styrofoam ball

The making of my Megara wig

Materials I used:

4 full brown wigs (1 with a skin top part purchased off Amazon and Ebay)
2 brown half wigs (purchased off Ebay)
1  4 inch styrofoam ball
1 nylon sock
Gold leaf ribbon
My weight in bobby pins
Hair dryer
1 inch curling iron
Seam ripper
Needle & thread
Sewing machine
Hair clips

The wig I bought was parted in the center so the first thing I had to do was rip out the parting and all the wefts on top so it could be moved to the side. I then sewed in all the shorter and “bangs” areas from from all the wigs I purchased to fill in the gap.

Then I took the styrofoam ball, put it inside the nylon sock and tied the end. Then, I cut off the extra and sewed the nylon to the top of the wig where I wanted the ponytail to be. I took all the extra wigs and wefts and sewed them together. I sewed the bottom of each of the wig cap areas to the top of the next wig cap area so the ponytail part appeared longer. I then took that and sewed it to the base wig around the styrofoam/nylon ball. Then I took individual parts that were left over on the base wig and one by one I cross it, either over or under the ball, blasted it with hairspray, then the hairdryer, and secured it with a bobby pin. I did this until the hair looked like it was in a ponytail. I then took out some of the more unnecessary bobby pins.

Next I curled everything!! I took my 1 inch curler and curled sections like I would normally curl my own hair but before I let the hair out of the curler, I caught it and pinned it up until it had completely cooled.

Finally I tied the gold leaf ribbon around the ponytail area. I also sewed in hair clips to the inside of the cap so it could stay on my head better. It’s not an exact Megara style, but if you’ve followed my cosplays you should know I prefer inspired-by looks more than an exact copy. I’m a designer not a replicator… as I’ve said many times before.


Nonon Jakuzure Hat - 2014

1. The base is constructed from a baseball hat and a few sheets of plastic canvas hand-sewn together.

2. I covered the hat in a batting fabric to keep it opaque when light shines on it (if that makes sense?)

3. All the little details are made from craft foam

4. The Monkey skull is made of Model Magic with an Aluminum core. (I would not recommend using Model Magic, it likes to crack when it dries, as I found out later with this project)

5. I covered the hat in the same fabric that I made the dress out of. The white trim is bias tape.

6. Front view of the completed hat. I added feathers to the top. The pink hemispheres are made from styrofoam balls covered in model magic.

7. Side view of the completed hat.

8. The completed costume!~
Side Note: I later added a bucket handle for the strap and attached pink buttons!

Farore from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle series is mostly finished!  Last weekend was spent working on the wig, which is made from a base, two styrofoam balls, and two ponytail clips.  This was my first time making a hairbun and I was pretty pleased with how straightforward it was so long as you make sure that all of the hair is firmly pinned down on either end.

Believe it or not, the dress was made completely from stash fabric, a combination of Ugly Stepsisters and Belle leftovers.  Always save your big scraps!

Decided to make a tutorial on how I made my star Butterfly wand. I didn’t have enough money to get it 3d printed, or worbla, or even get an old mickey mouse wand that lit up. So I went a cheap route that also ended up looking okay.

Materials needed:

Hot glue.

Mod podge

Polymer clay.

Model magic.

Craft foam.

Styrofoam ball. I would say a 4″. It’s usually the medium sized one you find at Michaels.

purple paint. Dark purple or lighter that depends on you.

Blue paint. Three shades. Dark. Light and super light. 

Yellow paint. Pink paint. Gold paint.

A ton of glitter. I mean a ton. TONNN. *whispers* a ton.


1- First take the Styrofoam ball and cut off a inch, and a half off of the front. Since the front of Star’s wand has that flat surface for the front. I used a normal kitchen knife for this step since styrofoam is pretty easy to cut through. JUST BE CARE FULL!!

2- Take some of your craft foam, and trace the front of the styrofoam ball. Making a circle! That’s for the front. You take that circle and paint it with the dark blue paint.

3- Take the foam again, and cut out five one inch long strips (they should be almost an inch wide. I’m pretty bad at measurements lol) Take them, use the medium shade of blue and make a point. Paint the side that will be facing the star later on the medium blue, and then the other side lighter blue.

4- I made the hearts in the center of the inch long strips of foam out of foam. But you can use whatever you want. Just make sure to paint them pink after!! 

5- Time for the main focal point of this bad boy. Take your polymer clay and cut out a star with it. Then take something sharp. A pin, safety pin…etc. Go around the edges to make an indent. The distance you choose from the edge is totally up to you. Throw that bitch in the oven at 125 degrees for about fifteen minutes. Depends on the thickness.

6- I didn’t have time to get a piece of wood to cut out for a handle. So I just used polymer clay for it. My handle is about 8 inches long. At least an inch, and a half of it is in the styrofoam ball.  Put in the oven at 125 degrees, same time as the star if not longer. 

