White Diamond is connected to Rose’s room

Okay, so, we’ve already noticed that White Pearl and Rose’s room have had some odd coincidences.

For instance:

and also:

this has been pointed out by a few people.

but I was thinking: what if white diamond is connected to rose’s room?

what if she knew all along, and has been trying to contact steven (and maybe rose in the past) through her room???

after all, everything in rose’s room feels perfect and unnatural,

just like white pearl and white diamond.

i don’t know, i might add more onto this later because i dont have a lot of evidence yet, i just wanted to get a theory out there because i feel it could be plausible.

They Revealed That Steven Universe Was Pink Diamond In Season 2

Remember that episode “Say Uncle”? The April Fools episode in which “nothing was canon”?

Uncle Grandpa tells Steven that he needs to get his gem polished “twice a year”- every six months.

Looking back, this is strange. Rose Quartz does not need to be polished at all- it’s just not needed.

But, what does need to be polished twice a year? Diamond.

According to a gem cleaning website, TheSpruce, diamonds need to be professionally cleaned “once every six months”. Or twice a year.

A line ignored in an April Fools episode revealed the biggest plot twist in the show’s history.

Y'all, I’ve already said that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, thereby making Steven a diamond, so I’ll keep this brief …

Greg here represents Yellow Diamond

Pearl here represents Blue Diamond

All while Steven sings as Pink Diamond in the background

The background becomes Pink as Steven sings, “You both love me and I love both of you.”

We see that Steven, now Pink, cries while playing the piano and when his tear drops…

A rose blooms…

And then scatters… possible symbolizing death

And while Yellow and Blue mourn…

Pink stands right there… right between them…

And they didn’t even know it…

G U Y S …

Pearl has met other Pearls.

this heightens the theory that blue pearl and yellow pearl knew about, and possibly played a role in, the rebellion.

pearl MET blue and yellow pearl. they talked while pearl was at the height of her “learning to break the rules” phase. if they failed to convince the diamonds, what’s the next best thing? the gems closest to them.

and given the pearl’s reactions in The Trial to “and where was her Pearl?”

that’s panic. that’s “shit, does she know?!”

and then blue pearl’s reaction in the answer, to the fact that the rebellion would end:

interested. saddened, as much as she could be without showing it.

“Not all Pearls know each other, Steven.” — Pearl, Message Recieved

true. but i think you knew more than you’d like to admit, pearl.

god, listening to white diamond talk hurts because i KNOW that language

—“you certainly gave everyone a scare! they’re just thrilled to see you safe and sound”

aka: you wasted our time. we’re just worried for your safety and you’re being difficult

—“this latest little game of yours”

aka: your anger is childish and you always waste our time being difficult

—“did you get everything out of your system?”

aka: are you done being a brat? are you done being difficult?

and that welcome home: this is where you belong. this is what you deserve. you strayed. you were ungrateful. that won’t happen again.

a cornerstone of emotional abuse is making the victim feel like their emotions are childish, like they’re being difficult— they’re selfish, they’re a burden on their abuser and they deserve their punishment.

Steven Universe theory

Throughout Steven Universe, and especially in its recent episodes….one cut/lost eye has been prevalent in its imagery

we have 4 examples, yes 4. that i can think of. if you have any others let me know.

Most notably, Pink Lars

eyeball as well

cat steven 

but dont forget about garbanzo

now this got me thinking…….one eye…. steven is half diamond, the diamonds eyes have been something important in the series, especially in Jungle Moon 

it would be a logical conclusion that steven would at some point have diamond eyes, and that being a plot point. but since he’s half diamond. maybe one diamond eye……..maybe somehow, losing that eye? one last bit of imagery that backs this up.

literally has one pink eye


SU Spoilers

I have a theory on what exactly WD’s powers are: Permanence.

We know that YD can poof gems, and was able to heal the majority of Nephrite’s physical form. She has powers over gemkind’s physical projections.

BD obviously holds power over the emotions of gems, and their minds. She was able to heal Nephrite’s speech and return most of her mind.

PD healed the last bit of Nephrite, her ability to process. Her aura has the ability to speak to gems telepathically, and communicate effectively even with ones whose minds should not be able to understand(Nephrite, the Cluster).

Nephrite was fully healed and functional, until the three diamonds let go of her, which caused her to revert right back to being corrupted. Blue mentions that White might be what was missing.

White is… different. Blue and Pearl said it themselves. She obviously is implied to be the most powerful of the diamonds, as even Blue and Yellow seem to fear her. What could she possibly inflict that another diamond would fear?

White has the ability to harm gems in a permanent way. Even if a gem she strikes reforms, the damage remains. That is why her pearl’s eye is missing, but her gem unharmed. White will leave a lasting impact on gems without having to crack them, leaving them functional, but stricken with a wound that will always remind them of their insubordination, their powerlessness, their unimportance. No matter what another gem tries to do to reverse the damage, only she can undo it. Not even another diamond (or three) can make any lasting change to her work.

