Five Things The STYLUSTE Girls Are Bringing To MAGIC

Styluste’s Renee (pictured right) and Rebecca (pictured left) are recent graduates from NYU and are taking over the blogsphere. Renee studied Media, Culture, and Communication, and now works as the Social Media Publicist at Musmanno Group.   Rebecca studied Journalism and Psychology, and now works as the Department Coordinator of Visual Services at Giorgio Armani.

Check Out What The STYLUSTE Girls Are Bringing To MAGIC:

1. Black Ballerina Flats - From J.Crew to Chanel, don’t forget a basic pair of flats. Walking around mile-long Vegas hotels in heels just doesn’t fly!

2. Daily Caffeination - Renee’s gotta have her morning cappuccino and Rebecca can’t survive without her Red Bull “wings.”

3. Calgeled Nails - While perusing the racks, your nails can get quite beat up. A Calgel manicure will last the whole show without chipping, guaranteed. 

4. Signature Shoulder Bag - You’ve gotta love a bag that can carry a camera, water bottle, and your daily WWD all at once! If it’s a stylish Proenza Schouler “PS1” or Marc Jacobs Collection “Simple,” even better!

5. Benefit Cosmetics “Erase Paste” - When in Vegas, you WILL have bags. Use the world’s best cover up to stay fresh. Erase Paste completely covers all signs of under eye bags and blemishes. Our savior!

My favorite Magic(al) moments with Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue Interactive Blogger Lounge at WWD Magic

This past week I have had the pleasure of working with Teen Vogue at WWD Magic with some of the most rockin’ fashion bloggers and stylist in the industry. The days were long, blisters were formed, and we brought a little flare to Vegas. It was such a treasure meeting these lady lovelies, and a few gentlemen gems.

Will miss you all, xo Whit

DIY with Erica from PS I made this…

How adorbs are her Sharpies? Make’s a girls’ heart warm.

Erica herself. Such. A. Doll.

Elim from the Style Seen.

P.S. Buy her book, it’s to DIY for!!

Looking down on Elim and her new chunky creation.

Bebe Zeva from, and her PS I made this creation, layered with Chanel of course…

L'Oreal Beauty Lounge makeovers on a whim, life savers for long conference days, and long Vegas nights.

Nacole from Rich Skinny Pretty, and Crosby from PR Couture standing in beauty.

Nacole is as lovely as the lounge that surrounds her.

Ready for their makeovers.

Bebe getting dolled up.

Sittin’ pretty.

No pouting here.


Isn’t she lovely?

Style I saw, style I loved.

Valerie of Charmed Valerie.  Effortless.

Gillian of Teen Vogue

Forgot her name, but loved her socks!  She clearly shines.

Erica’s PS I made this: Rings on a String.

Jazzi McG loved her looks everyday!

Didn’t catch her name, lovin’ the chunky headbands/turbans trend.

Pretty Pilgrim.

Love love love the boots and shirt dress.  Naughty nice.


Step inside our lounge.

Teen Vogue’s for everyone!  PS Who is that on the screen?

Bebe, Rebecca and Renee

Jane Aldrige’s pup Kim! 

Style off with Colby Jordan of Minnie Muse (such a DOLL) and stylist extraordinaire Jennifer Margolin!

Meeting with Daniel Saynt, CMO of Rebecca Minkoff, Director of Bloglovin’ Awards

Sony technology and bloggies!  Hi Elim!

Kimmy of, one of the nicest/stylish people you could meet.

My girl Kristen of, so much talent and wonderful heart.

Coffee, eggs, and sprinting with blisters with Danielle of Elle Communications. xo
One last thing I hope all my lady lovelies remember from my favorite writer and thinker:

All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. - Albert Camus

All photos by Whitney Benjamin - 2011

Moxsie’s got Moxsie. That’s right. From candy-colored headphones and watches to summer knit dresses, it’s the perfect online one-stop shopping destination for indie fashionistas.

Clockwise from left: O’Clock Watch in Moss $40, UrbanEars Plattan Headphones in Cerise $60, Nooworks Tour de France V-Neck Tee $32, Dolce Vita Deena Ethnic Print Romper $150, Line & Dot Ikat Maxi Dress $110, Kelsi Dagger Linzy Sand Patent Platform Pump $115. All images from Moxsie. (via 5 Shops to Spend 5 Hours on Online | STYLUSTE)


Behind the scenes footage from my shoot with Styluste! You get to see me bending over backwards in the street on my knees (sounds awkward, looks awkward, was awkward), and making weird snarls as I focus through the viewfinder. Also lots of shots of the lovely Rebecca and Renee struttin’ it around teh village.

Also, really wish we had gotten footage of me straddling the toilet to get an angle… that would’ve been hilarious. 

Thank you people for all the kind words, also:

Hehe, no, I’m hungarian, but I live in Norway. I did learn german in school (not like I remember much), but norwegian is very similar to it, especially when it comes to food names.

Há mekkora csíterek már :’P Pedig ha emlékezetem nem csal palim companion-jához is volt egy zacsi. (Kb olyan íze volt mintha a stylust rágcsálnád, nem vesztettél sokat :’PPPP)

Awh! *Sends some gummy bears with love*

I’m beginning to feel a LIIIIIITTLE awkward here (not because of you but why u got no candy?!).
Wacom, how dare you :’P You better send some gummy bears to your customers for real! (Or just make a better goddamn support for the tablet, I can’t believe you don’t have a designer to figure something instead of this plastic piece of trash)

*insert awkward laughter here*

Like STYLUSTE, JAGGER EDGE launched just six months ago. 

 Rebecca + Renee  of  STYLUSTE are our new style soul sisters!

Our ventures in fashion share a “birthday” + an aesthetic! We were so pleased + honored to read this feature on their wonderful blog! Ladies we are a fan of yours too!