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I had some free time this afternoon so I rewrote some notes 😃.
Recently I decided to go paperless with my Ipad and a stylus. It’s been two weeks since I purchased notes plus and fortunately I’m not disappointed. I’m more of a visual learner, so the app has helped me a lot since I can add pictures, color and shapes to my notes. I might write more about my experience in the future, but for now I’m still getting used to it.


170212// This week’s spread is inspired by 방탄서년단의 봄날 which made me cry and is the most beautiful music video I have seen and you should watch it too. Hope everyone has a great week! As for me I’ll finish my exams this Tuesday and tomorrow I have my neurobiology exam which I’ve been preparing for, so wish me luck! :D


Medieval bronze stylus found in Østfold this week. These have been used since ancient times to write on what was their notepad, the wax tablet. We have reason to believe that this stylus have belonged to someone with ties to the nearby church, built in the 1100s, or to a monastery which according to some medieval writings has been situated in the area. The stylus is approx. 85 mm long, weighing 10.8 grams.

The wax tablet was used to make notes, or by people who should learn to write. When the tablet was full, the wax was heated to liquid and cooled, and was then ready for use again. The girl in the illustration is the Poetess of Pompeii, (National Archaeological Museum, Naples)