You x Jungkook black/white aesthetic moodboard

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Anonymous: Hi! Can I ask for a moodboard request of Jungkook, all black and white photos (xYou),thanks and I love you! 😘

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Min Yoongi (Suga) Masterlist

I will update this every time I write a new scenario ^_^

Text Message Conversations (Yoongi x Reader)

Bow Down- Suga Smut (Request)

//Get down on your knees and beg me please// 

Req: Blindfold and handcuff suga smut ?? 🙈🙉

Req:  Suga suga suga Dominant suga smut please

Req:  Can I request a Yoongi smut please? One where the reader has been naughty (teasing, masturbating, etc) and gets punished? Can bdsm themes be included? like daddy kink, dirty talk, toy, etc? thank you!

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“Yoongi, how’s that new song coming along?” Namjoon asks, taking a bite out of his cold noodles, Yoongi pouring himself another glass of broth. “Good–” I gently graze my hand over Yoongis clothed member, making him stop mid sentence. Giving me a side glare, but I only smile sweetly as he clears his throat to continue. “It’s good, I’m almost done. I need to add in some re-verb and a little auto tune and I should be good.”

Namjoon gives an understanding nod as he takes a sip of his broth. “So Y/N, is Yoongi causing you any trouble?” Namjoon asks and I shrug. “He’s naturally a trouble maker” I rub his penis, him growing hard against my hand, Yoongi shoving noodles into his mouth to keep himself quiet. “But he’s not that bad” I give his erection a firm squeeze causing Yoongi to choke on his food.

“You okay?” Namjoon asks and Yoongi nods, swallowing his food, swiftly pushing my hand away from his erect member. I cross my legs, putting my napkin down on my lap, a small victorious smirk on my face. I’m so going to get it later…

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DJ AGUST D’s LOVE Line Requests

(Creds to @t-a-e-g-i for this amazing idea and for letting me bring it to life!)

Suga: Hello listeners, you are on with me, DJ Agust D on Korea’s very own hot96FM. I’ll be answering the phone lines now, so feel free to give me all your requests.

Listener 1 : Hello? Agust D? Hi I’m calling because I cheated on my girlfriend and now she won’t talk to me anymore. I really love her and want her back so can you please play a song that will let her know just how I feel?


Suga: Sure

Suga: *puts on Hate by 4Minute*

Listener 1: B-but—

Suga: *hangs up* Alright moving on to the next caller.

Taehyung: Hello? This isn’t Taehyung. Can you please play Cypher pt 3? It’s my favorite song, I’m not Taehyung by the way.

Suga: *sighs*

Suga: We have caller ID

Taehyung: Oh….um well the–

Suga: *hangs up* Next Caller!

Listener 2: Hi Agust D, I’m feeling really down my boyfriend says that he doesn’t want to marry me because I don’t have any ambitions or goals for my life. I think it shouldn’t be a problem that I want him to take care of me. Can you play something that will speak to me?

Suga: Sure I’ll play a song by Winner

Listener 2: That’s good! I need to know I’m a winner and that my boyfriend was just being a hat–

Suga: *plays Winner’s cover of “Loser” by BigBang*

Listener 2:

Listener 2: B-but–

Suga: *hangs up* 

Suga: Alright listeners now we’re going to kick it old school by playing one of my favorite songs that was written by a musical genius.

Suga: *puts “Let Me Know” by BTS on repeat*

Suga: I love my job.

S/O wearing revealing clothing around the others


You walked out of your and Jin’s room in your shorts and crop top. Jin instantly could tell the other guys noticed your exposed body. He knew none of them would say or do anything, but he still didn’t like them looking at you. 

“Hey jagi, why don’t you wear that tank top I got you a few day ago. I was thinking we could go out today.” He called, sending you a look with the real meaning. 

You laughed at his meaning and smiled. “Okay babe.” You kissed him as you passed by,making sure to give your butt a little wiggle when only he’d be able to see it. “They’d go good with my purple jean shorts, don’t ya think?”

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You’d convinced the boys to come visit your home town over the summer. The bad thing? It was Oklahoma, it was over 100 degrees, and humidity was awful. Given those characteristics, you were in your extremely short shorts and sports bra with an open flannel over it. Suag, and all the other boys, defiantly noticed.

Y’all were all sitting outside watching various younger cousins and siblings play in the make shift pool when Suga pulled you onto his lap. “You shouldn’t be wearing that. Things happen when you look this good.” 