White Diamond is terrifying.

Blue Diamond Theory

Stop me if y'all’ve heard this before, but I just brought together a Steven Universe theory. 

So there’s a theory going around that White Diamond has the power to alter memories, right? This is supported largely by Centipeetle’s drawings where her memories are ‘whited out.’ 

Originally posted by itdapopo

She also draws her and her crew with green hair in all pics before the Whiteout. That could just be for the sake of ease, but you never know.

It’s also generally accepted that the attempt to remember is what worsens the corruption.

Now this’ll seem like a tangent, but it’ll all come together by the end.

We are all pretty familiar with this image by now:

Now I’d like to juxtapose the above with the following, focusing mostly on the hair.

Originally posted by zamasu

You could try to say that the dark blue hair in the mural is just her cowl, but take a closer look at the gif. Even if that is the case, something is off.

While we can’t very clearly see her hair color in the above gif (though given that it’s the exact same shade as the rest of the cowl when there’s enough light to shine on both her lips and her diamond makes me inclined to believe that it is a shade of blue, rather than white), we can see that it does not go across her chest as it does in the modern day:

Originally posted by zamasu

Now, some people who have pointed out the hair change just chalk it up to the crewniverse having been unsure of her design. While that’s not impossible, it does seem super unlikely lmao.

What seems more likely to me personally, and this is where I’m gonna tie it all back together, is that Blue changes because of White Diamond (or her currently unknown agents) directly.

See, we know a couple things. One, that Blue believes that Pink was shattered by Rose via a Sword:

Originally posted by sigilofmalice

(Can’t find a subbed gif, but there’s her whole “It was a SWORD” thing during the trial.)

Two, that Rose’s sword can never shatter any gem, much less a Diamond:

Originally posted by theworldofgems

So here we have:

* Centipeetle having a tampered-with memory
*Centipeetle having white hair (but drawing herself and her crew with green hair before the white diamond memory tampering)
*Centipeetle having named the diamond authority as the people who tampered with said memory
*Centipeetle being corrupted as a result.

*Blue having blue, or at least, noticeably different hair before Pink’s shattering
*Blue having misinformation (or faulty memory) regarding Pink’s shattering
*Blue now having white hair.

Soooo tldr: White Diamond fucked with Blue’s memory just like she did with the Centipeetle crew’s. This left all of them with white hair.

And just for shits and giggles, let’s have a bonus round.

Guess who else has solidly white (and not tinted, as with Holly Blue, Opal, Malechite, Jasper pre-corruption, etc) hair?

Another corrupted gem.

Bonus bonus round:

If White Diamond tampering with memories gives gems white hair, and if that is also tied to gem corruption, and if touching on the forgotten and/or altered memories quickens that corruption, it would add an entire other dimension to Yellow Diamond wanting to get the trial over with as quickly as possible. (Also, why she wants to keep Blue away from all of Pink’s stuff, beyond that just being her style of grieving)

If White Diamond altered Blue’s memories, as I suspect she did, then Yellow (who hasn’t changed, as far as I can tell) would want to prevent any corruption of Blue that might come as a result.

 ♫ Wouldn’t you rather forget her? ♫ 

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White Diamond Analysis

Hello! So I don’t usually do these kinds of posts, but the newest Steven Universe episode really got my brain working and I couldn’t hold back this time around. A few warnings before we continue, though, this post will contain spoilers for the Steven Universe episode Legs From Here to Homeworld. If you don’t want to be spoiled, please just scroll past this!!! I wish I could put this under a read more link, but sadly I’m on mobil and can’t do that. Next disclaimer is that this is all just for fun and so that I can get some thoughts out there. Nothing too serious!

Now that that’s out of the way, lets start.

What I want to talk about in this post is White Diamond and what kind of person she seems to be from what we have seen, and what kind of relationship she may have had with Pink Diamond. I have so many ideas and theories but I have narrowed it down to what might be the three most probable possibilities. The first two are rather bland, but the third is personally my favorite to think about.

First thought: White Diamond is exactly as she seems on the surface; she’s a passive aggressive villain who just plans to trap Pink on Homeworld. There isn’t much to say here, the way she acts, not letting Steven speak, using condescending language to mock how trivial she thinks Pink sees this whole ordeal as, all points to her being exactly as her first impression leads us to believe.

Second thought: She genuinely doesn’t understand the horror of the situation. She is mentally unstable, and judging by how even the crystal gems know of it, and Yellow and Blue never say it was Pink’s fault, she had always been that way. They act like she is not someone who can be spoken to or reasoned with, implying that she doesn’t have empathy.

The way she talks about everything only further proves this fact. “As for this latest little game of yours, thank the stars it’s over.” This could either just be her going by my first thought, or it could be a sign that she truly doesn’t grasp the weight of this whole ordeal like the other diamonds do, calling everything Pink instigated a “little game”.

Now, my third and final thought. The one that I personally have the most evidence behind, and the one I really like speculating about.

