Do you guys ever wonder about the fact that they gave Veronica Lodge a character trait she didn’t have in the comics but never used it to create any meaningful banter or character dynamics? Just think about it, who’s the only other person in Riverdale who’s witty, snarky and talks mainly in pop culture references?

Jughead fucking Jones.

Yet these two have talked approximately 3 times in the entirety of the shows run while somehow being part of the core four characters. Relationships aside, Riverdale needs to explore this character dynamic. You can’t give characters traits that helps them work dialogue off of eachother but then never deliver anything with it. It’s bad writing.

Please Riverdale, let them talk.

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This dude really reminds me of Bryson Tiller, these two singers going to be going head to head. He said “Dont judge me, I know this shit sounding like OVO, I’m only doing this for a moment though” 

I mean realistically OVO is pushing R&B on another level and its hard not to sound like them. So I guess he wants to eventually find his own sound, none the less this joint fye styll. He’s wrote for Trey Songz, T-pain and Gucci Mane, look out for the kid. This for the ladies.

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