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I had some free time this afternoon so I rewrote some notes 😃.
Recently I decided to go paperless with my Ipad and a stylus. It’s been two weeks since I purchased notes plus and fortunately I’m not disappointed. I’m more of a visual learner, so the app has helped me a lot since I can add pictures, color and shapes to my notes. I might write more about my experience in the future, but for now I’m still getting used to it.


A Writer’s Tools

A writer’s tools might  include an inkwell and papyrus scrolls or less expensive wax tablets and stylus. The tablets could also be bound and they could be erased with the flat end of the stylus. Papyrus was made of the pith of a water plant; ink was a mixture of soot, resin, wine dregs and cuttlefish.

Roman Terracotta Inkwell (1st or 2nd Century A.D.)

Roman/Egyptian Papyrus Letter (early 3rd Century A.D.)

Byzantine/Egyptian Wooden Tablet (500-700 A.D.)

Roman Bronze Stylus (1st or 2nd Century A.D.)









) The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 



Desktop interface tool by 3D Systems is a haptic 3D stylus for editing models on a computer:

Everyone knows how to use their hands but not everyone knows how to use CAD software. Touch is a haptic 3D stylus that puts digital content in your hand, allowing you to actually feel models on the screen. Designed for intuitive 3D sculpting, Touch eliminates the intimidation of traditional 3D modeling.

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