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Hiveswap trailer analysis

OK now that I’ve calmed down enough to analyze the trailer a bit…

Most of the hallway pictures were shown before. That being said, the ones with Grandpa Harley’s wife in them were new. We still don’t know her name, but it apparently starts with an A. Grandpa’s name, on the other hand, is Jake, which isn’t surprising in the least since he’s been referred to as such by Hussie, and since it’s been hinted that the post-scratch and pre-scratch kids had the same names on both sides of the scratch (and confirmed in-comic with Nanna and Jane). Still, a moment of silence for anyone hoping that Grandpa’s name would canonically be “Hass ‘The Flame’ Harley”.

Joey’s room has a few medical kits in it (she wants to be a veterinarian), lots of plushies and stickers, a stylized sun/Light-aspect symbol on the ceiling, her ballet shoes, plenty of posters (Again, I reiterate that anyone with Earthbound and Final Fantasy VI posters on their wall has good taste in games. I don’t know anything about Bubsy, and I’ve never played a Metroid game. Or a Tetris game, for that matter). The Earthbound poster lists the game as “Mother 2″ - I think at the time Hiveswap is set in (1994, IIRC), it hadn’t been released in America yet? She also has an interest in G1 My Little Pony, Tiny Toonz, and The Neverending Story. I don’t know what “Are You Afraid of the Dark” or “Dirty Dorothy” (I think that’s what it says) are. She’s got a Super Nintendo, Jenga pieces, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect-4, some MLP figures (also seen scattered around the manor later in the trailer), and a Manthro Chap.

Jude has, in his treehouse, a lot of pictures and newspaper clippings on the walls. One appears to feature items from Grandpa Harley’s adventures - a reindeer, a globe, and that one Gmork head that plagued Hussie and others throughout Homestuck. Interestingly, it’s eyes are mismatched, one being red and the other being green - two cherub themed colors that have come up in a lot of promotional images…below that picture is a cutout of a comic book panel, ans a box with a flashlight and a book titled “Haze”. In the back is a map of the USA, with California, Nevada and Oregon visible; in front of that, a cinderblock desk, with homing pidgeons in a cage on top of it, and a lamp on top of that. Next to that, a calender can be seen, with a date marked on it. Besides the geodes and weird gadgets, the opposite wall from the one with the comic panel has a llot of scribbled over conspiracy theory clippings. Bill Clinton’s beautiful son, Bigfoot Clinton, is shown, as well as a picture of Batboy at a bar.

More Joey exploring the manor. Even the lamps are blue ladies. Also a lion painting, a grandfather clock in the shape of a bear, and blue lady paintings hidden behind said clock. Weird masks too.

Surprise animation! Joey, Jude and Tesseract face down a giant monster, and they don’t look at all prepared!

Part of the manor attic? The usual Grandpa Harley nonsense. Knights, blue lady paintings, chairs with antlers on them, what may or may not be minor Typheus and Cetus minions…there’s a note on the wall next to the washing machine, but I can’t make out what it says.

Combat involves some sort of target reticule, and also Joey uses her flashlight as a melee weapon. Maybe flashlights weren’t as fragile back then as they are now. Also, she is able to use her ballet skills to pirouette out of the way of the monster’s attack.

Then she is seen running away from a similar monster, possibly the same one, in the hallway that her room is in. All sorts of junk here, including the statue with a tutu that we’ve seen before, and a horse painting (no football player, sadly) with several notes taped to it.

Then we get the main logo, and then a quick scene from Alternia, where Xefros is watching Imperial Drones kidnap a bunch of kids for some reason. Xefros’ home is on a highway leading into a big city. The highway features, among other things, advertising billboards featuring Trizza, Alternian Heiress. It seems the portal in the hive across the street just activated, as Joey is seen beaming down into it. I’d assume that Xefros has just witnessed Dammek escape the drones by activating the portal and fleeing to realms unknown (Earth), seeing as the portal is already active and Dammek and Joey’s transportalization has been indicated to have been circumstantially simultaneous.


poisonhemloc  asked:

V. and Valto! Alternatively just info dump about Phantomwing, really, cause I'm super excited about the story.

mmmmMMMMMYES I get to write Valto in all his jerk-assy glory.

From the sky, the abandoned monument looked just as unremarkable as any Human-made structure. One had to be standing on the bridge to fully appreciate its…beauty.

Valto broke his holding pattern and swooped down to light on the compass rose inlaid in the very center of the wide steel and stone structure. To the west and east, situated on the edges of the bridge, sat two decorative arches, each housing a stained glass mural. Brothers in design, each depicted a stylized sun, as was appropriate for the two groups they were built to honor.

He took a moment to appreciate his position on the grim yet hallowed bit of architecture. If he took a step to the north, he would be welcomed home with frightened screeches and averted eyes - such was the reputation of the Verkorantii. If he took a step to the south, the only thing welcoming him would be a sport rifle aimed at his chest.

This empty bridge - this monument to the deaths of hundreds suspended over the deadly, nightmarish canyon of carbon dioxide that was Stranglehold - was, oddly enough, Valto’s oasis in a world that either feared him or wanted him dead.

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