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Edit: A specification: They’re background figures because the main characters are the cast we already are familiar with, and, as you’d expect, I’m not allowed to change their ethnicities, lol. Mike and Bryan had pretty specific design notes in mind for the few new characters, one of whom is a South Asian woman, and the other two are Japanese and Korean, respectively.

just a reminder that tv shows and comics that are labled as “for kids” can often be enjoyed by any age.

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Kuvira for the 4 headcanons meme, please?

What I think realistically:

When she was little, Suyin and Bataar gave her plenty of love, but they didn’t know how to address her trauma, and they gave her few boundaries.  Her own parents had been fairly strict, and she was left feeling adrift and uncertain, leaving her both with a profound need to control and ensure that things are controlled, and a deep resentment toward anyone trying to reign her in.

What I think is hilarious:

Meelo tries to interrogate her in her cell about all the ways her plan went wrong so he can do better.  She refuses to talk to him because he’s interupting her favorite radio program.

What is soul-crushing:

I mentioned with Azula’s post that Azula simultaneously wants and needs love desperately, yet can’t accept a relationship built on it because she can’t force or control someone else’s love for her.  Kuvira is similar but not entirely the same there.  She wants love just as desperately but she is able to accept it.  Unfortunately, she feels compelled to control the person giving her that love, to ensure they can never deprive her of it.  This is not of course how love works, and this relentless control is exactly what stifles love.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Suyin regularly visits her cell with a pai sho board and a jug of strong liqueur.  She makes sure Kuvira has a radio so she can listen to serial dramas and they can gripe about them together.

legend of korra summarized
  • book 1: A Mess. too much pro bending. too much makorra. however, consider my Loves, asami and korra,
  • book 2: a Bigger Mess. way too much makorra and masami and too little...asami. if u get through this you deserve the last two books
  • book 3: Good Shit THis Is. The Beautiful Loves of my Life Are Being Adorable, Plot Is Getting Good Hell Yea (highlights: korra almost crashing her satomobile into a vine bc she was too busy gazing upon the beauty that is asami sato & the aforementioned checking korra's boobs for airbending 10/10 very gay)

Imagine Katara growing up to become an influential, respected world leader or advocate instead of just being remembered as Aang’s wife and Tenzin’s mom. Where was her statue? Where was Bolin freaking out to meet her? Why did she suddenly change her mind and decide that the healing huts were where she belonged?


Sorry, I need to scream because


I have no idea why Ozai is Robert but ZUKO SNOW AND SOKROBB STARK!!!!!!!


I’m guessing they just have Mako there for convenience.

And Toph as Tyrion for convenience I guess since Zuko can’t be both Tyrion and Jon Snow. 

Oh, lovely, Zhao’s Alliser Thorne.