White Diamond is acting as a mother figure to Pink in her own way, a way that outsiders might find rather unsettling.

The first clue that hint toward this is the way she speaks to Steven, or, in her mind, Pink.

“Pink! There you are~ Hello, starlight, you certainly gave everyone a scare. They’re all just thrilled to see you safe and sound. As for this latest little game of yours, thank the stars it’s over. Did you have fun? Did you get everything out of your system? Good, good. Everyone is so relieved. Welcome home, Pink.”

First off, she greets Steven by saying “There you are”, as one might greet a child after having played a game of hide and seek. I’ll speak more about this later on. Not only that, but she calls Steven “starlight”, which seems like a cute pet name you might call a kid. She acts like she’s talking to a child, not losing her temper, not shouting, using little words to over simplify the situation, calling everything a game and acting like it was all just to let Pink get her rebellious energy out of her system.

On top of this, Yellow and Blue seemed terrified of upsetting White, acting like her anger would surely be a rampage, something loud and dangerous, not…. whatever that was. This could be one of two things, either White Diamond is that mother figure whose disapproval is the worst punishment, or she is the type of mother who blames the older siblings for the misadventures of the younger sibling, letting the littlest one off with a stern talking to while the eldest get a long lecture about how they should have been looking out for their own.

Her cheery demeanor also strongly resembles that of a parent who is trying to deal with her child who is acting up in public, a parent who doesn’t want to cause a scene and escalate the situation by shouting. In most cases, to avoid embarrassment, the parent would act with a forced sort of cheer to let their kid know they aren’t pleased without advertising to the world that they’re in trouble. White really seems to be practicing this sort of technique.

Even the way she dismisses Steven shows this; the way she says welcome home and sends him out safely in a bubble…. it’s almost like she is putting him in time out, or getting him out of the way before she does something nasty like yell at Yellow and Blue.

I just have one more thought, and it actually ties into my first clue regarding how she acts like this was all a game of hide and seek. Did you notice how rehearsed her monologue sounded? The way she gave Steven no time to speak, how perfectly she retained this practice sort of cheer, it all made me believe we were listening to a prerecorded message at first. Even her Pearl seemed ready and prepared to escort Steven to White Diamond. That wouldn’t make sense, though, because for that to be the case, she would have had to already know that Pink wasn’t dead the whole time, and there was no way for her to know that information until they arrived on Homeworld, right?

But you know how children like to play this game where they hide, but they tend to pick silly and rather obvious places? Under the blanket, behind a box that isn’t nearly big enough to conceal them, under a table with a short tablecloth…. most parents would play along, making a show of looking for them, acting dramatically distraught at having lost their child, playing along until they have their fill of the game and reveal themselves.

When their child finally comes out of hiding, a parent might say “There you are!”. A parent might feign relief at seeing their child “safe and sound”. A parent might tell their child they “gave everyone a scare”.

White Diamond did call this whole thing a little game, didn’t she?


Potential Rocknaldo Foreshadowing?

“I think it’d be like deep in my heart, or like a million tiny crushed up gems, like one crushed up gem coursing through my blood.”

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!”

“This is the Crystal Heart! It’s connected to the most dangerous areas of the temple.”

Does this mean that Pink Diamond’s shards power the Crystal Heart?

PD’s descendant is CONNIE

Wow. Just wow.

Stranded was one of the best reveals I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.

Too bad everyone misunderstood it.

Note first and foremost who we saw playing the role of Yellow diamond in Stevonnie’s dream. Priyanka, not any woman in Steven’s life, but Connie’s own mother. In retrospect, it kind of should have been obvious seeing as this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a maheshwaran woman with diamond-shaped pupils

It’s not even the first time today

And this has been going back as far as season 1A

Note that this isn’t a stylistic thing. Steven’s eyes are stars when he’s excited. Only the Maheshwarans have those lucy-in-the-sky eyes

That’s not the only diamond resemblance either

Nor is it a secret that Connie is a future world-leader

Steven: “Because dad, I can’t stay a kid forever, when Connie grows up and becomes president what is that gonna make me? First Boy?!”

Steven’s Birthday

You want to know just how un-subtle this is?

Pink Diamond is literally the lord (well, lady) of Rose Quartzes like Steven Universe!

I mean, come the fuck on, look at the facts! Look what this explains.

Q: “Why can Connie fuse with Steven despite being human?”
A: “Because she’s gem-hybrid”

Q: “Why can Connie hold a sword made for an 8-foot woman with super strength?”
A: “Because she’s a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Q: “How did Rose know she was going to die in childbirth?”
A: “Because Connie is a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Edit:  To clarify, I don’t think Connie is half-gem or Priyanka is Yellow Diamond. I think that they both are the distant descendants of Pink Diamond and a human. At some point there must have been a (possibly male) descendant who couldn’t pass on the gem through childbirth

Edit 2: Look at this art Steven Sugar (former storyboard artist, basis for Steven and Rebecca Sugar’s brother) drew not too long ago