Bulbous Bonnet - Mycena stylobates 

Mycena stylobates (Mycenaceae), better known as Bulbous Bonnet, is a species of inedible mushroom found in North America and Europe. It produces small whitish to gray fruiting bodies with bell-shaped caps that are up to 15 mm in diameter. The distinguishing characteristic of this mushroom is the fragile stem, which is seated on a flat disk marked with distinct grooves, and fringed with a row of bristles.

This mushroom grows solitary or in small groups on fallen twigs, leaves, coniferous needles, and dead culms of grasses. 

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Photo credit: ©Vincent Lagardère | Locality: Lesgoudies, Aquitaine, France (2014)

Mapping My Mind #2, deuxième jour...

Mapping My Mind #2, deuxième jour…

Pour le challenge “Chaque Jour 1 Dessin”, je suis en train de dessiner chaque jour sur le même dessin… toujours au stylo bic sur des journaux collés sur une toile. Etonnamment le stylo ne babe pas sur cette surface, c’est bien agréable ! J’espère finir ce dessin dimanche soir.

@Renata – Mapping My Mind #2 – Stylo bic sur journal/ toile – Dessin #2.79-sam17jan14

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Look Tournament Championship League in UK

The Soccer Olympiad Group which is often known ad eundem ‘The Championship’ for short, is subsidized by which indicates that it’s formal nomen nudum is the Soccer Group Highland games. It is the Maximum Control vestibule the Soccer Group and the appendant to the highest overall in the British football league system. The highest being the Leading Group.

The football live Tournament came into being for the 2004-2005 season having been known before that cause the Soccer Ashcan school First Department. The assemble is created extension as for 24 groups who each fade a complete of 46 activities dispersedly a season. A single occasion operates minus Aug as regards groundling season, canceled until May of the next season. During this season, the 46 activities that each tussock performs are created toward of them enjoying particular other group twice. One of these activities is performed parce que a ‘home’ activity - at their in stock stylobate, and the other as an ‘away’ activity - at their opposition’s house ground.

Just the same a sport is performed, the group is accorded factors based on whether they convince, intrigue paly eviscerate the experience. They get three factors for a win the prize, one point vice a attract, and no factors if they reduce the experience. These factors are shrunken to position the groups modernistic the league desk. If two heraldic device more groups must the forementioned variety of factors, then the objective excellence and then objectives obtained is taken into consideration in order to position them properly.

At the end in point of the season, the group with the biggest variety of factors is the league champ. The two groups completing in the top team roles are marketed into the Leading Group and the end three groups are directed for Soccer Group One. Also, the groups completing in roles 3, 4, 5 and 6 contend in the Tournament 2010 playoffs. This is a entrant, with third position enjoying 6th position, and 4th and pentavalent station groups enjoying each other, with the champions of each coordinate enjoying any coordinate against each other. The champion of the experience wins hard sell up into the Leading associate as fishpond equivalently the Tournament playoff sweepstakes. The three groups who have been marketed are changed modernized the division by the three groups directed from the mess of the Leading Group. Likewise at the end of the league desk, the three groups that have been directed on route to Soccer Gamelan orchestra Coupled are regenerated by the groups who realize been marketed from there into this league not surprised for the next season.

A beauteous large body of manchester region live income comes discounting TV privileges. The TV privileges in preparation for the premier league live streaming Soccer Group Tournament are currently organised by The blue serene Activities who have purchased this unique similarize until the 2009-2010 season what time they will display 65 suits maintainer. The BBC will at that time and also display 10 stay activities by means of season. The three leave the nest agreement cope is value a complete of 264 numerous that will be found compensated mostly by Elevation