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Don’t actually “Meet the Artist,” she’s a sweaty, awkward loudmouth who will probably go in for a hug when you try to shake hands and think about it for four days straight.

Not Shown: tissue packs, nail clippers, bobby and safety pins, wound gel (listen, I come prepared), prob a bag of chips or some snacks, a fuckton of receipts and trash (that I hoard for absolutely no reason), pens and mechanical pencils, a mini sketchbook, a Galaxy Tab and Wacom stylus, and a switchblade (for good luck).

Artist Not Shown To Scale.  Artist May Look Larger in Mirror.  Use Hazard Lights When Approaching.  Do Not Wash With Bleach.

So my Wacom Intuos Nib Remover BROKE


Basically, I have a loose remover tool, and can’t properly take out my nib. But I used a NEEDLE, and stuck it slightly into the short nib and managed to shift it out. 

If anyone can tell me approximately when youre supposed to replace your nib, thatd be great because i dont want it to get so short i have a problem. 


Finished piece, plus detail shot from “Shape Shifter” - visual development for Morwearh, the villain in my story.  

(Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks!) 

Here is Varda, the Queen of stars, for @deathordesire the second promt for my sketch request on tumblr. (yes again this did get a little out of hand but she deserved it!) I first drew her on paper, and then colored in Procreate on my iPad mini with a wacom stylus pen. From start to finish this drawing has been extremely fun, surprisingly easy to get how I wanted, and a fountain of creativity. I drew her as a part of the night sky and the stars, stars also falling from her hands as they belong to her. I imagine that if she stands in blackness her skin will radiate with stars as if she was the evening sky. Raditating power and might as is only right for her.

Varda is one of the most fascinating of the Valier, the female Valar. She is the Queen of stars and Queen of all the Valar. In Silmarillion she is mentioned as the spouse of Manwe, but I read somewhere else that in another script she was the sister of Manwe and Melkor, and this opened for some very interesting head-canons on my part. She is such a powerful symbol and one of the great female characters of Tolkien, so this theory appeals to me a lot more, as she is therefore equal to Manwe and Melkor, the two greatest of the Valar. While the word spouse is generally used for man and wife, I also think it can be meaning that they belong together or are made together by Eru. This is supported by Melkors fear of her. In Silmarillion it states that he fears her because she would not yeild to him and that she withstood him, which can also apply to siblings. While the Valar are not humans or elves, it seems to me that their relationships with each other cannot be defined by earthly standards, and being siblings or spouses must be interpreted in an entirely new setting. I really like to give her the same reverence as Manwe and Melkor, for her to be their equal in power and might, because I believe Tolkien did this intentionally. All his women, mentioned and explained, hold great importance, and so she should be of no less importance than her male parallels. (yes I can go on and on about this, but I hope you understand my thoughts!)

Next in line is Fëanor, so that’ll be exciting!

The Squire Digital Art Glove
For the digital artist.... Free your hand!

Hey everybody! You might remember me as the glove guy. For those who don’t, I’m a comics guy working on a project called Outer Demons.

Over the course of teaching myself digital art skills, I created a glove to make it easier to get my hand across the surface of a tablet without smudging, skidding, and pressing the wrong buttons.

Now I’m crowdfunding this tool that I’ve been using for so long myself and manufacturing them here in Cape Cod! I’ve got 33 days to hit my goal and I’ll need your help if you want one for yourself!

You can get yourself one, or a variety of other rewards ranging from comics to digital art tutorials here on the kick-starter!


Today I had a little Childhood marathon, watching Mulan, Hercules and The Prince of Egypt. I always had a crush on Disney princes and Shang was definitely a big one for me. So this sketch is 100% inspired by his look during “I’ll make a man out of you”! The whole naked chest/high waste pants thing is something I’ve always wanted to try for my elf crushes, and Finrod is definitely the Disney prince of Tolkiens Legendarium (I think anyways).

I’m not a big fan of the whole cell shading thing, so I tried to be a bit creative about it, and just draw something quickly and fun, so here he is, slightly sweaty in a mid-workout scenario! I also wanna try to define my fashion design for the different ages, because I do have a few theories that I’d like to try out! ^^ having gotten a new stylus for my iPad I feel more secure sketching on it which makes it a lot easier, as sketching always makes me feel bad for wasting paper! ;)

Good night, beautiful people! :heart:

Finrod © Tolkien

Art © me

Wacom help?

Anyone able to explain to me how to disable the little white ring that encompasses the point I touch with my stylus, (wacom pad to standard laptop screen) I’ve had to take a loan laptop as mine’s in for repair, the loan runs off windiws7 and so the Autodesk sketchbook works slightly differently. Then pen isn’t anywhere near so responsive with it and there’s a delay before it takes up. I’m blaming this white ring! It seems to be an options thing but I just don’t need it.