Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity,
There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity. He always has an alibi, and one or two to spare:
At whatever time the deed took place- MACAVITY WASN’T THERE!

“Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”

T.S. Eliot

For once in a long time you guys won’t be seeing a tale of my Wednesday night out in Metros and my general dip-shittedness and non-suavity being posted tomorrow as I’m not going out.

Nope. The most exciting thing I’ve done today is (poorly) trim my beard. Ugh.

In other news, I’m working on some personal posts as we speak which I’m unsure I can actually post. I mean, I want to, but I don’t know if I can.

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“Tom Felton Behind the Scenes for Fault Magazine”

Tom, why are you so sexy? Seriously, this is a man who always looks good and approachable. He’s got class, ruggedness, suavity (yes, it’s a word, I looked it up), and humor.

Ancient Art Week!

Black groom steadying a horse

Athens (Greece) late fourth century B.C.E.

Marble, 200 by 190 cm.

National Museum, Athens

The black groom wears a chiton, a common garment especially suited for strenuous activity, and short, form-fitting boots. His upturned face is rendered with skill and sensitivity. The gracefully curving features of his face and the tightly knit curls of hair characterize him unmistakably as of African origin. As he whistles through pursed lips, the youth looks into the eyes of the horse to gauge the intentions of his charge. With his right hand he holds up a whip, while he tries to calm the animal with the other. The groom’s face is not idiosyncratic enough to be taken as a portrait, but the suavity of his features faithfully captures the essence of youthful ardor and intelligence.

The entire visual effect of the relief once depended on the vivid coloring applied to its surfaces. The play of solid form and movement conveyed by the swelling masses of stone was dramatically accentuated by contrasting tones of color. From surviving traces of pigment, the skin of the groom was painted black, while the panther skin on the horse’s back was rendered in light red. Almost certainly the rest of the panel was painted as well. The martial context of the relief was further conveyed by the image of a warrior’s helmet and leather armor once depicted above the back of the horse and now reduced to near invisibility.


Adam Gopnik reviews Michel Houellebecq’s new novel, “Submission”:

The charge that Houellebecq is Islamophobic seems misplaced. He’s not Islamophobic. He’s Francophobic. The portrait of the Islamic regime is quite fond; he likes the fundamentalists’ suavity and sureness. Ben Abbes’s reform of the educational system is wholesome, and his ambitions to rebuild France are almost a form of neo-Gaullism. … One of the few objects of real scorn in the book is François Bayrou, the (actual) French centrist politician whose dancing between left and right in electoral politics is legend, and who becomes Ben Abbes’s chief apologist and mouthpiece.

Photograph by François Berthier / Contour by Getty

    “Imagine Gabriel in the Hunger Games.”
    Okay, there are two different ways people can mean this.

    “Imagine Gabriel in the interviews.”
    The golden-eyed asshat prancing onto the stage, looking resplendent in a suit made of bronze-colored reflective-ish material designed so that when he moves, the light catches on the clothing and it seems to change a little bit in color and design and shape so that it looks like it’s constantly changing from one form to another – like he’s a million different people all at once.
    The smirking bastard bantering with Caesar like he was born to talk and totally taking control of the flow of conversation, casually getting Caesar to say just the right thing for a clever snark or a witty rejoinder, thus ensuring that the audience reacts exactly the way he wants them to.
    The sleazy little shit brazenly serving up innuendos left and right while softening the crudeness of his delivery by pouring on the charm, and flirting with the ladies of the Capitol with his own brand of suavity (because he’s not exactly smooth by general definitions, but he’s hella charming in his own way).
    The silver-tongued smartass breezing over Caesar’s attempts to cajole a sob story out of him by deflecting every question about his family toward a joke and spinning wild anecdotes to distract the audience from the subject with stories of his antics back in his district.

    “Imagine Gabriel in the arena.”
    The teenager who is small for his years, both in build and in height, who takes off at a sprint away from the Cornucopia as soon as the gong sounds. Let’s say for now it’s a forest arena, like in Katniss’ first game.
    The boy who all the Careers target first after the initial bloodbath, because of his small size and the way he mocked and poked fun at them throughout all of training, who is turning out to be  notoriously difficult to find, who keeps up a series of raids on their camp to steal food supplies.
    The boy pegged as a runner rather than a fighter who manages to take out three of the Careers with the speed of a striking snake in a sneak attack and who disappears back into the trees with his newly acquired weapons before the other Careers even realize that they’ve lost some of their pack.
    The boy who is turning out to be a helluva lot deadlier than anyone had thought, who picks enemies only by necessity (i.e. tributes who are a little too close to his location, who have medicine or other essentials that he needs), who forms and drops alliances when it suits him to, who has no objective but survival.

This was the loveliest Benson’s episode ever. I mean, I’ve never seen him look so adorable and sweet like he was with Applesauce. Although he’s bad-tempered, negative and has a lot of anger issues, he demonstrated his suavity and his love by doing the cutest faces and talks ever, and looking so chill and happy. And  I’m really  proud of him. I hope he’s will be able to show all the love he has in the inside in other episodes like this.  <3

Melancholic minds’ musings mumbled digitally dispersed & displayed, splayed sentiments sombre spiel spelt, spilt sudden neuroses of nerves vividly vulnerable,
Vehemence vacillates, vigour of vim undimmed in utterance, ugliest ululations’ repugnance unchecked-
Understatement underserved, undeserved underused utility undermined value
Overt overstatements’ opponents opposition overdue;
oeuvres’ evolution evinces effuse
Waxing wordy with wistful woo-
Woozy, oozing insecurity
( soothing gravity losing suavity )
Whatever severed severity:
Brevity’s birthright, clarity?
—  Alliteration altercation articulation-
Consonance in contention as asinine Assonance assures and affirms
fast established status as ‘A**’…