“When is there moonlight?
Winecup in hand, I ask the deep blue sky
Not knowing in those celestial palaces on high
What year it is tonight.
I long to fly on the wind,
Yet dread those crystal towers, those courts of jade,
Freezing to death among those icy heights.
Instead I rise to dance with my pale shadow,
Better off, after all, in the world of men.
Rounding the red pavilion,
Stooping to look through gauze windows,
The moon shines on the sleepless.”
   ―  Su Shi

okay this episode was just really cute oh my god

i question if those cheese sticks were even like, good ya know like…..what was the expiration date holy shit

I live in california and we got pizza shops that just do literally everything and yes, there is such thing as pizza with fries on it so i was laughing


Kiki and Jenny are so cute i love loving sisters gosh


I LOST MY SHIT AT OHIME-SAMA (for those non anime fans, ohime-sama translates to princess basically)

Poor Ronaldo, I hope he gets Jane back tbh 





Amethyst and Steven actually making something edible kinda threw me for a loop but its so sweet and great


the crewniverse are giant nerds i cant believe they put ‘ohime-sama’ in there in dying


Soooo I went to three conventions as Error now and since we did a lot of Photos this weekend, I think I could share them. I really couldn’t decide on what Photos to take so I’ll just throw some in. @Lyoth737 accompanied me as Underfell Sans / Edge / Abomination #13 and we had a blast this weekend. It’s hard to credit everyone, so very sorry for adding no group pictures. Couldn’t turn down this lovely Flowerfell Frisk though which I will credit later, As soon as I find her, that is. <3

Photographs vary as well. One of them (su-shi-san on Animexx) can be found here. The rest was just us really and some other people who got our camera shoved in their hands, whether they agreed on it or not. If you read this and took one of those photos, just let me know, I’ll credit you!

(This one actually is from a previous con but it just looked too good. Also different contact lenses because I’m still figuring out of to get a good effect.)

Oh hey, classic sans was there, too, if you haven’t noticed yet~ :D

Yep. It was fun!

Error!Sans and Errortale belongs to @loverofpiggies (please stay awesome), but if you’re reading this you probably already know. If you didn’t, please check @askerrorsans. It’s a pretty good read (that means it’s amazing and you miss something if you didn’t read it yet). 

I would also credit the creator of Underfell but I have no idea who started it. Sorry, it happens to become confusing. :’3


Chiang chen tzu

Ten years living and dead have drawn apart
I do nothing to remember
But I can not forget
Your lonely grave a thousand miles away …
Nowhere can I talk of my sorrow –
Even if we met, how would you know me
My face full of dust
My hair like snow?

In the dark of night, a dream: suddenly, I am home
You by the window
Doing your hair
I look at you and can not speak
Your face is streaked by endless tears
Year after year must they break my heart
These moonlit nights?
That low pine grave?


~Su Shi


Artemis: Su shi’s first wife was Wang Fu.  They married when she was sixteen and he was nineteen.  She died after bearing their son (it’s unclear whether it was during childbirth or shortly after).  Ten years after her death he wrote this poem after dreaming of her. 


From wiki:  “Su Shi (traditional Chinese: 蘇軾; simplified Chinese: 苏轼;pinyin: Sū Shì) (January 8, 1037 – August 24, 1101), was a writer, poet, artist, calligrapher, pharmacologist, gastronome, and statesman of the Song Dynasty, and one of the major poets of the Song era. His courtesy namewas Zizhan (子瞻) and his pseudonym was Dongpo Jushi (東坡居士), and he is often referred to as Su Dongpo (蘇東坡). Besides his renowned poetry, his other extant writings are of great value in the understanding of 11th century Chinese travel literature as well as details of the 11th century Chinese iron industry.”

Awaiting the New Year

by Su Tung-P'o

Awaiting the new year
Soon we’ll feel the year running out
like a snake going into its hole.
Long, scaly, already half disappeared,
the last trace will go; who can stop it?
I might want to tie its tail,
but even trying hard I know I can’t.

Children want to stay awake;
Noisy, cheerful adults keep watch together.
The rooster will omit to crow at dawn
and the drummer too will respect the celebrations.
We’ll sit for a long time, until the lamp burns down to ash,
then rise to see the plow stars turned downward in the north.

Another year may be more than nature will give.
Worried, fearing I’ve wasted my time,
I’ll exert myself to the utmost tonight.
Young enough still, I prize that ability.

Asian Actresses in Period Dramas - (Mini Masterlist)

It’s not as easy to find an abundance of pictures for Chinese actresses as it is for actresses from elsewhere. Let alone actresses in period dramas. If you’re not an avid drama-watcher and just want an actress who’ll fit your period faceclaim, you might not know who to start with or who’ll fit. Because of this problem, I’ve made a little list of Asian actresses/models (mostly Chinese) in period dramas. In this, I’ll list who has enough pictures and even videos for you to icon and/or gif.

When searching these actresses, try to search both their Chinese and English (if they have one) names. Also search for their name followed by the their movie/show name. For video resources, I use Youtube. Now, let’s start with…

Liu Shi Shi / Cecilia Liu

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high (predominately on tumblr)
Videos for gif & gif icons: High (video(s) to look for: Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3, Brotherhood of Blades)

Zhao Wei / Vicki Zhao

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high
Videos for gif & gif icons: Medium (video(s) to look for: Painted Skin, The Duel, Mulan: Rise of Warrior)

( more under the cut )

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Aging Chinese series style (Women) Only the hair ages, everything else remains the same.

