styrofoam ball

do you need some help with your glue gun?

for @kixboxer for reasons. <3 

do you remember that craft store au we chatted about ages ago? well. 

Yuuri almost has a heart attack the moment that Victor Nikiforov, host of What The Craft on Detroit Public Access TV, walks into Michael’s. As he dies in a god awful green vest, all he can think is that hot gluing the defibrillator last week was a mistake. And that he’s suing those tv cameras from beyond the grave because they were nowhere close to capturing how attractive Victor actually is.

Yuuri wants to help him with his glue gun. Instead he hides.

Victor leaves twenty minutes later after circling every aisle at least three times.



chris: green sweater vest?

victor: his name is YUURI



chris: victor. PLEASE.


“Excuse me?” Victor says, tapping Yuuri on the shoulder. Somewhere between “I should have ironed my underwear” and “digging my own grave won’t be so bad” Victor’s arrived at end of the aisle. Where Yuuri’s arranging styrofoam balls into a suspiciously human shaped arrangement. He didn’t even have fair warning to hide this time.

“Can you help me?” Yuuri asks. No. Wrong order. Fuck.

Victor looks Yuuri up and down. And then back up again. “Can I?” The tips of his ears are flushed. Yuuri’s not sure why. It’s not that cold yet.

(When Celestino starts putting Baileys in his coffee, that’s when it’s really winter.)

“I um. I mean. Things? Supplies?”

Yuuri manages to help Victor find what he needs. He’s not sure how Victor’s so unfamiliar with the store layout—he’s seen Victor’s show and he goes through a lot of felt. Just when Yuuri thinks he’s done, Victor has another question, all the way until Yuuri rings up his total.

(Yuuri’s not even supposed to work at the register.)

“What are your hours?” Victor asks, playing with the on and off button on his phone.

“Oh well, our hours are on the door…”

“No. What days are you here?”


Paper Mache Tricks and Tips

In the age of thermoplastics and resins paper mache seems a little unglamorous and low-tech, but it’s still worth considering as a material if you’re getting into prop and armor-making.  If you have low budget for your project but plenty of time in which to complete it, it’s worth a thought.

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Decorative DIY Bean Balls

These little decorative ball thingies that they sell at overpriced home decor stores…you can cheaply and “sort of” easily make at home with

  • legumes/small beady material
  • styrofoam balls
  • a small glue gun

And that’s basically it. Just kick back on a Friday night, get a glass of whiskey, add a Netflix documentary marathon, and start gluing beans to balls.

Here I used adzuki, green soybeans, black beans, black eyed peas, pigeon peas and channa dal. You can use coffee beans, pistachio shells, whatever~ Protip: Mung beans are a little too small to handle IMO and anything bigger than cranberry beans are too big and bulky. Depending on the size of the ball, this will take you a few hours and possibly a few burned finger tips.


The Energon Harvester Prop!

Took about 4 hrs to make. I’m overall happy with how it turned out. I realy had to brainstorm so it could transform to replicate the likenes of it in the show.

I spent some time texturing the paint to have some patina look and give it a nice contrast to make the details on the plating look a little weathered around the edges and make the rest stand out.

It is built using a Styrofoam ball as the base. I melt cut to accomodate the transforming mechanisms and the battery packs. :)

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The making of my Megara wig

Materials I used:

4 full brown wigs (1 with a skin top part purchased off Amazon and Ebay)
2 brown half wigs (purchased off Ebay)
1  4 inch styrofoam ball
1 nylon sock
Gold leaf ribbon
My weight in bobby pins
Hair dryer
1 inch curling iron
Seam ripper
Needle & thread
Sewing machine
Hair clips

The wig I bought was parted in the center so the first thing I had to do was rip out the parting and all the wefts on top so it could be moved to the side. I then sewed in all the shorter and “bangs” areas from from all the wigs I purchased to fill in the gap.

