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Indy Mini W18D5 - easy 3 LAST TRAINING RUN!!

Got up early to get this last lil run done! I was really hoping the sun would be up enough so I wouldn’t be running in the dark, and luckily I was right! I had my head light on for not even the first mile and then it was light enough. Last time I ran in the dark I was so spooked, so I’m glad it was light out for these miles :)

But this run felt good!! I’m still feeling very relaxed and excited for tomorrow! I know I’ve put in the work, so I’m excited to see what kind of results I can get. My mom is driving down to me this afternoon and then when I’m off of work we are heading down to Indy!!

The weather still looks like poo, but at least I know I’ve trained in this weather all year, so I’m ready for it!

Happy Friday!!

October Goals and a Reintroduction

Hello all, like I said in my post last night I have been having a difficult time with all of my healthy habits such as my eating, but here we are in October! It is a fresh start!

In case there’s anyone else that just joining me here, my name is Robin, recently turned 30, and finally finished celebrating it. I’ve run 7 5ks, 1 8k, 7 10ks, 3 half marathons and 1 marathon all since November 2013. In January 2014 I started my fitness and weight loss journey in its current version. I had lost weight in high school and gained it back in college, to a high of 210 pounds. I’ve lost 60 pounds, and kept it off for nearly 2 years now.

Now a days, I’m working now on keeping my weight in check so that I can race the way I want to! My goal right now is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon in November and I plan on spending 2018 training for my next marathon, as I am still chasing the sub 5 hour goal I set for my first marathon this year.

My goals for October are:
1. Keep up with training plan
2. Stretch after each run and foam roll daily
3. 20 weighted squats, 10 weighted lunges, 15 push ups, 45 second plank daily
4. Track eating 100% and no extra snacks at work
5. 7 and a half hours of sleep minimum

I’m thinking of having a nice treat day on Halloween of the month goes well!


Yesterday was a bad eating day. There were pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I had a tough time staying out of them. I also had an extra piece of pizza and a beer. Not a good result on the scale this morning, but I am being honest and accountable.

I ran 3 miles at half marathon pace and it felt really really good. I’m not sure if I’ll hit the sub 2 hour half marathon goal next Sunday, but I have really been trying with my training!


Where have I been?

Everywhere but here apparently. This week I apparently was scheduled all week to drive the struggle bus, which I really wasn’t planning on doing.

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As I told my friend today, I was able to keep up with my half marathon training schedule, which is VERY important, and I’ve hit my water goal everyday, but that is it really. I really didn’t track my eating, I didn’t even really try to keep my eating at reasonable levels. I haven’t weighed in, I really just took the week off from giving a damn.

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(this gif is literally me. I am Regina George IRL, I swear)

But at the same time, I do realize that I’m needing to get things reined back in before my races. I added another half marathon in November and I’m treating that as my A Race, where I’m really going to be shooting for my sub 2 hour half marathon finish. I also decided I want to run this half marathon because if I decide next year that I’m gonna do another full marathon, this would be the race I’d do it at.

Also I’m 99% sure I’m doing another god damn piece of shit marathon. Because who the fuck lets me make decisions?

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No, it will be fine. I’m gonna take the whole year to build up and prep for it, instead of doing a spring race, so it will be fine. But yea, my remaining races for this fall are:

  1. Haunted Hustle 5k on 10/21
  2. Haunted Hustle Half Marathon on 10/22
  3. Madison Half Marathon on 11/12

Three more races to go in 2017, and less than 100 miles until I hit my 1000 mile goal for the year, which I was worried I wouldn’t hit, but doing my summer run streak really helped!

So… what are my goals for October? Good question me asking myself questions in the form of a conversational blog post! I’m not sure. I honestly think best when I have a pad of paper and a pen and I can write things down. I want to keep up with my training plan, keep my eating correct so I don’t feel crappy and weighted down, keep my sleeping on track, and just aiming for well rounded healthy behaviors. Once I get things set in stone a little more, I’ll post my goals. But for now, I think I have some pizza leftover.


Let’s post about something positive, yes?

I’ve thought a lot about running goals and there is on main one I really want: I want to get faster. I want to push myself even more than I have. I know I have it in me, I’m just afraid. I’m afraid if I try I’ll fail. But I know I have to try.

So to help me reach that goal, I have something exciting planned for May: I signed up for the Indy Mini! My mom and I are both going to run it :) I want to step back from the full marathon distance and really work on my speed. And I think this will be a really great race for that. My ultimate 2016 goals are to work on speed in shorter races for the spring, then translate that work to another full in the fall.

My goal for this half marathon is: sub 2:00. I’m using the Hansons Half Marathon Method to help me reach that goal.

This feels like a lofty goal for me, but I believe I have it in me. I’m stronger than I think. Moving forward into this year, I want that to be a theme: I’m stronger than I think.

SO, with all of that said, today officially marks W1D4 (hansons why must you not start on a Monday?!). Today’s run was an easy 3

Target pace: 10:15-11:00
Actual pace: 10:36

These miles felt good! It was unseasonably warm today with highs in the 40s, so I was excited to get out after work. My mom got me a headlight for Christmas, so I wanted to try it out tonight. I could definitely tell drivers saw me easier! And I could see easier once it got darker. I’m very happy I have a light now :)

Okay, I think that’s enough blabbing for this post. Thanks if you read all of it :)

PS Winston says hi! :)

Marine Corps Marathon - 10/26/2014


My alarm went off at 3:45 AM, did my pre-race routine, and was out of my house by 5:15 AM. The metro train left at 5:30 and I didn’t get to the Pentagon until around 6:40. There was a long walk to the Runner’s Village, where we had to go through metal detectors first.

