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Wednesday has been dutifully following your every thought, from the moment your eyes open and you think, “Not yet.” to your lingering thoughts regarding the suave hair of a handsome scientist. It knows about your fleeting despair when you have finished your coffee, your fear of any potential interactions, and it knows when you suspect it is listening. Wednesday is always, always, always listening.

(Digital) Inktober Day 25

Not ink, but whatevs, there’s grayscale and sloppy crosshatching. 

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hello, hello, i love the way your headcanons are written. like, they're hilarious. how would RFA + minor trio react to a suave motherfucker MC? a hella smooth and cool MC who could charm the pants off a snake and absolutely loves making people blush. bonus points if they're a tall crossdressing woman

A/N AH YES SMOOTH MY MIDDLE NAME I had a lotta trouble writing this, I’m the least smooth person you’ll ever meet I once bit it standing for the pledge of allegiance. I just; stood up, hit my knee on the chair in front of me, recoiled my knee, and fell flat on my ass. Thank you though!!??? I love you muah <3 I don’t think I’ll be able to get those bonus points this time around im sososo sorry but I can’t think of a way to work the crossdressing in well >.<  feel free to send in a purely crossdressing request when they open up??  -mod cozy <3

- Yoosung, much like yours truly is SO unsmooth he’s constantly tripping over his words and his feet and everything in between
- So he’s S U P E R impressed by you it’s not even funny he asks to become your apprentice at least once a day
- “Oh yoosung, darling, it’s not just something you learn.”
- Also a HUGE blushy mess when ya use your charming powers on him like you thought he’d be
- Picks up on the role reversal quickly and is not happy about it
- Wants to be a maN (Swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon)
- Starts having zen coach him on the side but just really cannot do it rip

- She herself is pretty unfazed by it and she’s just all polite and stuff unless you get her flowers, she Is WEAK to like a bouquet of roses she’ll swoon and blush and the whole nine yards
- Baehee has picked up on it and is hella impressed despite being relatively immune due to her training herself to be unfazable
- Asks you to teach her just a few tricks that she can use when dealing with customers and the like
- You guys actually make a game out of it sometimes
- You’ll like count the amount of people who trip when you strike a certain mini-pose and compare results
- or Or OR
- You take you and your natural charisma to restaurants or bars with baehee and see if you can eat for free by having people around you buy you drinks and meals without directly asking for them
- It’s really funny and you usually have to take home leftovers riP
- You guys are the ultimate duo she makes the plans and you execute them watch out Seoul

- He REFUSES to be outdone
- Cheesy romance lines are his thing???? Wyd MC?????
- Everyone around you guys together needs to wear fucking sunglasses or something because the amount of suave (not the hair product) is dangerous to the naked eye
- You guys don’t get into like, smooth-offs; you get into smooth WARS
- “MC, you look gorgeous as usual.”
- “Oh Zen, you’re ever the charmer. I actually got something for you!” cue a cute lil kiss on the cheek from MC
- “Oh really? Me too, we should go at the same time.”
- “1.. 2.. 3!”
- You both simultaneously pull out the E X A C T S A M E extravagant bouquet of flowers from behind your backs???
- This is just the tip of the iceberg????

- He’s a lot like Zen not that he’d admit it
- He’s lowkey trying to outdo you the whole time bc he’s been RAISED on charisma it’s part of his JOB and you have it down just like that?? Just naturally??? Burn the witch
- He’s used to be on the giving end of charm though so it is a nice change of pace
- If you buy him chocolate or roses or “something that reminded you of him” though
- He’ll return it ten- no, twentyfold
- Will blush and then deny blushing when you give him particularly well-said compliments
- You charm the stockings off of any reporter that comes your way which makes the relationship A THOUSAND times easier like thank our lord and savior Elizabeth the 3rd

- He’s going to embrace the “maiden” roll 110%
- All for swooning and being swept off his feet sign *clap* this *clap* boy *clap* up
- He does shoot back a few “Mcccc you’re cringier than ZEN~” or “Mc, how can I be the cutest when YOU’RE the cutest” so it’s not all one sided at least
- He’s a switch in multiple ways trust me, sometimes he totally likes to be the charmer and sometimes the charmee
- Is incredible in both positions I promise you’ll get the exact reaction or comment you want every damn time
- Turns redder than his ding dang hair if you say something about space or science or anything dorky and relate it to romance or some shit,
- mod cozy isn’t good at being smooth so use your imagination on the dialogue here

