ALRIGHTY. so this is long overdue… i’ve never made a follow forever in the history of ever, so excuse me as this is most likely unorganized and awful. and i probably forgot a bunch of people. pls feel free to insult me with bad puns if that’s the case!!

around 7 months ago, i converted this blog from my personal to a creature blog, and listed below are some of the people i’ve followed and befriended since then!! (and if i haven’t befriended u, what r ya waitin for, let’s b friends)

joining the creature fandom was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. so THANK YOU for being perfectly rad beings and i love you all :~) your presence on my dash makes it all the better.

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Guilty [1/?] (Last Human AU)

Words: 2509 (This might be the longest thing I’ve written holy shit)

Eventual NovaHD

Eventual SlyPKC

This is for the lovely stypls and her Last Human AU! Also thank you to rancake, because seeing your writing made me realize I needed to get off my butt and write!

Bless you guys, I hope you like it <3

i also might have half-assed the proof-reading woops


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