Já fechei meus olhos e te imaginei. Várias vezes, repetidamente, involuntariamente e sem descanso. Você, eu, jantares, filmes, mãos dadas, sorrisos, beijos, beijos e sorrisos, dedos entrelaçados, o encaixe perfeito entre nossos corpos, mais sorrisos, suspiros, beijos, seus olhos me abraçando tão forte que não conseguia desviar meu olhar. E cada vez que eu fechava os olhos, a ideia de infinito me corrompia mais e mais. Até que numa manhã eu percebi que não sentia mais vontade de abrir os olhos se não fosse para te ver de verdade. Eu preferia te fitar na minha imaginação. No entanto, hoje eu só consigo ver a cor preta quando estou de olhos fechados. E é melhor assim, porquê quando alguém quebra seu infinito milhares de pedacinhos, qualquer caco proveniente dele pode te causar cortes profundos. E tenho muito medo de nunca me sarar dos cortes que já tenho. Pois sua ausência dói e te ver, mesmo que na minha imaginação, é cruel.
—  Salvador, 1997.
An Incomplete List of Things I Would Rather Do Than Watch Spencer Reid Suffer

1. Drive around my college campus trying to find a parking spot
2. Calculate the mass of the sun
3. Have mosquito bites between my toes
4. Have 8 A.M. classes every semester until I graduate
5. Wake up one minute before my alarm
6. Go back to middle school
7. Look up Grey’s Anatomy spoilers
8. Comb Donald Trump’s hair
9.Bathe in a rattlesnake pit
10. Any kind of physical activity
11. Wear crocs with socks
12. Eat a chocolate laxative for dessert
13. Hug a cactus
14. Moisturize with mayonnaise
15. Give up liquor
16. Spend 6 hours in Wal-Mart with my grandma (this actually happened)
17. Only listen to Kidz Bop
18. Wear wet socks
19. Run in Mr. Moseby’s lobby
20. Get up to pee in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep
21. Have Mushu curse dishonor on me, dishonor on my cow, and dishonor on my whole family
22. Get stabbed by the underwire in my bra
23. Listen to Ross play the bagpipes
24. Have my great grandma descend from heaven to tell me how fat I’m getting
25. Have my mom tell me to fix my face before she fixes it for me
26. Ask her to go to McDonald’s and get asked if I have McDonald’s money

I could go on…this list is a work in progress


For @marvelfanlife…reader leads a team as requested. Enjoy! His smile kills me

Y/N licked her teeth in annoyance as she watched Aaron Hotchner’s team enter the building. She tapped her pencil against her head as she pursed her lips. She wasn’t sure why, but ever since she started leading her own BAU unit at Quantico, Aaron Hotchner seemed to despise her. He always seemed to be giving her and her team snide looks or rolling his eyes at them.

She had asked Garcia why he seemed so cold to her and her team. Penelope dismissed it saying he just seemed like he hated everyone. As a joke, the tech analyst compared Y/N’s and Hotch’s track records with cases. The pair’s eyes widened when they realized the two teams were the best the BAU had. Even more shocking, Y/N’s team had closed more cases than Hotch’s team. Suddenly, it made sense. Hotch was jealous of her team’s record.

However, this didn’t make her smug or feel better. If anything, she was angry he assumed she looked down on him. Regardless, if she wanted to keep the environment the way it was at Quantico, she couldn’t confront the man.

A knock on her open office door pulled her from her thoughts. She blinked before turning toward her team member Brooks. He was arching a brow as he smirked. The Puerto Rican mumbled something. Y/N arched a brow.

“What was that?”
He chuckled. “Nothing pana,” Brooks paused, “They aren’t bad people.”
“Agent Hotchner’s team. They’re stable for a job like ours. Not to mention they’re amazing at what they do: cohesive.”

Y/N sighed as she leaned forward on her desk.

“I know,” she muttered, pausing, “Did you need something?”
Brooks nodded. “Yeah. That professor from the last case faxed you some more news clippings.”

Brooks walked further into her office while handing her a file. Y/N chuckled, remembering the quirky professor. She knew not to underestimate the cooky, considering he sent the red flag for the case they had worked in his town. He was eclectic, but he was smart.

“Thanks. Is it bad that I’m hoping we don’t have to see him again?”
Brooks smirked. “No. That’d probably be good news.”

A knock at her door caused her to look up. She swallowed her reaction when she noticed Aaron standing in her doorway.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked.
Y/N’s eyes flicked to Brooks. “Thank you. Now get some rest.”

Brooks nodded before leaving the room. He sent a wink to his boss before disappearing. Y/N inhaled while sending a weak smile toward the supervisory agent. She noticed he was holding a file as well.

“What can I do for you, Agent Hotchner?”
He glanced down. “It seems part of my team ran into a contact of yours. She wanted us to pass along a file.”
She nodded, taking it from him. “I see. Well, I appreciate you delivering it to me.”

Aaron nodded while letting go of the file. He kept his gaze low while he was debating. Y/N opened the two new folders she had received and started to rifle through them. After a few lingering moments, Hotchner spoke up.

“I hate to admit it, but your team is amazing,” he complimented.

Hearing him say something so nice shocked Y/N. Her head snapped up in confusion. She cocked her head to the side while evaluating the man. Feeling a bit awkward, he continued to talk.