You turned around and smirked before wiggling slightly and getting up. “I’m gonna go help with the little ones in the pool.” You took off your flannel and smiled innocently as you ran over to your cousins and played, making sure to keep Suga’s attention.

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Asking you to work out with them group probably wasn’t the best idea. J-hope loved your outfit, but so did every other guy in the gym. Usually, you worked out in your cheer shorts and wide armed tank top with a sports bra underneath, and today was no exception. 

As you started to do your lifting, J-hope came over smiling. “Every guy is staring at you. I have extra sweats in my bag. Will you please change?” he asked, giving you puppy dog eyes. 

You laughed quietly and nodded, taking his bag from him. “Only cause I love you so much.” With a quick peck, you were gone and back, freshly changed into some less revealing clothing.

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster always loved when you spent the nights, but he hated the next morning. Your clothes were actually fine, but with your typical 5x t-shirt you slept in, it seemed you weren’t wearing anything underneath them. 

You finally woke up and started cooking for the guys, your treat for them letting you stay. Rap Monster came out soon after and smiled at you. “Should you be wearing that with the other guys around?” he half asked, half teased. 

You, being the smart ass you were, simple took a part of your shirt and tucked it into the hem of your shorts. “There. Now it’s obvious to see I’m fully clothed/.” You smirked and set out the food, greeting all the members as they woke up while Rap Monster simple shook his head.

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Usually, he was totally down for your crop top and baggy sweats when dancing, but with the rest of the guys around, no way. “Jagi, why don’t you wear something else today?” he asked after watching the first dance. “I feel like everyone id staring at you.”

You looked around and sighed. “Do I have to?” uyou whined, knowing the answer was already yes. You rolled your eyes and went to the bathroom, changing into a wide armed tanktop with your bra still partly showing. Jimin wasn’t to big a fan of the new outfit, but it was better so he was happy enough.”Thank you y/n. I love you.”

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You were excited. Today the boys would be filming by the beach and when they were done, you all were gonna go to the pier and then swim. Since it was the beach, you saw no problem with wearing your bikini top with some shorts. When V saw you, it was a slightly different story. 

All day long he knew other were watching you. He didn’t blame the members, you looked good. But he was also annoyed by it. Finally, it was time for the pier. “Jagi, would you please put my jacket on? You don;t have to zip it up, but I’d rather you cover up some.” Of course you did so, happy with how nice V was about it. “I’m not wearing this while we swim though.”

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When you came out in a tight fitting dress, ready for the night, Jungkook didn’t even care. He was proud to show you off to the guys and everyone else. He smiled as they made their way into the restaurant, knowing you were catching the attention of several people.

You laughed at Jungkook’s reaction. The boys bet he wouldn’t care, and they were right. “My Jagi is so beautiful.” Jungkook would randomly say, smiling and laughing slightly in disbelief at how lucky he was.

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BTS reacting to their s/o playing the guitar

A/N I do not own any of the gifs


Okay he would be a proud mom. he would support you 99% on your hobby, but would get lowkey jelaous of the guitar sometimes, if you didn’t pay enough attention to him. Also would probably want to collab with you.

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He would be fascinated By how fast your fingers could move from one chord to another. You two would probably stay up till 2 am writing songs and coming up with melodies for them.

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This sunshine would love the fact you could play backround music for his random songs about how much he loves you or something like that. Probably steals it and wakes you up By purposely playing and singing really out of tune.

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Namjoon lowkey (highkey) loves you playing the guitar. He probably found out that you even playit because one day he came early to your appartment and heard you trying to learn one of their songs. He first thought that you had some friends over, but after he sees you very concertrated on the bed with a guitar his heart would melt.

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Would be cocky. “I could do that.” is something he would probably playfully say. But would be a blushing mess when you actually give hi the guitar because you both know his fingers are way too short to play soome of the chords.

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Another proud mom. The secend he found out he would take his phone out to take pictures and videos of you playing and sending them to his members to show how talented his s/o is.

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Okay we have a classic case of jungSHOOK here. He would be shoked at first because you never told him you played an instument, but after that would start showing you off to the other members like Taehyung. Also would love to write a song with you.