7- Make the crown on top of the wand that,that butterfly looking thing for the center. And the little heart for the bottom. aka the charger. Put it in the oven at 125 for 15 minutes. (Becareful with the heart at the bottom. Mine kept popping off because it’s at a very odd angle)

8-Model magic time. You take it and cover the entire back of the ball with it. Smooth it out the best you can. I know this shit is a pain in the ass. Let it dry over night or for two days. It depends on when you do it. Mine dried over night.

9- Take the foam again to make the wings for the side. I used a template by pulling up a photo of the wand, and tracing the wings. Then put them against the ball cutting it to make sure the inside of the curve rested against the ball. 

Paint them white even if you already used white foam. 

10- Paint everything that has been stated so far. 

11- Glue the one inch strips that you painted the two shades of blue onto the darker blue circle. Make sure the stars main point is facing up. The one inch pieces should be under each point of the star. Then glue the pink hearts between them. This gives it that 3D look. Then glue the circle to the styrofoam ball.

12- This is when you put down more model magic hiding the edges of where the ball, and foam meet. Try your best to make it all even. This was the hardest part to do for me. Then when it’s dry paint it. Be careful about it!

13- Take the handle and use it to carve a small indent. A place where the handle can sit secure enough for you to hold. Then hot glue the shit out of it. Make sure the handle is super snug. 

14- Take the model magic again, and make a small dome at the end of the handle. Let it dry, and paint it yellow.

15-Glue on the crown, butterfly, heart, and the wings to the side.

16- Take your mod podge in a cup.The first coat should just be mod podge by itself. Paint it all over. Make sure to get it in any cracks you find. It’ll fill it up. Model magic likes to crack so that will probably be the only thing with crack. 

Then pour some glitter into your mod podge cup and coat the wand in glitter. I put four coats at least. Because I’m a glitter nutjob

The picture should help out with a better reference if some of my words don’t make sense. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 


ive been meaning to do a write-up on how i styled my friend’s penny wig for eons but i’m horrifically lazy and keep forgetting BUT HERE WE GO. AT LONG LAST. PENNY WIG.

i took a bunch of progress pictures but…. they were on my old broken phone so i dont have them anymore so i’m just gonna generally explain what i did

note: this was super duper experimental and the end result was really fragile and there are absolutely better ways to do this and please, if you so desire, take my basic ideas and improve it

base wig was an arda inigo in light copper red. i had some long wefts in the same color left over from an abandoned project so i also used those, but short wefts should work fine

i also used: a whole lot of got2b glued hairspray, styrofoam balls, hot glue, tacky glue, a comb

i sewed a couple rows of wefts into the back of the base wig just for extra thickness and the rest went into the curls

the shape of the wig was achieved by separating the wig and pinning up the top half of hair and heavily teasing the under layers and using heat, hairspray and my hands to form it into the general shape i wanted. once i had that, i just combed the top layers down over it and tucked it underneath the 

getting it to stay tucked under was a challenge lmao it took a lot of hairspray AND tacky glue but it worked in the ends

heres the one and only progress pic i have left ripp 

the left side is what it looked like after i had teased it! 

heres where the styrofoam balls came in. i already had a whole lot of styrofoam in my house already so i just found ones that were SMALLER than the curl i had and then used hot glue to cover them. i honestly didnt do a fantastic job of it and its really messy 

here is a tutorial on gluing wig fiber to styrofoam if you need it

i covered the entire balls in hair, but focused on what i decided would be the front, making it a spiral so itd look as natural as possible

after that, i just glued it into the curl as carefully as possible. it was not a fun time.

here’s where i had the most trouble: styrofoam covered in glue and hair is HEAVY, way too heavy to stay up on its own. it just.. kept falling down. my solution was to put a jar under the curl that was the same height as it to keep it from falling and then to use a needle and thread and knot it in the hair of the curl and sew it to the cap of the wig. 

if you’re going to do that i 100% advise using embroidery thread or something a lot stronger than regular thread because it ended up snapping

there are probably much better ways of doing this tho. i was completely making things up as i went along so i had to figure a solution out on the spot so im sure if youre gonna do this you could figure out an armature or a better way to support the styrofoam balls!

hopefully that made sense and it can help someone else! this wig was an adventure haha. 


Decorative DIY Bean Balls

These little decorative ball thingies that they sell at overpriced home decor stores…you can cheaply and “sort of” easily make at home with

  • legumes/small beady material
  • styrofoam balls
  • a small glue gun

And that’s basically it. Just kick back on a Friday night, get a glass of whiskey, add a Netflix documentary marathon, and start gluing beans to balls.

Here I used adzuki, green soybeans, black beans, black eyed peas, pigeon peas and channa dal. You can use coffee beans, pistachio shells, whatever~ Protip: Mung beans are a little too small to handle IMO and anything bigger than cranberry beans are too big and bulky. Depending on the size of the ball, this will take you a few hours and possibly a few burned finger tips.