- He’s so polite about everything it doesn’t stop here
- At first you’re just making comments like “can I take a picture of YOU this time as proof that angels exist?” yes I stole that from cookie anon
- And he’s just like “Thank you very much sweetheart that’s a lovely sentiment but I’m far from an angel as you know.” Liar.
- And then you get into innuendo territory but like; classy and smooth innuendos
- And he reacts the same way???
- “Hey V I’d like to SEE you out of those clothes.” Fuck that was neither classy nor smooth I really can’t come up with anything not punny so this will have to do guys
- And he’ll respond with “That’s very nice of you MC.” And at this point you’re frustrated??
- Because your charm.
- Ain’t.
- Working???
- Little do ya know, V is planning something for when the two of you get home wink wonk

- Refuses to let you charm them
- Gotta resist (conceal don’t feel)
- They were trained for this, you can expect it’ll be difficult to achieve your goal but you’ll! Get! There!
- “Hey Vandercutie, can you pass me the red pepper? This dish needs it almost as much as I need you.”
- “Here’s your pepper. Don’t pour it too quickly or you risk throwing the balance of the dish off.”
- You may have caught a slight blush on their cheeks though???
- Maybe??
- I think you’re making progress keep at it

- Tries to pretend your smoothness doesn’t affect him
- Because BAD BOYS don’t get swept off their feet shut the hell up he is NOT blushing YOURE blushing
- He tries soooo hard to hide it but ALWAYS fails miserably because he has this cute little habit of playing with his hair when he’s embarrassed or bashful
- Which is a lot thanks to you ;)
- Will try to get you back in that romantic-creepy way of his that he has but you just shoot right back with a compliment or come on of your own???
- No cult organization in the universe could’ve prepared him for this


Pairing: Prince!Poe Dameron X Princess!Reader

Prompt: Part of The Galactic Fanatic AU Challenge, Royalty AU.

Warnings: None unless you count being overly cheesy.

A/N: Branching out from my usual fandom of writing to bring you this! Feedback would be wonderful. And yes I added a Princess and the Pauper reference, so sue me.

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“Remember Y/N, no nagging, bragging, sweating, fretting, slipping, tripping, slurping, burping, twittering or frittering allowed,” your mother rattled off the list of rules. She rushed about your room, directing the maids and checking her appearance in the mirror every three seconds.

“I know mother,” you frown. “I haven’t tripped in a year.” You cast a glance at your mother in the mirror. She looked at you, amused.

“Did you already forget what happened when you sprinted into the dining room last week and quite literally rammed into the chef?” She reminded you.

Your cheeks heated up. “I meant publicly. And it was your fault for taunting me with food for the whole day. Royal portrait sitting is the worst.” You cross your arms. It didn’t help that you were constantly working off the food you just ate, from studying to outdoor activities, going to meetings, dealing with daily royal matters, foreign disputes, the list went on. Just thinking about it made you feel exhausted.

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No Man’s Land | A Gaston Story (Chapter One)

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC // Gaston X Anne

Sequel to One Year | A Gaston Story

Summary: The Legend of Gaston the Victory spreads across Europe until it reaches the cursed island of Lorgaire, labeled by storytellers as No Man’s Land. Guarded by pirates and concealed underneath twisting layers of fog, the island holds an abundance of mysteries, secrets, and dark magic, as it’s rumored that once anyone steps foot onto No Man’s Land, they never return. The King of Lorgaire, known as The Reaper, desperately craves Anne’s powers and orders his pirates to steal her. When she is taken from her village, Gaston’s Army form once more and travel to No Man’s Land, but when Gaston reaches the island, he soon discovers his troubles have only just begun.

| Introduction | One

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The quaint village of Jagtby, Denmark was once relatively overlooked, but as fireflies emerged from the forest at every year’s Midsummer Festival, it became a destination for travelers. Jagtby eventually developed into a symbol for The Legend of Gaston the Victory. There were widespread rumors that Gaston moved from Villeneuve to Jagtby, where he and Anne (the Beauty who finally broke his curse) moved into her childhood home and, therefore, most visitors simply wanted to see for themselves if the gossip was true.

Locals had never been more welcoming towards Anne, as memories that were once concealed by magic came rushing back to them. Finally, she was reunited with her home after an Evil Sorceress, Vayle, kidnapped her as a young child and raised her in an abandoned cottage in the French countryside. If it wasn’t for Anne’s desire to see the world, she would never have escaped to Villeneuve and met Gaston. One year ago, neither of them would have lived to see another day if it wasn’t for the compelling bond they shared with one another. True love had prevailed, and therefore to hold Jagtby’s Midsummer Festival on the final day of June the following year was sentimental for everyone.

