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OMG I LOVE YOUR TRICERATOPS!!!!!! ;-;It's SO cute!!!!! Do you have a favorite dinosaur? :D I like Allosaurus and Styracosaurus!

ahhh thank you!! i’m glad to hear it’s cute i struggle with ceratopsids. my favourite dinosaur is the velociraptor but i almost equally love every other raptor!!! theropods are great too i personally lov the carnotaurus because he’s a weirdo.

here’s a quick velociraptor and sytracosaurus for your time since i’ve been meaning to draw it anyway (very quick and bad)


My personal spin on various species of dinosaurs!

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The first extremely belated batch of commission sketches for the League of Steam Kickstarter.  Thanks to everyone who let me draw their awesome OCs, and also an awesome dinosaur!  You guys are both patient and amazing. <3

so close to being done,



Playing with some anatomy, trying to see how lips would work on ceratopsians. Skeletal reconstructions based off Scott Hartman’s work. Looked at large mammals for inspiration; I can’t think of any extant animals quite like ceratopsians, so my gut isn’t really sold on exclusively using crocodylimorphs or birds for anatomy musings.

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I suddenly realized that I have a ton of sketches I’ve never bothered to scan. This is an old one but I still like it, though I drew it without reference so please pardon all the inaccuracies.

Styracosaurs are probably my favorite ceratopsian …but it’s hard to pick just one favorite, honestly. There were so many really cool ones. 

ink, watercolor

“Wendy’s horned-face” (Named after Wendy Sloboda)
Late Cretaceous, 79-78.7 million years ago

Named in honor of Canadian fossil hunter Wendy Sloboda, this early centrosaurine has a lot to say about ceratopsian evolution. Early ancestors like Nasutoceratops and Diabloceratops had no nasal horn, but more derived examples like Centrosaurus and Styracosaurus show evidence of nasal horns up to two feet long! Wendiceratops is the missing link, exhibiting the earliest known nose horn of any centrosaurine. But in a remarkable twist, the row of hooked hornlets around its frill bears a striking resemblance to Kosmoceratops and Vagaceratops – two chasmosaurines! This is fascinating to eight people.

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