How the Pitch Perfect Fandom Works

The Pitch Perfect fandom comes in three slices

The Bechloe fans

The People Who Only Ship Straight Ships

And Everyone Else

I say this, because I feel like Bechloe kinda overtakes the fandom? There’s other people besides the Jeca shippers and Bechloe shippers and I feel like sometimes we’re tossed aside.

Not saying I don’t ship Bechloe, it’s just not even close to my OTP in this fandom. 

No one acknowledges the Mitchsen fandom which is like the second most popular girl/girl ship. No one acknowledges Chaubrey or Steca or (sometimes) Staubrey, and Chacie was just a one week thing that I was really excited for but now it’s gone. 

It’s terrible that Staubrey is known as a ‘minority ship’ yet it’s basically the second/third most popular girl/girl one in the fandom.

No one acknowledges the other ships that don’t involve the main four girls, like Stynthia or Dynthia or Jessley/Jashley, or Lamy or whatever. It’s kinda hard because I basically ship everything super hard BESIDES Bechloe and Jeca, so all my ships are completely ignored. You know how hard it is to find a long Staubrey fic? Or a Chacie one at all? Jessley/Jashley, or Chaubrey? 

And posts about them, that’s even harder.

There’s other ships besides Bechloe, not saying that EVERYONE doesn’t recognize it, but there’s some.

P.S please write me more Jessica x Ashley fanfiction with side Stemily and Chaubrey thank you 

The Avengers: Next Generation (The Avengers/Pitch Perfect Crossover)

AU where Barden University is only a cover for a training institution built by S.H.I.E.L.D. for the children of the original Avengers and other potential recruits.

Profiles: (cont’d)

Stacie Hill
Age: 19
Family: Maria Hill (aunt)
Specialties: Agility, weapons, hand-to-hand combat

Cynthia Rose Fury
Age: 23
Family: Nick Fury (father)
Specialties: Weapons, martial arts, military strategy

Soo...Pitch Perfect.

I got exactly one thing from that movie.

External image

Seriously, there are so many pairings to ship that I have absolutely NO idea where to start.

Chloe/Beca? (because come ON)

Cynthia/Stacie? (because of reasons)

Chloe/Aubrey (they should do that catfight thing again…naked…and without the puking)

Beca/Jesse (BWAHAHAHAHA yeah right like hell I would)

And basically every other femslash pairing in this whole damn movie. Although Beca is reserved only for Chloe.

Aw man, I don’t have time for another fandom.

I am completely here for the completely gay Bella fanfiction where all the Bellas somehow end up with each other at the retreat.
Beca and Chloe
Stacie and Cynthia Rose
Jessica and Ashley
Amy and Aubrey
Then Lilly comes in looking mortified or something.
Like I would read this for real. I think I’d die laughing.

Title it Lesbihonest