Then I took the styrofoam ball, put it inside the nylon sock and tied the end. Then, I cut off the extra and sewed the nylon to the top of the wig where I wanted the ponytail to be. I took all the extra wigs and wefts and sewed them together. I sewed the bottom of each of the wig cap areas to the top of the next wig cap area so the ponytail part appeared longer. I then took that and sewed it to the base wig around the styrofoam/nylon ball. Then I took individual parts that were left over on the base wig and one by one I cross it, either over or under the ball, blasted it with hairspray, then the hairdryer, and secured it with a bobby pin. I did this until the hair looked like it was in a ponytail. I then took out some of the more unnecessary bobby pins.

Next I curled everything!! I took my 1 inch curler and curled sections like I would normally curl my own hair but before I let the hair out of the curler, I caught it and pinned it up until it had completely cooled.

Finally I tied the gold leaf ribbon around the ponytail area. I also sewed in hair clips to the inside of the cap so it could stay on my head better. It’s not an exact Megara style, but if you’ve followed my cosplays you should know I prefer inspired-by looks more than an exact copy. I’m a designer not a replicator… as I’ve said many times before.

20 facts about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • The cast wasn’t allowed to see the Chocolate Room set until the scene where they first emerge into the room was shot, so their reactions are genuine.
  • Charlie’s reaction to Wonka declaring he would get nothing due to defying the contract (“Good day sir!”) is also genuine; in rehearsals Peter Ostrum (Charlie) was not told that Gene Wilder (Wonka) would be shouting at him. Since Wilder and Ostrum had become friends on the set, Wilder desperately wanted to tell Ostrum that he would be shouting so that Ostrum wouldn’t think that they had stopped being friends.
  • For the riverboat scene, Wonka’s ranting poem was not in the script (it’s a lift from the novel), hence the disturbed looks on the actors’ faces, who thought Wilder was actually losing his mind.
  • During the scene with Wonka’s somersault, Denise Nickerson (Violet) genuinely thought that Gene Wilder had injured himself.
  • Mel Stuart deliberately ran Paris Themmen (Mike) through the lines when Mike explained the technicalities of television to Wonka in the Wonkavision Room so often that Stuart got the right “nasty and pissy” attitude from Themmen he wanted for the scene, as that was how Themmen naturally felt at that point.
  • Paris Themmen  mentions in the DVD Commentary that he and Denise Nickerson (Violet) “hung around Julie Dawn Cole  (Veruca) too much” and Julie’s British accent rubbed off on them as a result. Paris points out certain lines in the film where he and Denise affected British accents for no good reason, and the takes were kept. He also discussed that loved ones watching the film could not recognize that the lines were spoken by Violet or Mike and not by Veruca.
  • Julie Dawn Cole swiped a few props from the set, including a Golden Ticket and an Everlasting Gobstopper. However, she lost the mink coat that was made specifically for the movie, having apparently left it on the back of her chair when she went to lunch. The director yelled at her until she cried when he found out- it was real fur.
  • Julie also got a peek at the Chocolate Room early (the other children only saw it during the main filming).
  • On a darker note, Denise Nickerson made her scenes and returned to school… and then, after two days, her face and hands start to turn blue! It turned out that the paint used to make her face and hands blue went deep under her skin, and then slowly resurfaced during next few weeks. Talk about art imitating life!
  • Julie Dawn Cole and Denise Nickerson both had a crush on Peter Ostrum, so they would hang out with him on alternating days.
  • Roald Dahl reportedly wanted Spike Milligan to play the part of Willy Wonka. The fact that Milligan was not cast as Wonka was allegedly one of the reasons Dahl refused to allow Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator to be made into a movie, even writing that decision into his will. (Dahl also would have been happy with Peter Sellers, but Milligan was his first choice.)
  • The “I Want it Now” sequence took thirty-six takes to perfect. 
  • To achieve the look of becoming a blueberry,  Denise Nickerson was sandwiched between two halves of a giant Styrofoam ball (a centrepiece in the shape of her body had been cut out beforehand) so that only her head, hands and feet were poking out.
  • Paris Themmen was cast as Mike because Mel Stuart thought that he had the perfect brattiness for the Mike Teavee part. The later consensus on set was that this was true. ‘Four of them are wonderful,’ said Wilder in a television interview during filming, 'and one I’m going to throw through a window tomorrow.’)
  • Denise Nickerson got the role of Violet partly for her acting and partly for her round, baby cheeks. Mel Stuart thought she looked just right for someone destined for life as a blueberry.
  • Julie Dawn Cole actually lied about how much acting experience she had. She also had to read the book - which she hadn’t before - overnight between the first audition and recall.
  • Gene Wilder and Peter Ostrum would often have lunch together and walk back to the set sharing a bar of chocolate.
  • Mel Stuart saw the set for Wonka’s office - which was then perfectly normal - and decided that this didn’t suit the eccentric confectioner at all. So he ordered everything to be cut in half. 
  • During the third rewrite of the script, they brought in twenty-five year old writer David Seltzer to do some additional work on it. They ended up flying him to Munich for two weeks, where has was locked in a hotel room to every day and only allowed out for meals. At the end of the fortnight Seltzer flew home exhausted, he later said that his two weeks there was the best training a young screenwriter could have had. 
  • The actor playing Slugworth stayed away from the children as much as possible so that they were indeed a little bit afraid of him. 

