Wet Days…

Wind and rain took over this cool autumn day.  When the weather throws in some obstacles, one must adapt to the conditions.

Today was perfect to give my new John Doe chukkas (review coming soon…) a challenging test run.  They have taken on that challenge admirably, and days like today are perfect for their danite sole - and the chilli-ish color went surprisingly well with my POW suit.

This was the first time this season I pulled out my MTM POW three piece (minus a piece).  The flannel was perfect to stay warmer and allowed me to layer up with my lighter jacket from Legendary Goods.

Shirt and pocket square are from J. Press and grenadine tie from Peter Millar.  Its always fun to throw on a collar pin here and there, and I couldn’t forget the umbrella on a day like today.

Today’s fit worked great against the elements - functionality doesn’t have to be boring.


Suave Gents: Atte from DressLikeA

Tumblr/the internet is full of #menswear inspiration.  There are certain individuals who really set the bar when it comes to their tastes and overall “aesthetics”. Atte is one of those guys.  His ability to make “business-casual” seem elegant, while making a full suit look more comfortable then your favorite pair of sweats, is a wonderful thing to see.  From jeans and sneakers to suits and ties, Atte is one of the best dressed guys on the internet (and in life) around the clock.  Beyond that, he holds a wealth of knowledge about this hobby of his, and you can just tell he’s passionate about this world of menswear.

I was able to get some more insight from Atte about what it takes to DressLikeA:

Your blog, DressLikeA, is full of inspiration and quality menswear material – How did you get started on the blog?

That’s kindly to say so thanks for that at first. And well, it’s now been almost three years since I started DLA which in the first place happened after many of the people I knew had told me I should start posting. That I think was because during that time there were only a couple of blogs concentrated on menswear and men’s “classic style” in Finland. Despite this the main reason for starting to post however was to use the blog as an inspirational board for myself.

This is a very broad question, but what inspires you most when it comes to the content of your posts?

In general I think that as everyone I try to gather inspiration from wherever I am and whatever I see but basically where I personally happen to find most of my inspiration is people walking on the streets, guys at Pitti Uomo or at NY or Milan fashion week, people I have around me, places I travel and very much the colors I see around. In addition I read a lot of other blogs and magazines which are a big source of inspiration for me as well - not only in terms of my personal style but also for the blog.

Secondly, in terms of the content I post there are as well many sources of ideas and inspiration. First of all I get a lot of feedback, questions and inquiries from my readers (which I’m really grateful) so those often inspire me  write about products or how to wear or acquire some specific pieces for example. Secondly the content of the blog is of course a lot inspired by my own style choices. Many times if I’m looking to buy something or have bought something I may find it useful to write about that to help my readers in case their going through a similar case. And thirdly there are obviously seasonal changes and trends that are interesting and inspiring to write about.

One thing that’s important to remember however when talking about being inspired by the others is this: when it comes to developing your own style (or the style of your own blog in that matter) you need to separate finding inspiration and copying one’s style; you must always investigate, you must learn, you must understand and then you must select. If you’ve done your due diligence and appreciate the process then you’ll never let “popular opinion” dictate your success.


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Suave Gents: Herman Byström
I had an opportunity to speak with a young sartorial minded gent, Mr. Herman Bystrom.  You may recognize him from his blog the Sartorial Doctrine.  I was specifically intrigued by Herman’s sense of aesthetics and culture that come together for a very contemporary, but classic look. Herman has a unique vision and style with touched of the sartorial whims of the classic gentleman before us, that many of us use for inspiration.  Mr. Bystrom has turned himself into an inspiration to others by letting us into his vision through the Sartorial Doctrine.  We take a deeper look here.

What intrigues you about the whole menswear world? It’s a hard question really, but I really enjoy a high level of craftsmanship combined with clothing that fit well. For me it’s almost erotic to see a well-made jacket shoulder, preferably Neapolitan style (spalla camicia). Also, I really enjoy watching people who are passionate in what they do, no matte if their style is leaning towards street or a more classic menswear approach.

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A Closer Look: SuitSupply Boston Blue Plain DB Jacket

The plain blue cotton looks like it’s been kissed by the Italian sun for days.”

I have been wanting to try out more of Suitsupply’s products for a while now after picking up some of their accessories in store in NY and Chi-town.  I was presented with a no-brainer of an opportunity when they marked down some of their products from the S/S 13 line (the 1st time they have marked down prices?).  There were quite a few options that I have had my eye on, but this Blue Plain Boston jacket seemed like it would be a great addition because I didn’t have anything quite like it.

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Suave Gents: Anton from Anton / Helinski

I like to get to know people in the blogosphere that I find inspiration from and appreciate their individualism.  Anton is one of those guys.  He has been covering menswear (and beyond) for quite sometime, and I personally look forward to his posts on Anton / Helinski.  From his extensive coverage of Pitti to his most recent look inside of Mr. Ignatious Joseph’s apartment, he brings a unique POV to this internet thing.  Its awesome.

I was able to learn a little bit more about Anton and get a first hand look into his vision:

Tell us a little bit about how you got started with your blog, Anton / Helsinki?

In 2008, when I started Anton / Helsinki, there weren’t too many blogs to follow. So every time I would find a good picture I would save it on my desktop. After a while I decided to start writing my own blog, where I would gather everything that inspires me.

What’s inspires you about menswear, and how does it translate into your posts?

There are many things that inspire me about menswear, but I especially like to post pictures of the people “behind” menswear companies and stores that are many times selling their own personal style.

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Looking Back at 2013 for SbN: Pt. 2…

2013 saw the emergence of SuaveByNature.  I began the menswear focused blog right before 2013 hit, so this past year was especially great for me.  I saw the blog to continue to grow daily, and I couldn’t be happier.  I have developed friendships, partnerships and working relationship - all have been vital to the growth of SbN.  I want to take a look back on a year that really defined the success of what SbN has become as we approach the new year.

(these are some of my favorite shots from the second half of the year.)

Suave Gents: Juho of The Nordic Fit

“Sartorial passion with a Finnish flair” reads the headline of Juho’s blog, The Nordic Fit.  The sartorial passion that Juho has is extremely vivid through his daily posts and write ups.  He demonstrates a viable understanding of the details that make a well-made garment an art form.  Juho gets what works, and he does it in a way that is neither flashy, nor boring.  I cannot find the words that describe it, but then again it may just be that “Finnish flair” that he is talking about.

 We were able to catch up with The Nordic Fit himself, and take a deeper look into what makes this guy who he is.  Observe:

Tell us about your blog, The Nordic Fit, and how it came about?

I was actually living in the US at the time, and wanted to start networking in the style industry and basically just documenting my style. I quickly found “my thing” and how I wanted to develop the site, and have so far been aiming for a simple, professional and presentable site that would offer both information and inspiration to a wide audience.

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