I think art is about seeing how much we can create with so little. Gifts and Valentine’s Day are the perfect time to prove it.

Anyone can spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant gifts, chocolates and roses, but does that really say anything?

instead take a paper, a marker, pen paint, or even a garbage beer can.

Show that you can take nothing and create something amazing.

There’s nothing more special than giving things that no one can buy.


I want to show you some of the progress on this piece and talk a little bit about process, ideas, mistakes and starting over.

Both these pieces look very different now, but they started from the same reference and the same idea.

I wanted a painting that fused my drawing style with my abstract style. I’ve never tried that before. So fuck it, it could look cool. Always keep your sense of ADVENTURE and EXPERIMENTATION! You lose that and you risk plateauing as an artist, and becoming one of those guys that has been drawing the exact same way for the last 10 years. Don’t lose what you’re good at and what makes you unique, but guess what? Those same qualities will exist in any style or medium you try, as long as you develop them!

But, ideas are one thing. And they’re not worth much. My idea on the first run was solid, execution was… meh. I can paint. But I’m not a painter, I’m more of a draftsman. And this was my first misstep because for most experimentation to succeed, you want to have one of your strengths there to balance out what should be many delicious mistakes.
My painting skills could not hold their own and it became a mess. Lesson learned.

Round 2 I’m actually using a drawing and stuck that to the painting. Now I have room to play around and experiment because I have a strong foundation to go back to if it gets too wild. You want to have a safety jacket once you start getting tossed around in the waves!

This piece is only halfway done, but it’s already been more valuable than whatever the end result is. And that always a good thing to have in your art.


Here’s some behind the scenes of screen printing a shirt. This is a custom design I’m making for my favorite place in the world.

First step was the artwork, which I’ll show side by side with the finished shirt. For now you only get to see the mid stages muahaha

1- Artwork
2- Print on mylar or transparency
3- Shoot/Expose it onto screen print pallets
4- Wash off unexposed emulsion from screen
5- Print shirt
6- ???

It’s a little more involved than that but there’ll be plenty of time to go into details later, enjoy!