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Random RWBY Thoughts: Number Fifteen

- Velvet is a vegetarian. (Submitted by @eren-without-powers )

- Team STRQ are responsible for starting the largest and most epic food fight in Beacon’s history. Anywhere between four and six teams were involved… even Ozpin and Oobleck joined in.

- Whenever Weiss is pissed about something (which is all the time), Yang warns everyone she can. “It’s very un-Weiss to talk to her right now… Schnee-ds a little alone time.”

- Yang also has a pun for Blake whenever she’s sad. “Things are looking very Blake…” (she says Blake in a way that makes it sound like ‘bleak’.)

- One of Nora’s favourite past-times is getting hammered at the pub. (Yeah I know she’s 17. Yang ordered a drink at the nightclub, so there.)

- Qrow frequently quotes ‘Frozen’ around Winter just to piss her off.

- Various RWBY characters when drunk:

- Ruby = The most chill person ever, plus lots of burping.

- Weiss = Party girl. Polar opposite of her normal self.

- Blake = Less emo. Actually very pleasant to be around.

- Yang = Extreme party girl.

- Jaune = Slurred speech, stumbling around and vomitting everywhere.

- Nora = *incomprehensible gibberish*

- Pyrrha = Like Ruby, she’s so chill. And she literally throws herself at Jaune in an attempt to get lucky.

- Lie Ren = Would never get drunk. However, if it did happen he would become extremely talkative.

- Professor Ozpin = Suave, swag and class overload. #2boss4u

- Glynda = Tries to remain formal and composed, but everyone knows she’s wasted as fuck.

- Professor Oobleck = Slows way the fuck down. He moves and talks almost literally in slo-mo.

- Ironwood = Constantly hitting on Glynda… and occasionally Ozpin.

- Qrow = No difference.

- Penny = *innocently keeps drinking straight whiskey while everyone is either passed out or hungover*

I hope you have enjoyed yourself. Feel free to submit headcanons for the next edition!