How to pair the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 with Adobe Sketch



Desktop interface tool by 3D Systems is a haptic 3D stylus for editing models on a computer:

Everyone knows how to use their hands but not everyone knows how to use CAD software. Touch is a haptic 3D stylus that puts digital content in your hand, allowing you to actually feel models on the screen. Designed for intuitive 3D sculpting, Touch eliminates the intimidation of traditional 3D modeling.

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Keyblade Stylus
Trying to get out the stylus is on the original 3DS is such a pain (edit: because it is at the back on the left hand side and I am right handed), so I wanted to give it a strap of some kind to make it easier to pull out. And then I thought why not make it like Sora’s keyblade with a little mickey symbol, which I made with some shrinking plastic and a metallic sharpie. I also put a little ring so that I can change it if I want, in other words there will be more to come!


We’re proud to kick off the new year with a special announcement: Pencil is now available at Apple! For the first time ever, see Pencil up close and get it at your local Apple store.

It’s been quite a ride bringing Pencil to creators around the globe; first online and now in Apple US, Canada, UK and EU, with worldwide availability coming soon.

Check out these photos from FiftyThree fans in Germany, British ColumbiaSouth Carolina, and this one by our CEO georgp in New York. Snap a pic of Pencil at Apple and share it with us ( We’d love to hear from you!

See where you can get Pencil.