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music au

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  • hey guys
  • i got this music au
  • honestly im stressed bout my spanish project but here we go
  • anyways tsuk and yams don’t go to the same school
  • tsuk goes to school with kuroo kenma bokuto akaashi
  • yams goes to school with suga daichi hinata and kags
  • there’s more people but that’s who i have in mind right now
  • so bascially tsuki is this amazing violin player
  • super good but he keeps the same mindset how there’s always gonna be someone better than him
  • he always signs up for competitions when he was little
  • but now it’s sorta like sometimes
  • he usually does the partner one with a pianist 
  • he doesn’t know many pianist but he knows kuroo
  • kuroo’s pretty good at piano
  • and tsuki was like “ayo be my accompanist”
  • then kuroo goes “how much will you pay me”
  • but kuroo ended up getting beat up
  • so they used to practice together
  • just to clear up thi isn’t kurotsukki. tsuk doesn’t know any pianists besides kuroo
  • that’s why they play together
  •  but recently kuroo hasn’t been practicing and tsuki calls him up and says “why have you not been practicing”
  • and turns out kuroo hangs a hell ton with kenma playing video game soundtracks
  • bc i like kuroken
  • im sorry 
  • so that means sometimes kuroo doesn’t know a part as well as another
  • and they get marked down
  • and tsukis like “kuroo you asshat”
  • and kuroo doesn’t really care it’s kuroo after all
  • ok now with yams
  • he’s super shy ok
  • he doesn’t believe in his piano skills even though he’s really good
  • but rn he isn’t at his full potential
  • bc he doesn’t practice at home a lot due to family issues
  • which i’ll get to later in this au dw ;)
  • so yams has some one to be a violist so he can play on stage
  • it’s usually suga
  • but since suga is leaving soon he can’t keep playing with yams forever
  • so as fate holds there was this once concert competition where both tsuki and yams went
  • so tsuki already went and this is the last time kuroo will be his accompanist 
  • so now tsuki’s watching
  • and suga and yams comes up
  • then they play
  • and tsuki is amazed not by suga but by yams
  • in fact tsuki forgets suga is even there
  • yams is a wonderful accompanist (and a cute one too ohoho)
  • he plays loud enough for you to hear but soft enough for the violin to be in the spotlit
  • and his playing gives the violin all the attention
  • and so many more traits tsuki can go on about
  • but once they stop
  • tsuki can see yams was shaking
  • in fact yams’ face is a little pale too
  • so tsuki goes backstage to grab his violin (and say hello and stuff) 
  • so he meets yams and he’s like “your playing was amazing”
  • and yams is lik “really? i don’t think is was i made so many mistakes”
  • and tsuki says “the only mistake you made was being too perfect”
  • anyways
  • they talk more and tsuki complains bout kurooand they end up swapping contact and stuff
  • so they talk!
  • mostly through social media since they don’t go to the same school
  • and then they’re super close
  • as close as they can get through social media
  • and tsuki’s like how many times do you practice you’re so good
  • and yams is like “…..not very much”
  • and then tsuki of course is confused and curious
  • and he asks why
  • and turns out
  • yams lives in a very strict (a low key abusive) household
  • his parents believe he shouldn’t be playing piano
  • and should focus more on school
  • once yams got a bad grade on a project
  • and his parents thought it was bc he was playing piano too much
  • but in reality it was a group prject and the other people were assholes and did nothing
  • so yams doesnt practice very much
  • he keeps a keyboard hidden with headphones
  • and late at night when his parents are sleeping
  • he takes it out and practices
  • but not very much
  • bc he’s always afraid they’ll wake up
  • and he begs suag is enter compititions were there’s a violin and piano
  • suga being a good mother says yes to all the requests
  • that gives yams an excuse to go over to suga’s house and play
  • after that long text tsuki says “come over to my house”
  • and yams is like “??? i can’t”
  • but they make up some excuse involving hinata needing help on his hw
  • and then yams comes over
  • and tsuki says “i wantg you to be my acompianist” 
  • and yams is like “!!! really??”
  • and yea then they plan a song and yams explains to his parents how he has to do this
  • at home not over the phone
  • and so after that day tsuki texts yams a day they can practice and yams comes
  • but on that day it’s pretty hot and yams is wearing a long sleeve???
  • and tsuki is like “it’s hot why do you have that one?”
  • and yams is like “my other clothes are dirty lol”
  • so they practice
  • and they continue this routine
  • and it’s always hot
  • and yams always has long sleeves
  • and tsuki is supcicious 
