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The Death of the Facebook Event, Rise of the Hero.

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The venue, the gallery, the museum, and the places you go to stand in awe. Where one goes to witness the birth and death of greatness, to cherish memories of physical acceptance of art and culture. Where viewers permit voyeurs via twitter and facebook posts. Where everyone can be seen as doers and participators in the scene.

But tell me, what is the scene in this new age? What does it really mean to interact when a screen almost always divides individuals from the intimacy of physical presence?  More so what do art spaces and cultural gatherings need to have to draw the Internet birds and personas to their events?

As far as I am concerned the facebook event is dead. Despite protestors rallying behind them, the general populaces need for immediacy has transcended the facebook event. While word of mouth has always been the most direct way of getting someone somewhere, where are the creators to turn to? What must happen in order to keep people coming out?

As of late I have been craving the rise of a new hero. Thinking a lot about how the face of a movement is so important and how in this age it is hard to designate just one person as the eyes and ears for a whole undertaking. Would it be better for each movement to have an idol, someone the people all push up and use to represent themselves.

In these dire times, around the world I can’t help but feel that the arts are in need of a poster boy. Someone who can rally the troops and convince the skeptics of the value of creation despite current taste and trends discussed outside of communities. In a tastemakers world what does it mean to simply create? Has creation been numbed by its accessibility? Where do we go, when everyone can create and do as they please, post whatever?

These are just some thoughts and questions to stir the pot. Maybe I am missing out on something. 

The Red Krayola is widely known for their live performances, weird instrumentation, and association with Roky Erickson of the 13th Floor Elevators. They have experimented with everything from traditional rock to noise all of which has been released. Recently I was able to pick up a copy of their LP “Hazel” that is actually out on Drag City.

Having, listened to only one of the bands former releases “God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail it in”, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Hazel starts out strange as suspected with minimalist instrumentation and off tempo vocalizing here and there. The lyrics are interesting and nod to Avant Garde poetry. Although interesting the A-side loses me, which might have been the intention. However, upon flipping the record to the B-side I found Hazel’s gems. I particularly enjoyed the songs “Another Song, Another Satan” and “Dad”. Both of which are strange pop songs that don’t let you hang on very long.

What I found most important about this record is that it makes you listen. The Red Krayola are very intriguing and a perfect band for wax, they reel you in but not to close and let you go when it gets interesting. Personally I really enjoyed listening to this record and will frequently, I recommend picking it up. 


These Pool Sessions are generally pretty great, check them out! 

Directed by: Jonas Borjesson

I found this record roughly a year ago in a clearance bin at my local record store and being the individual I am who will purchase something purely on packaging and affordability I bought it. It turned out to be one of the better impulse record purchases I have ever made! 

Growing’s “Vision//Swim” came out in 2007 but I feel still retains much of its power. I looked a bit into this record recently and I feel its success was probably doomed by startlingly average reviews of the record. Though personally I feel differently for a handful of reasons. 

One, this is a noise record that is good backwards and forwards, when I say that I mean you can listen to either side of the LP first and it flows seamlessly together. Two, lots of interesting sounds here, and we have a mix of everything on this piece of wax not just the same old same old. Three, the presentation of the record is rad, the packaging has cut outs, the labels on the record are just fireworks, overall really pretty. Search around, check this one out, go back four years and enjoy! 


Leaving records crushing with this video for Julia Holter!