Gong Li <The Dragon Maidens>, Li Bingbing <The Forbidden Kingdom>

Vicky Zhao <Painted Skin>, Zhou Xun <Painted Skin II>

Yang Mi <Xuanhai mi zong>, Tang Yan <Chinese Paladin 3>

Liu Shishi <The Fairies of Liao Zhai>,  Ma Su <The Bride with White hair>

Sun Xi <The Glamorous Imperial Concubine>, Zhang Meng <The Magic Blade>

I’m late to the hype but man, such a good episode 

Dreaming of My Deceased Wife on the Night of the 20th Day of the First Month


Su Shi (Su DongPo)

十年生死兩茫茫,           Ten years living and dead have drawn apart

不思量, 自難忘。          I do nothing to remember, but I cannot forget

千里孤墳,無處話淒涼。Your lonely grave a thousand miles away …

                                        Nowhere can I talk of my sorrow –

縱使相逢應不識,           Even if we met, how would you know me

塵滿面,鬢如霜。           My face full of dust, my hair like snow?

夜來幽夢忽還鄉,           In the dark of night, a dream: suddenly, I am home

小軒窗,正梳妝。           You by the window, doing your hair

相顧無言,惟有淚千行。I look at you and cannot speak,

                                       Your face is streaked by endless tears

料得年年腸斷處,          Year after year must they break my heart

明月夜,短松岡。          These moonlit nights? That low pine grave?

Exiled and away from his deceased wife. In Chinese tradition, husband and wife must be buried aside, lest they could not find each other and have comfort in the afterlife. The Poem Chiang Tien Zhu (or Jiang chengzi (江城子)) is a heart rendering illustration of some of the sorrows Su Dongpo had in his exiled old age days on Hainan Island. Fearing never to return to the mainland and left to perish and be forgotten instead of having the chance to be buried adjacent his beloved wife, Su wrote the following lines :

Ten years living and dead have drawn apart I do nothing to remember But I can not forget Your lonely grave a thousand miles away … Nowhere can I talk of my sorrow – Even if we met, how would you know me My face full of dust My hair like snow? In the dark of night, a dream: suddenly, I am home You by the window Doing your hair I look at you and can not speak Your face is streaked by endless tears Year after year must they break my heart These moonlit nights? That low pine grave? 

Su, then a withering old man, was pardoned in two years later in 1100 AD, rehabilitating him to some degree, and allowing him to return to his native home in Sichuan in order to die there peacefully. He died on August 24 of the year 1101 AD, about one year after his release from exile on Hainan Island, albeit not in his city of station, Chengdu, but in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province en route to yet another new Government posting. According to his wish his corpse was transported back to Sichuan Province in order to be buried adjacent his wife in the family grave. – from

A Chinese poem I got from my good friend Yang Yang, who’s leaving for his home in China.

It’s called ‘Shui Tiao Ko Tou’ - by Su Shi, and it’s very old:

Will a moon so bright ever arise again?

Drink a cupful of wine and ask of the sky.

I don’t know where the palace gate of heaven is,

Or even the year in which tonight slips by.

I want to return riding the whirlwind! But I

Feel afraid that this heaven of jasper and jade

Lets in the cold, its palaces rear so high.

I shall get up and dance with my own shadow.

From life endured among men how far a cry!

Round the red pavilion

Slanting through the lattices

Onto every wakeful eye,

Moon, why should you bear a grudge, O why

Insist in time of separation so to fill the sky?

Men know joy and sorrow, parting and reunion;

The moon lacks lustre, brightly shines; is all, is less.

Perfection was never easily come by.

Though miles apart, could men but live forever

Dreaming they shared this moonlight endlessly!

Su Shi: Caught in Snow

Snow detained me on New Year’s Eve,

Clear skies speed me on my way on New Year’s Day;

The east wind scatters the fumes of last night’s wine

As I jog along on my lean nag, half dreaming still

In the brilliant morning sunlight,

While a few last snowflakes whirl.

I dismount to drink in the open,

Lacking nothing now but someone to share my wine;

But at dusk clouds gather fast,

The whole air is thick with snow,

Flakes cling like goose feathers to my horse’s mane,

And I marvel to find myself riding a white phoenix.

Three years of drought in the east

Emptied cottage after cottage, whole households fled;

Old peasants cast aside their ploughs and sighed,

Swallowing tears which stung their famished guts.

The snow is late this spring,

But it is not too late to sow spring wheat;

Why complain, then, of the hardships of the journey?

Rather let me sing of your good harvest to come.











苏轼 - 水调歌头


How many times will the full moon rise?
Upholding a cup of wine, I ask the blue sky.
Tonight I wonder which year is passing by
In the heavenly paradise.

With the wind, I’d like to go there;
I’m afraid it’s too cold in the sky
With the jade-palace being too high.
Dancing to play with a cool shadow
Is analogous to our human world?

The moonlight is over my red corridor,
Looking at my gorgeous door;
Why I’m sleepless, I wonder.
Don’t blame on the moon any more;
Why does it turn full when we are farewell?

Man will vary with vicissitudes of life
The full moon alternates the crescent, rain or shine.
Nothing has been perfect since the ancient time.

However, may you live a long life;
The moon we share across 1000 miles.

By Su Dongpo.