stylus art

A bit of “A Monster in Paris” fan art, because I saw a certain cute movie for the first time this week. The friendship that develops between these two is pretty adorable, and I felt it was like he became a sort of big-little brother she rescued and adopted off the streets. :)


Following up my Finrod inspired by Shang, with this Maglor inspired by prince Eric from Disney’s “The little mermaid”, because it was fun to do this style and I needed something to do while procrastinating Uni work! ^^’

Suggested by the dear @legolasgoldy I decided I had to do it, because I love making my friends happy and because “why not?”! ^^ Tolkien princes as Disney princes are definitely my new thing!!

Maglor’s short hair is inspired by a conversation I had with said friend about him having short hair on his travels and being mocked for it by a certain prince ;)

I hope you like this too, and I pray to Eru Iluvatar to give me strength to actually do some proper art soon.. And Uni work, but who cares?!

Maglor © Tolkien

Art © me - see watermark for specifications