 2014

- The Ultimate Group 2014


- KBS DO Dream

- We Are T - First and Second Memories

- Catch Me Production Note

- All Bigeast DVDs :) [winter 2015 here] - always so precious❤️

- TVXQ Documentary 2015

there are of course also dvd documentaries after every tour/PV shooting…but i think these things above are a pretty good start and this is already too many hours of footage to watch XD

I hope I could help ^_^