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elynight  asked:

I am HERE for fibro!Tsuna having massive crushes on his guardians, Kyouko, and Mochida. And just, being very long suffering over it. And complaining about it, cause dammit you guys he doesn't have enough spoons for your super attractive bullshit! Then, he gets a crush on like Dino or Enma, or someone. And he's just like, "can you not" to himself.

dino would be Awkward, because dino is, like, 22, and somewhat horrified by the thought that his little brother might feel that way. runs away. runs far away. reborn has to drag him back and sit them down for the shovel. not even the talk, just the shovel. 

reborn: i didn’t raise you kids to be like this
tsuna: ….well when you put it that way, it IS kinda weird
tsuna: i just really admire dino?? he’s so cool and suave. his hair is better than mine. he has a turtle. i want a turtle.
tsuna: i’m already that clumsy. maybe i can be cool and suave too.
reborn: everyone’s hair is better than yours, he’s not that special
tsuna: precisely why i have a crush on everyone
dino: *dying inside, three times over*

tsuna surrounded by cool nice pretty attractive people like ‘if i had even an Ounce of effort in me….. alas, i do not.’ enma commiserates, except he’s probably more on the self-loathing spectrum than tsuna’s ‘i’d rather Not’

enma and fibro tsuna rooftop-watching people and making comments on their crushes tho.

enma: that one’s kinda cute. he might actually kill me if i told him though and i’d completely understand.
tsuna: he did actually try to kill me. then he said i already looked dead and there’s no point beating a dead horse.
enma: he actually said that to your face?
tsuna: mm-hm. that’s hibari for you.

Hot Coffee - Dick Grayson x Reader

Dick Grayson x Reader: You’re a girl that Dick’s just met and the sparks fly immediately.  Unfortunately for you the villains of Gotham are set on you never going on your first date and Dick stands you up. He begs you for another chance, claiming that he had a work emergency and you give him the benefit of the doubt and reschedule your date. Fool me once …

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Girl in a rush to get to work stops for some mandatory morning coffee, girl literally runs into a beautiful, dark haired, suave boy, spilling her coffee all over him. Girl is mortified and swears to pay for everything, his laundry bill, the spilled coffee, everything. Boy brushes off girl’s apology but asks instead for the girl’s number … and a date. Girl agrees because boy is ridiculously hot and charming despite being covered in coffee.

Sounds corny, right? Perhaps a little too good to be true?

You bet your god damn ass.

It was this classic cheese-ball rom com situation that led you to the situation you are in now. Alone at a table for two, almost an hour after your date was supposed to be there. With every passing minute you grew mortified and your cheeks burned bright with embarrassment. You had never been stood up before and you were sure that you never wanted to feel this way again. At the peak of your embarrassment you stood up and left the restaurant, making sure to tip your waitress generously for your lack of business. She gave you a look of pity as you left.  

You made sure to stop and get a pint of gelato at the closest store on your way home. This was definitely a whole-pint-with-a-side-of-Netflix kind of night. When you got home you kicked off your sexy heels, put up your hair into a messy bun and changed into your raggiest sweatpants and tank top.

A real catch’ You thought about yourself as you sat cross legged on your couch with a giant spoonful of gelato in your mouth.

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Tell Me You’re Mine

Summary: In the downtown suburbs of Seoul is a famous club where men go at night to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Its name is Heaven on Earth, and as Youngbae soon finds out, it is indeed where Angels are found.
But not all Angels are free for the choosing…

Type: Dark, Heavy on the smut, fluff and Angst. (But extra on the smut)

Trailer: Tell Me You’re Mine


Part 7

Where is she?’

It was like all the sound had been taken from the world.

That moment when you heard the door open was met by complete and utter silence, the words uttered by Jiyong being followed by nothingness, and you couldn’t do anything but freeze with one foot in the tub and one foot out, a towel half draped around you and your eyes locked on the door to the bathroom.

Your heart was beating a million miles a minute as you try to work out what you could do next, only just deciding to get out of the bath fully and put your clothes on when you hear Youngbae speak and you triple the speed of your movements.

‘She’s safe.’

‘Don’t get smart with me, little man. I need to talk with her-‘

‘Well that’s a damn shame cause im afraid you cant see her-‘

You were frantically pulling on your discarded clothes from earlier at this point, ignoring your damp skin and the pain splintering throughout your hips as you tug at your jeans, whimpering as you force your stretchy tee over your head and finally clambering out of the door once you were dressed- the irony that you shouldn’t have bothered given that both of these men at one point or another had paid you to take them off not factoring into your mind.

