suave hair

(Digital) Inktober Day 25

Not ink, but whatevs, there’s grayscale and sloppy crosshatching. 

a real time thought process of me reading this update:
  • Honestly? Honestly. Eric Bittle, Bitty, Bits, my son, is beautiful and kind and needs to be protected at all costs and I lov-
  • its motherfucking kent parson ladies and gents with his suave hair and not confronting any emotion multiple colored eyes
  • wowie
  • we’re just going in for the gut punch aren’t we
  • hahah i love the open communication vs them not confronting how they feel/felt in the interview bc they can’T SO FUNNY
  • Jack—
  • I’m SHOOK
  • “we only hooked up a few times” boy He In Love With Ya Dumbass
  • Jack Zimmermann, or Mr. I-can’t-tell-when-anyone-is-in-love-with-me
  • Insecurity over other partners?
  • NOPE
  • insecurity about him vs hockey
  • yikes
  • I Can’t Believe You’re Trying To Outweigh My Suffering By This Cute Asking Of Officialness
  • Bitty: AAHHHHH!!!! me: bitch me too the fuck
  • “go over your flashcards” I HATE THIS NERD
  • “All in the past” ARE THOSE TEARS IN THE PAST?



  • I am oN FIRE
  • Kent Parson needs a cup of tea and a person to talk thru his feelings with
  • Anyway I can’t wait to be royally wrecked by this in every way possible goodbye

So I was talking to spones-in-my-bones about it and I think Carlos was able to get back to Night Vale because he finally realized–understood–that he had to.

The thing about Carlos as a lot of others have discussed previously is that he’s trustworthy to a fault. He came to New Desert Bluffs from a place where people generally, while appreciating his perfect hair and suave labcoat, didn’t trust him because he was an outsider. Then he came to a place that was entirely new and meant to be discovered and essentially forged by him and other outsiders like him. That’s exciting. Plus, we’ve just learned Caros is a total Mother Hen so he obviously had to run around after Alicia and Doug all the time out of a combination of obligation and instinct.

But in a way Carlos took the same journey as Cecil did this arc, in that he realized that home is not always associated with merely a place. The Desert Otherworld is scientifically fascinating but it is not home. It was really interesting to me in 70A that he wasn’t even all that upset about all of his notes and data gone to ruin–not as upset as I expected him to be, at any rate, being as passionate about scientific discoveries as he is.

So I think it was less of a disappointment to Carlos, and more of a wake-up call. A sign. A call to, as he said, start over. At home. Home for him is Night Vale because home for him is Cecil. It is also science, because we heard him trying to correct Kevin earlier–Carlos said the Desert Otherworld might be one of the most scientifically fascinating communities, but Night Vale is the most scientifically fascinating community he’s yet to see. And even if it wasn’t, perhaps it took Carlos a year to finally realize what–or who–is just as important to him as any scientific discovery, if not more. Though we hear primarily from Cecil and his character development was amazing this arc, I think there’s something to be said for the road taken by our favorite scientist, too.