When Mike notices that El avidly watches the stars each night, he sets to work building her a model of the solar system, complete with her favourite constellations.

Of course, the rest of the gang is eager to get involved. Dustin gathers the supplies and the snacks; too many styrofoam balls and potato chips. Lucas ensures that the model is made to scale, calculating and measuring with a careful eye. Will brings over his best paints and mixes the colours until they’re just right. And Mike pins tiny little facts to each of the planets, ones that he’s sure El will be especially interested in.

Bonus points: Max thinks the model is incomplete without tiny alien figurines and makes sure to fix that before they show it to El.

drcrazyshotgun  asked:

Did you make the Karamari head or commission someone? I need one for a video so bad

i made all 3 myself! it was actually pretty easy so ill use this as like. a tutorial for anyone else who wants to make one :~)

so i got a builders tube from lowe’s and cut out the face, head, and antenna hole with a box cutter, covered it with fabric using hot glue, and used eva foam for all the designs

then i used more eva foam for the face, and stretched out some translucent pantyhose to cover up the eyes, and for the sides i cut out some circles in insulation foam and covered those in fabric as well, which you can kinda see in number 6

and as for the antenna’s i got some styrofoam cones and balls from hobby lobby, paper mâchèd them, painted them, then just stuck them through the antenna hole in the head!

and then bam! youre done and you have yourself some cool katamari heads!

Cheap (kinda) Mascot Head (thing idk)

Time for another missing pictures build \o/ so uhhh… I had another prop I made, (specifically a lantern) that I have basically zero pictures of building, but! I took quite a few pictures of this:

my Tonberry head. Total approximate cost: $15 give or take $3-5 of materials I already had on hand. Disclaimer: the total cost is low because I have a tiny head.

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anonymous asked:

look i rly just want to know how el’s first christmas with an actual family is going to be. like joyce is probs going to invite the the hoppers over to spend christmas with them and they have a nice dinner together and jon is taking pictures of el and will sitting next to the tree and joyce knits el a sweater that she immediately puts on and LOVES and nancy drives herself and mike over and mike brings a present for el and she hugs him for the longest time bc she loves him and she LOVES christmas

All. Of. This. And Hop bringing home a tree that’s actually just too big for their cabin but they make it work. He has no ornaments, so he buys styrofoam balls and acrylic paint and he and El have a crafternoon and then decorate the tree once their ornaments are dry. El makes a special ornament for Mike and gives it to him as a Christmas present. It has tiny hearts and snowflakes painted all over it.


Nonon Jakuzure Hat - 2014

1. The base is constructed from a baseball hat and a few sheets of plastic canvas hand-sewn together.

2. I covered the hat in a batting fabric to keep it opaque when light shines on it (if that makes sense?)

3. All the little details are made from craft foam

4. The Monkey skull is made of Model Magic with an Aluminum core. (I would not recommend using Model Magic, it likes to crack when it dries, as I found out later with this project)

5. I covered the hat in the same fabric that I made the dress out of. The white trim is bias tape.

6. Front view of the completed hat. I added feathers to the top. The pink hemispheres are made from styrofoam balls covered in model magic.