‘Do you know who the fuck you’re talking to?-‘

‘Yes I fucking do, and I swear to God if you don’t leave right fucking now-‘

‘YOUNGBAE.’ You shout frantically, before he can finish his sentence with a threat that you wouldn’t be able to stop Jiyong retaliating to, breathing heavily as the two of them snap around to face you.

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anonymous asked:

TOMMYDAVID PLEASE maybe something with Tommy still in the closet or coming to terms with his sexuality?

Tommy always refers to Billy as “the gay one” which might be offensive but to him it’s just another way to differentiate. Billy is the gay, dark haired nerd and Tommy is the suave, straight, white haired God. 

But then he joins the Young Avengers and he flirts with Kate and everything goes according to plan until the team breaks up and suddenly Tommy is alone. Billy, Teddy and Kate all give up and Eli fucking leaves and Tommy doesn’t know what to do. 

Until suddenly somehow Tommy runs into Eli and convinces him to come back to the game and Patriot and Speed are saving the world and one night they wind up back in a hotel room where they bicker and banter right up into a kiss.

And, maybe Tommy isn’t the Straight One anymore.

He and Eli slide as effortlessly out of a relationship as they do into it but they still stay friends. Eli kisses him goodbye and goes back to his life with his mom and siblings and Tommy finds a job at a superhero temp agency.

Everything just keeps going on. And then there's David.

And right away Tommy can tell this is different than Kate, different than Eli. Because he fell for them. Hard and fast and without looking back but they didn’t fall as hard. Kate loved him but not enough and Eli was great but not perfect and Tommy lost them as quick as he got them and, really, it was okay.

But then there’s David. And Tommy falls just as hard s he always does. The only difference is this time? David falls back.

David who finds Tommy’s old team (somehow back together and a little different than before), who commandeers them to help him find Tommy, who searches every universe for him, who kisses a sentient being just to get him back.

David who understand what it’s like not to trust adults, whose been thrown around and taken advantage of more times than he can count. David who laughs at his jokes, who goes out for noodles, who Tommy has to bridge the gap and kiss one night while David nervously stutters out a romantic confession.

David who Tommy falls in love with as easily as slipping on a shoe and David who ties the laces and falls in love just as tight. 

anonymous asked:

headcanons about akashi's hair? :3c

What a cute prompt (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝) ෆ

  • The red changes shade depending on the lighting. It gets pinkish when he’s under the sun, affected by the UV hue.
  • He feels relaxed if you brush his hair, and might end up falling asleep next to you. 
  • It’s blood red when it’s wet. He freaked out some of his teammates when they showered after practice, seeing their (vice)captain looking like he’s bleeding out of his head. Kise almost fainted, Aomine was actually worried, Mayuzumi swore out loud, Reo-nee shrieked and almost called an ambulance.
  • He lowkey enjoyed seeing their reactions. 
  • After Bokushi cut their bangs, Oreshi realised that it’s actually more convenient. But he didn’t want it to be too short because it made his forehead chilly. So he kept it just above his eyes like the one we see in Extra Game.
  • He tilts his head a little and brushes back his bangs when he’s feeling shy (very very rare!) but others just think he’s being suave :3c
Dirty Little Secrets

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret would never forget that night. It was the night of a friend’s party, where she met him. The man that would change her life forever. Would capture her, mind, body, and soul. Completely and utterly captivate her.

Everything had been going well; alcohol was passed around, flirting was going on, but Lunafreya stuck mostly to the wall chatting with a close friend. It was only a few hours later that he arrived, the suave, dark-haired male dressed in a refine manner that seemed to draw her in like a whirlpool would a small boat. She had to talk to him, had to know more. There was just something irresistible, something that was on the tip of her tongue about him.

Making her way towards the black-haired individual, Lunafreya decided that it would be fun to flirt. Just harmless flirting, no consequences involved. She wasn’t necessarily a master at flirting, just enjoyed the fun of the chase that it brought. It was almost like a little game.

Little did she know that she wasn’t going to win this time. No, the master was going to play her.

Hearing a door creak open scattered light across her blindfolded face. She could tell by the faint warmth that there had to be light, though probably not that of the sun. “Wh-who’s there?” Her once-confident voice shook as she was brought back to the present. Her hands were bound behind her back, her ankles and wrists bond to a very uncomfortable chair. “Please, I beg of you. Just…just let me go! I promise I won’t say a word about what I saw!”