louis tomlinson

i made this audio file of louis just talking, it has clips from different interviews. the song in the background is grand piano acustic. i made it so i can sleep better and i thought some of you guys might want to hear it as well. enjoy.

harry’s version


larry’s version  2, 3/ zayn’s version / liam’s version / niall’s version / zouis version

Finally I’m done with this one. I wanted to explore Toffee’s clothing (and with this Septarian culture) since I saw that post . So, yeah I kinda mixed Byzantine, Indian, Chinese and Ancient Egypt (and maybe some more) stylies together.

An Unpublished and Possibly Unique Macedonian Coin

This silver tetradrachm was struck in Salamis circa 300-295 BC during the reign of Demetrios I Poliorketes of Macedon. The obverse shows Nike blowing a trumpet and holding a stylis, alighting to left on a left-facing galley prow. The reverse shows the inscription ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ and Poseidon, nude except for a wreath of reeds and a chlamys wrapped around his left arm. He is striding left while hurling a trident from his upraised right hand; monogram of AYN to left, Σ to right. Unpublished in the Standard References, including Newell, possibly unique. This coin is extremely fine, well struck and centered; engraved in very fine style and very well preserved for the type.