7. Side view of the completed hat.

8. The completed costume!~
Side Note: I later added a bucket handle for the strap and attached pink buttons!

Spotlight: Seijoh third years

Originally posted by otayura

Q: Who’s the baby of the group? The one everyone sasses but would protect with their life?

Hanamaki. Yes, he can be an annoying little shit but don’t you even think about laying a finger on him. Oikawa is more than capable of handling himself and will verbally destroy you if you hurt any of his friends. Iwaizumi is, let’s face it, the parent figure. Of the two meme lords Matsun is the most mature, and the tallest. He won’t beat you up, but after the seventeenth day in a row of finding your locker stuffed with styrofoam balls, you may consider asking him to, just to make it stop. Either way, you’re apologizing to Makki.

Q: Who’s the one that sneaks ‘illegal’ items into training camps or school outings?
Makki once brought a whole bottle of sake with him in second grade. Him and Matsun proceeded to down the whole thing in one evening, and then vomited it all back up. Since then, they’ve moved to more wholesome endeavours, such as nudie magazines, Ouija boards and the ever popular Sharpie pen.

Q: The one that ends up keeping people’s stuff in their bag, because no one brought/forgot to bring one is?

Iwaizumi. The long suffering responsible one, who ended up carrying a backpack with random shit for Oikawa, and just got a bigger one when he adopted the other two nerds.

Q: Who picks the music during road trips?

Oikawa. Iwaizumi only listens to what Oikawa likes to mockingly call ‘dad music’. On the other side of the spectrum, Matsukawa and Hanamaki are prone to bouts of ‘meme music’. The Panda song, anything by The Lonely Island, the Yatta song etc. Sometimes they’ll find a nightcore remix of some seventies disco that the other two didn’t even know existed, and try to play it on repeat. So Oikawa picks. He thinks this is because he has the best taste, but mostly it’s because he likes light poppy music, and none of the others hate K Pop enough to object.

Q: Who suggest baking a massive cake, or extensive range of cookies, and then ends up doing barely any of the work?

That would be Oikawa. He doesn’t mean it, really. He just gets to planning, and then gets lost in being a perfectionist. Iwaizumi knows this, so he’ll protest the plan from the start, while also just begrudgingly going to the store to pick up ingredients. Makki is surprisingly good at cooking and baking. He doesn’t even need a recipe: he’ll just make a basic sponge cake from memory, and add whatever flavours Oikawa has in his head. Matsun, meanwhile, is an artist when it comes to molten chocolate decorating. They somehow get the whole thing done in a single evening, even if Oikawa spent most of that time drawing intricate designs on paper.


Do you believe in the power of friendship?
Want to write and find amazing friend fics?
Why not join the Brofest challenge?
A two month challenge to produce some much needed platonic haikyuu fanfiction.

Sign ups now open!

Not a Child

Pairing: Jungkook x OC (Hana)
Genre(s): Roommate!AU, College!AU, & Comedy
Words: 708
POV: 3rd Person
Drabble Number(s):

  • #5 - “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!!” - “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!!”

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out
Season 2: B.O.Y

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How to make your own Baby Groot Sculpture

What you’ll need:

  • -Clay, I used brown DAS clay
  • -Aluminum
  • -Bendy Wire
  • -Masking tape
  • -Rocks
  • -Small White Plant Pot, but I couldn’t find one so I used a candle holder
  • -Black marbles, or if like me your on a budget, I painted googly eyes black with nail polish
  • -Small fake flowers, in either blue or purple
  • -Toothpicks for the grooves
  • -Acrylic Paint + brushes
  • -Mod Podge (optional really but it seals in the paint)
  • Glue + Glue Gun
  • Styrofoam ball for the head
  • -Bowls of water
  • -Ice cream lid
  • -knives to cut the Styrofoam
  • -Glad wrap to cover your clay when you wanna take a break (it stops it from drying too quick!)
  • -Newspaper to protect your table!

Message me if you have any questions

Have fun!