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beautiful space daughter

I’m alive, but holy heck am I worn out. Here’s a snippet of proof that I’m working through it anyways: Illustration #3 for the National Eagle Center of a 4th year bald eagle is coming along alright, despite me needing to update tablet drivers again. (Always? Always.)

I’m going to try to scrape together what’s left of my free time* and try making headway on those Aequis customs this week. LET’S DO THIS.

*if that’s what you count as free time…

Here is the lovely @starbotdubs dressed as Rosalina!

I started this lil sketch on my phone at MAGfest and I finally finished it despite my perfectionism the entire time with the sketchy, uneven line thickness. Yes, I could have transferred it to my computer and finished it sooner with my tablet, but where’s the fun in that? xD

Hope you like it, Star! ^_^

Rosalina belongs to Nintendo
Art by me // @dragaura