“They’re very skilled at what they do…”
“Thank you…,” she paused, still confused, “I’m sorry, did you just compliment me?”
Hotch glanced around a bit. “Yes I did,” he paused, “Is that surprising?”
“A little, yeah,” she replied, eyebrows raising, “To be honest, I thought you hated me.”
It was Aaron’s turn to be confused. “Why would you think that?”
“Um…we’ve never spoken. You always send me glares. Not once have you said anything in regards to my team. Not to mention, you never apologized for spilling coffee on me.”
He blushed. “You remember that?”
She nodded. “It was my first day as a unit chief. Hard to forget.”
Aaron rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I admit, I’ve grown to be a bit competitive with our teams.” He chuckled, smiling anxiously. “Would you believe I was nervous?”
Y/N knit her brows. “About what?”
“Talking to you,” he answered honestly, beautiful eyes staring into hers, “I, uh, this was the first time I thought I could talk to you without being a fumbling mess. Or, at least, not spill coffee everywhere.”

Her confused expression gradually morphed into a beaming smile. She had no idea how much she loved his smile. He should definitely do it more. Aaron eventually stopped laughing. His nerves were entirely taking over. It was a feeling he hadn’t had in a long time. She smirked.

“Well,” she drawled, “maybe you could buy me that coffee before helping me look over these files?”
Aaron’s eyes widened briefly. He smiled. “That-That sounds nice.”

Y/N smiled while standing up. She grabbed her files before walking over to Aaron. He motioned for her to go first, which she gratefully did. The man grinned to himself before closing her office door. Rossi was right; it was worth the possible embarrassment.

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  • <p> <b>Husband:</b> "Turn here."<p/><b>Me:</b> "What's the street name?"<p/><b>Husband:</b> "D... Don't make me say it..."<p/><b>Me:</b> "What?"<p/><b>Husband:</b> "It's called... Please don't do the thing..."<p/><b>Me:</b> "I don't even know where we are, what's the street name?"<p/><b>Husband:</b> ........ "Lafayette."<p/><b>Me:</b> .......<p/><b>Husband:</b> ........ "Don't-"<p/><b>Me:</b> "I'M TAKING THIS HORSE BY THE REIGNS MAKING RED COATS REDDER WITH BLOODSTAINS!"<p/><b>Husband:</b> ....... "Please, no..."<p/><b>Me:</b> "AND IM NEVER GUNNA STOP UNTIL I MAKE EM DROP, BURN EM UP, AND SCATTER THEIR REMAINS I'M-"<p/></p>
Superhero Soulmates AU

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

Superman ✧ Physical Empathy Link ✧12345
Flash ✧ Tracker ✧123
Red Hood ✧ Timer 12
Batman Subconscious Link ✧1

Physical empathy link 
     You don’t feel their pain but your body wears your soulmate’s wounds and scars. You heal when your soulmate heals, but your soulmate heals only if you heal.

Emotional empathy link
    You feel what they feel.

    There’s a countdown for when you’ll meet your soulmate.

     There’s a measurement for how far/close your soulmate is.

Mortality Link
      When you’re 18 you only continue to age once you meet your soulmate. Some heroes and villains take advantage of this opportunity for immortality.

Subconscious link
    You and your soulmate share the same dreams lucidly.

Conscious link
    You and your soulmate have an involuntary telepathic connection.

Double vision
     Your right eye sees what your soulmate sees. In this special case eye-patches are worn to prevent double vision. Some people cover their left eye and watch the world through their soulmate’s eyes.

Identical birthmark
     You have the same birthmark.

Memory link
     Your past memories change to include your soul mate in your happiest moments, as if they’ve always been there, up until the moment you finally meet your soulmate.

Other Half
     A small memento broken in half is found in the blanket you’re wrapped in as a newborn child, and the other half belongs to your soulmate. Losing this memento will rid your chances of finding your soulmate. There have been rumors that criminals steal mementos and sell them in the black market, altering fate.

His Kryptonite

SSA Superman ✧1✧2345

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

           You’re one of the unlucky ones. You got a physical empathy link. You don’t feel the pain your soulmate feels but your body experiences it. You wear their wounds and scars.

           Except there are never any scars. You only get the occasional bruises and scratches that quickly disappear, like they were never there. That’s how you know your soul mate has powers.

           This should’ve put your mind at ease, if not for the fact that you don’t get to share their super healing.

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His Kryptonite (Part 4)

SSA Superman123✧4✧5

          He’s running out of time.

           Your head is spinning and you can feel velvet carpet against your cheek. The soft material tickles your skin and it snaps you awake when you realize your apartment doesn’t have carpet.

           You quickly push yourself off the ground, earning that vertigo feeling in your skull. You caress your head as you wait for the spinning to settle.

           Slowly, you examine what’s in front of you and notice a double wooden door. The walls of the room was dark brown which complemented the serious atmosphere of the room. You can feel the soft glow of dusk from the windows behind you. You slowly turn around and tense at the sight of the man leaning against his table.

           “Lex.. L-Luthor?”

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When it comes to sleeping next to Spencer, be prepared to sleep facing each other with your legs tangled together. He likes having you close but he likes facing you rather than spooning…he likes to fall asleep looking at your face and wake up to it too.


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I just feel that Hotch would definitely be a big spoon kind of guy. I feel that his protective nature would still be present as he sleeps and he would want you as close to him as possible…because he loves you and he wants to keep you safe.


Originally posted by katonamor

When it comes to sleeping, there is no one position that you guys prefer. You guys move around quite a lot through out the night so you never wake up the same position you fell asleep in. The one thing that is constant however is that you guys always have contact with each other you guys never stick to your own sides of the bed.

A/N: Sorry, I had to haha…I’ve been wanting to fall asleep for over an hour now and I just can’t get myself sleepy enough ahaha oh well, hope you guys like it haha xoxo