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My Advice To Those Moving On To College
  1. Everyone at college is there for a reason, they all came to succeed and they’re all competing for the same future with a nice house and a perfect life. Don’t fall behind.
  2. Take your time and listen. People are smarter than you think. You’ll learn way more than writing papers and how the cell works.
  3. Be open to new things and try out different clubs, the campus is yours to do with as you please.
  4. Surround yourself with people in your major.
  5. Don’t compare your grades with someone else’s if you know it’s going to put yourself down. Everyone learns at a different pace.
  6. Don’t try to maintain a long-distance relationship from high school.
  7. Everyone has a sloppy night. Or five.
  8. The Greek life isn’t for everyone, but you should still join in the rush process for the sake of curiosity.
  9. Explore beyond the campus.
  10. Try to save as much money as possible, from buying cheap textbooks to saving the limited money on your I.D. card for late night coffee. Don’t buy things you don’t need.
  11. Don’t do hard drugs. Burning holes into your brain isn’t worth a concert you won’t remember.
  12. Decorate your dorm room at the beginning of the year.
  13. Please talk to your parents. Home will feel so empty without you there.
  14. Be nice. Compliment everyone with a smile and occasionally ask how their day is going.
  15. Getting close and vulnerable is scary, and most college guys want to party and don’t want to settle down, so be careful.
  16. Have a beer and go to parties and live a little. Its ok to have fun and let loose.
  17. Write your feelings and thoughts down. You are the only person in this world who is living your life from your eyes. You will want something tangible in the future that reminds you how you felt about the smallest things.
  18. A messy room reflects a messy life. Take time out of your day to clean your room and fold your clothes and wash your clothes and organize everything. Then go shower and take a nap in the middle of the day.
  19. Take advantage of those fours years and all that money you’re paying by finding a minor or two, or even double majoring.
  20. Get a job.
  21. You want to learn how to hip hop dance or fencing? Do it. Add a fun class to your schedule. But classes are rarely “easy A’s” in college.
  22. Its ok to have an existential crisis and wonder what your purpose in life is.
  23. Become the person you would ideally fall in love with.
  24. Go to lecture and take the extra time to review so that you’re not cramming half a textbook two days before a final. Cramming for college is one of the worst parts of college and it makes you feel stupid.
  25. Listen to music ALL THE TIME. When you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re doing work. When you listen to one of those songs in a couple months, you’ll be smiling to yourself as a wave of memories come washing in. 

Everyone should have a chance to dorm, its a great experience. College is a level beyond high school in the sense that no one fucks around anymore. Whatever you do, don’t forget why you’re there and don’t underestimate the workload. School is always a priority, so don’t slack off. Getting your shit together is five times as hard as messing it up.

I wish you guys the best.

Sooo, guess who’s a free bitch?



Just submitted my last paper in my whole undergrad college career. 

No more fucking papers!

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I just find it funny that Rush Hour has the best gifs to express how I feel….but here’s one Yuzu gif:

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That’s me kissing them papers goodbye~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!



Babymetal Bond Moments 5/10 ~ Moa at Su’s Graduation

Moa had an immensely difficult time giving her congratulations to Su on her graduation. She was able to tearily get through her speech, though, ending with a loud “I LOVE YOU,” and then going to hug Su.

Hmmm….. guess I should practice drawing Peridot with actual hands and socks because I’m sure as heck not used to it yet xD

Being almost 5 ft. tall without shoes, details in cartoons usually “fly over my head,” but not this time BWAHAhaha… people normally think i’m a high schooler ‘cause of my height and appearance, but i’m a graduate student >_<

Rachel Dolezal: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


1 She is was an advocate for Black rights.

2. This fiasco has caused the nation to once again seriously consider race relations in America.

3. She looks a million times better with her new look. (Honestly!)


1. 10 years of deceiving people in this manner. 

2. Despite her lies, she was not raised in South Africa, and has never even visited.

3. She claims that, as part Native American, ¨she had been born in a tepee and was required to hunt and gather her food as a child¨.

4. Rachel dislikes the movie ¨The Help because ¨A white woman makes millions off of a black woman’s story.“ JUST. WOW.

5. She somehow still takes privilege, minus all the real suffering we´ve had as African Americans dealing with stereotypes, racism, colorism, and discrimination. (But revokes it for financial gain.)


1. She got a full-ride scholarship (to historically Black college, Howard) by misrepresenting herself, and never speaking up about it. Breaking News: After graduating, she sued them for Racial discrimination after losing the tuition!! In her Today Show interview she claims it is ¨injustice¨ that they´d rather the scholarship go to Blacks. Unconscionable.

2. Using Affirmative Action, She took a paying position as a police/community relations person in her community.

3. She claims her parents beat her with wooden boards, and her siblings with a something like a ¨baboon whip¨ (describing a slavery weapon) to ¨punish us by skin complexion¨. She said that a punishment could be ¨confinement for 2-3 months, with nothing but a mattress and a Bible.¨ What person invent such gruesome stories about their parents for christssake ?

4. In 1 of 5 videos for the thesis of a student interviewing Rachel on race relations in America she makes a shocking comment: Light skinned privilege is similar to white privilege … that might not be there for somebody of a darker complexion. And as much a I hate that that exists [*smiling*], I always see at as… okay, I have an opportunity to use whatever works. Wait a second. Did she literally just AGREE with the premise of colorism??? That explains that lawsuit!

5. On the Today Show she says that she regrets NOTHING she´s done or said, aside from stupid responses to some interviewing questions. This to me sounds like saying I wish I could have told better lies to not get caught. Okay, lack of empathy? Check. Outrageous attention seeking? Check. Pathological manipulation… ? I could go on and on.

6. The NAACP somehow wants to make her deceit a non-issue, when it most certainly is. They are pacifying the very person whom they should be vilifying. Whether or not she is qualified as a white person to fill her NAACP position is a moot point. It was their duty to make a more profound statement about Dolezal´s character and reputation by denouncing her. After all, WHAT DOES DONALD STERLING´S OPINION ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE TO DO WITH HIM OWNING A SPORTS TEAM? Yet he was suspended for life from basketball, while for Mrs. Dolezal there is zero recourse from the goddamn National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?? Tell me NAACP, how has implicitly condoning such behavior with your non-action and nonchalant words advanced the situation of my people? I await your response.

7. She has gone to the police NINE TIMES claiming that she is the victim of a hate crime. One she claims involved guns being pointed at her; one claims that white supremists have ¨burglarized ever home she´s ever ¨lived in¨; another claim of a noose on her porch; a new claim of swastikas on a building; yet another claim an envelope of 20 pages of notes including pictures of lynchings. This was a tangible note however. That somehow didn´t have any postal markings or stamps on it… So she created it herself to take to police??? And some of you want to EXCUSE this woman?! Our women can barely speak up about sexual assault without being thought liars or exaggerators, yet when a white woman speaks of vicious emotional assault like hate crimes (without evidence to back it) no one thinks twice. The reach of White privilege is never ending. 

 Why do Black people get demonized for assimilating to a societal ideal of the White person, but when the tables are turned people like Rachel Dolezal get a pass? In what world is one more acceptable than the other?

Oh, America.