After going through security, my first (and second) stop was the port-a-potties. Following this, I dropped my bag at the UPS truck and headed to the start line.

Parachuters at the start!

And V-22 Ospreys! So cool!

Then, the howitzer went off at 7:55 AM and we were off.

The Race

Miles 1-3: The start was crowded and the first 2.5 miles were uphill. Thankfully, this kept me in check and kept me from going out too fast at the beginning.

Miles 3-6: Awesome crowds at the Key Bridge and Georgetown helped me to pick up the pace.

Mile 6-13.1: I hit the 10K mark at 8:57/mile and was able to keep a good pace under 9:00/mile through the halfway point, even with some slight pain in the ball of my left foot. When I got to the turnaround between miles 7 and 8, I noticed that the 4:00 pace group was actually behind me, which was pretty cool. (I taped a 3:45 pace band and a 4:00 pace band together, hoping to have my splits somewhere between those two paces.) I hit the halfway point in under 2 hours (1:56:16), which gave me confidence that I could finish in under 4 hours. (The runner tracking had me finishing in 3:52:31, which would have been amazing.)

Miles 13.1-19: This is where the wheels started falling off. The east side of Hains Point was boring and fatigue was starting to set in. However, I was still able to keep my pace under 9:09/mile (which was needed overall for sub-4:00). Also, I saw cupcakeconditioning near the Tidal Basin and Lorelie, katebikerun, and Matt near the Washington Monument!

Miles 19-26: The Wall hit. I had my first walk of the race along the water stop by the mile 19 marker. I saw Kate and Matt again at the Mall, then Lorelie by the Holocaust Museum. By the second time I saw their lovely faces, I wasn’t feeling all too great.

There’s me between miles 19 and 20, not having the greatest time anymore.

After the 20 mile marker, that’s when the calf cramps started. I stopped to stretch my left calf a few times and drank more Nuun, hoping that it would alleviate it. Meh, not so much. More walking was done on the 14th Street Bridge and in Crystal City. By the time we got into Crystal City, I was ready for it to be over. The 4:00 pace group passed me and I tried to keep up, but my legs refused. More walking was done when we passed the Runner’s Village again. When I wasn’t walking, I was sort of shuffling my feet along as fast as they’d let me, remembering to just put one foot in front of the other. My slower pace did allow me to look around at the crowd between mile markers 25 and 26, and I got to say “Hey, Bart!” to Bart Yasso, who was on the sidelines, so that was kind of exciting.

Mile 26-26.2: That hill leading up to the Marine Corps Memorial. Ugh, that hill. When we first passed it in the beginning of the race, it actually didn’t look that bad. But, when you had just run 26 miles, it felt much steeper than it actually was. I shuffled myself almost to the last turn to the finish until I had to stop because now, I was getting calf cramps in both legs. The massive crowd to my left and the Marine in front of me were cheering for me to finish, but my calves weren’t having it at all. I stretched my legs for what seemed like a minute before I continued my shuffle to the finish. 

Here are the splits from the Marine Corps Marathon website:

I was doing SO well for that first 25-30 km. I wasn’t always feeling the greatest, but I was on target. However, the lack of training in the last month definitely showed during the last part of the race.


I crossed the finish and slowly walked to the Marines who were handing out the medals. I got one put around my neck and was saluted, then thanked the Marine for his service. After a quick photo at the Marine Corps Memorial, I grabbed a water bottle and sat in the grass for a few minutes. My legs were dead and all I wanted to do was pass out. But, since Lorelie was waiting for me, I decided that probably wasn’t a good idea. After sitting on the ground in two more spots to catch my breath and rest my weary legs, we met up and went to the Brooks Finishers tent, where she graciously bought me two finisher shirts and a hat, even though I wanted only one shirt (the long sleeve). After picking up my bag and relaxing a little bit, we headed to Rockville and had a post-marathon meal at Silver Diner.

The Future

The 4:08:06 I finished with at the Marine Corps Memorial beats my 4:18:07 at the Baltimore Marathon by 10 minutes. A PR by 10 minutes is great, but my heart was pretty set on a sub-4:00 for MCM. It looks like the sub-4:00 marathon will continue to elude me. (Though, I must remember that it took me four tries to reach the sub-2:00 half marathon…)

With that, however, I will announce that I am done with the 26.2 mile distance for a very long time and will use the foreseeable future to work on speed in shorter distances (5K-13.1 mile). My thoughts were in a very negative area when I was struggling to finish and I had no desire to do another marathon ever again. But, I wouldn’t count out the idea of maybe returning to the marathon a few (or many) years down the road. For now, though, when it comes down to speed vs distance, I would rather choose shorter races that I can run harder at. So, hopefully, next year, I can knock out some PRs in the 5K, 10K, 10 miler, and half marathon.

Thanks to Lorelie, Kate, Erica, and Matt (and the hundreds of marines and thousands of spectators) for cheering me on! Though it wasn’t the most fun, it was a truly memorable experience and something I’ll always appreciate.