Also Martin THANK for handling the “hurf durf did u see the sexy fanarts how about those crazy fans” question with absolute suavity and lightness and grace, please hold workshops for your colleagues

Thinking back, there were so many red flags warning me to stay away from you yet something about you, whether it was your suavity, your deep brown eyes, your smirks, something just kept me within your fingertips. I was enamored by you and even now I am still trapped between the memories we made together. Sometimes I wonder whether you miss me or regret those words you spoke to me that night. I hope you do, because it is finally time for you to start missing me. After all, I just lost someone who didn’t care about me while you lost someone that loved you.
—  annoymous 2016
sick of being just friends ◇

pairing: mark tuan & you

genre: requested | bias wrecker | he is so adorable | so precious | wrote this in library ;-; | fluff | seatmate!mark

credit: look at him 

being your best friend is not enough for him;

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This was the loveliest Benson’s episode ever. I mean, I’ve never seen him look so adorable and sweet like he was with Applesauce. Although he’s bad-tempered, negative and has a lot of anger issues, he demonstrated his suavity and his love by doing the cutest faces and talks ever, and looking so chill and happy. And  I’m really  proud of him. I hope he’s will be able to show all the love he has in the inside in other episodes like this.  <3

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“Tom Felton Behind the Scenes for Fault Magazine”

Tom, why are you so sexy? Seriously, this is a man who always looks good and approachable. He’s got class, ruggedness, suavity (yes, it’s a word, I looked it up), and humor.