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Don’t actually “Meet the Artist,” she’s a sweaty, awkward loudmouth who will probably go in for a hug when you try to shake hands and think about it for four days straight.

Not Shown: tissue packs, nail clippers, bobby and safety pins, wound gel (listen, I come prepared), prob a bag of chips or some snacks, a fuckton of receipts and trash (that I hoard for absolutely no reason), pens and mechanical pencils, a mini sketchbook, a Galaxy Tab and Wacom stylus, and a switchblade (for good luck).

Artist Not Shown To Scale.  Artist May Look Larger in Mirror.  Use Hazard Lights When Approaching.  Do Not Wash With Bleach.

rainystarlightlady  asked:

Hi I love your art! May I ask, what program did you use? If you use like, wacom and stylus, where did you buy them. Is there any left in Malaysia?

For wacom , i bought them at Low yat, i guessed the store name is IT with something.
There’s two store that sell tablet that i used, I recommended to meet a white man employee who’s name is Ronald Dale. He’s a friendly guy and giving good recommendations for the wacom tablet, either the normal one or the cintiq one.

Raena has become an increasingly special character to me as I’ve continued writing Naddie’s story. She’s a forty-something, 5ft tall archery master, solid, dependable, and level headed, with a quiet optimism and an understated sarcastic streak that I’ve discovered more as I’ve written her. I’m really excited to have finally had the chance to work on her visual development again today, and I think I’m finally getting closer to pegging some of the things that visually convey my impression of who she is. Whew! Sorry to any folks I still need to catch up with in comments/email/etc. Today is the first day in a while that I’ve felt like I had a little more room to slow down and breathe.

[Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks! ^_^]


In my constant quest to improve and regain my fine motor skills, I decided to try using my iPad mini as a sketchbook, rather than upgrading to an iPad Pro. I like the pro iPads but they are too big to use comfortably in bed, especially when I’m too ill to sit at a desk.

Thankfully Wacom and a few other brands do make pressure sensitive styluses that work with minis so I grabbed one (Wacom Stylus 1) and I’m pleased with the result.

The sketch is from 2011ish and the painted version was done yesterday in Procreate. Mostly finding which tools fit best with how I like to paint. I went off course from the sketch, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

-hopefully- I can get back into the swing of creating again.


Today I had a little Childhood marathon, watching Mulan, Hercules and The Prince of Egypt. I always had a crush on Disney princes and Shang was definitely a big one for me. So this sketch is 100% inspired by his look during “I’ll make a man out of you”! The whole naked chest/high waste pants thing is something I’ve always wanted to try for my elf crushes, and Finrod is definitely the Disney prince of Tolkiens Legendarium (I think anyways).

I’m not a big fan of the whole cell shading thing, so I tried to be a bit creative about it, and just draw something quickly and fun, so here he is, slightly sweaty in a mid-workout scenario! I also wanna try to define my fashion design for the different ages, because I do have a few theories that I’d like to try out! ^^ having gotten a new stylus for my iPad I feel more secure sketching on it which makes it a lot easier, as sketching always makes me feel bad for wasting paper! ;)

Good night, beautiful people! :heart:

Finrod © Tolkien

Art © me


I was in this huge hiatus because of school and because of my iPad. The device couldn’t handle the program I was using because it was too old, so for my birthday my mother gave me a modern iPad Mini and a Wacom stylus, so I can draw with much more accuracy.

I’m sorry for disappearing, though… my Magisterium books will arrive surely next week (books, because I ordered TBK and the fourth one together so yeah, I haven’t read the fourth one yet. SO DON’T TELL ME ANY SPOILERS thanks-

Have a Jasper for my return. Hope you all are doing well! By the way, you can follow me in instagram. I’m much more active in there because i post traditional stuff so it’s much more at hand than my digital arts.