  • so one day tsuki says “aye yams can you grab that thing on the shelf for me?”
  • and yams being so nice says yes and reaches up
  • and his sleev falls since it’s sorta loose
  • and his arm
  • is covered in bruises
  • and cuts
  • and scars
  • yams sees
  • and hides it quickly
  • but it has already been done
  • tsuki saw
  • tsuki sprint over
  • pulls back the sleev but gently
  • and he says angrily “who did this to you??”
  • yams is like “no one i fell and “
  • tsuki is like “no you did not fall falling does not make this”
  • he drags yams to the bathroom with a first aid kit and he’s like “thank goodness my parents are out”
  • and he cleans up the bruises and cuts and scars
  • on both arms
  • but some are the cuts are uniform and straight?
  • tsuki has suspicions but doesn’t say anything.
  • so they continue praciting 
  • andtsuki is always taking care of yams
  • he doesn’t ask anything tho
  • so the day comes
  • and theyre about to go on
  • yams of course is nervous
  • and shaking
  • and pale
  • “what if i mess up tsuki we’ve been practicing forever am so scared im gonna mess up and-”
  • tsuki grabs yams’ hands to stop him
  • “im scared too, but i know you will be amazing. don’t worry”
  • and they go up to perform 
  • and yams is less scared
  • so they play
  • and tsukki can tell yams is playing to his full potiential 
  • and he’s happy
  • and at the best part
  • tsukki stops playing
  • yams doesn’t notice; he’s too consumed on playing
  • everyone’s like ??? is this part is the song
  • tsuki is letting yams’ playing shine through
  • you can tell everyone loves it
  • then tsuki joins in again
  • and they finish 
  • and then they go to watch it in the back bc someone recorded it for them
  • something like that idk 
  • and yams is just
  • horrified? petrified that tsukki did that
  • “we’re gonna get marked down for that tsukki!!”
  • “i don’t care, you got the spotlight”
  • and then they go out to watch
  • and surprise surprise!!
  • yams’ parents are there
  • and yams is so scared
  • all the blood in his face drains
  • his throught is dry
  • and before yams can say anything (it was gonna be an apology”
  • tsukki says “your son played amazingy, he has such great potiential. and you won’t let him play?” 
  • you can tell tsuki is so mad
  • and they try to say something back 
  • and yams is like “tsukki don’t” but it barley comes out
  • and tsuki says “i saw what happened to his arms. did both of you do it?? i was this close” he puts his forefinger and thumb close together, but not touching “to calling child protection services. but i can tell yamaguchi loves both of you, even if you won’t let him play piano. i’ve seen him play his favorite songs, he’s always so happy. i bet he was happier than any time you’ve seen him play.”
  • so yams parents are about to say something along the lines of “how dare you?”
  • but some college dude is like
  • “are you the parents of yamaguchi tadashi?”
  • and they says yes
  • and he says “i’d like to offer a scholorship when yamaguchi goes to college. as long as he keeps this up. there’s somethings he has to do, which is comepete in piano only competition, but your son is an exceptional player. i can see him being very sucessful.”
  • so the adults go off and talk grown up stuff
  • and yams just breaks down
  • “tsukki did you plan that? why?? i don’t deserve it”
  • and tsukki says “you are the one who deserves it the most. you can play so well, you’re amazing not just in piano and your parents can’t see that?? of course you deserve it.”
  • and yams is crying but laughind this will probably be his chance to play piano as much as he likes
  • and he jut falls in tsuki’s arms and cries/laughs against tsuki’s chest
  • or on his shoulder
  • i mean yams is pretty tall
  • and tsuki is a lil awkward bc it’s tsukki
  • so he wraps his arms around yams
  • and he hears
  • “Oh my gosh tsukki, I love you so much”
  • and tsukki’s heart skips a beat
  • more like 4 beats
  • and he says “i love you too, yamaguchi”
  • and turns out yams’ parents are ok with yams playing piano now!
  • and yams and tsukki hang out with each other hella lot
  • even though they don’t go to the same school
  • and they play love songs for each other because they’re sappy
  • and theyre dating!!
  • in the music community they’re known as the one of the greatest piano-violin duos
  • actually they are the greatest
  • bc you can hear the passion in both of the playing
  • in fact it’s almost like they’re teasing on who has the most passion
  • they’re both doing what they love the most; playing their instruments
  • and turns out yams made tsukki believe that even if there will be someone better than him, tsukki can always strive to be the best he can
  • or ever better!!
  • and tsuki helps clean up yams’ scars
  • especially those straight, unifrom ones
  • and they just love each other and their playing and they’re just so sappy
  • oh god this was long
  • but i hope you like it!!
  • music au is my favorite

~mod ao