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Daily Inspiration 4 – @daily-gastrodon

Reuniclus loves Squish!! I have no idea how you made a Gastrodon so dang precious, but it’s very effective! You’re stylization goals!! Whenever someone talks about wanting to draw a certain Pokemon, but it’s too detailed/not cute enough/too weird, I immediately think of Squish–the epitome of adorable. And look at those wiggly ears, they’re so good!!


1. 25% of determined commission price must be paid prior to commission
2. You will be sent a watermarked sketch to confirm that I have started your commission
3. You will then pay me the remaining 75% of the commission, to minimize risk of you backing out by the time your piece is finished
• Payment will be fulfilled via e-gift cards through Amazon for retailers of my choice
• Payment should be sent to

• I am open to drawing the following: nsfw, sfw nudity, Pokemon, lighter stylized gore
• I am willing to attempt to draw, but have little to no experience in drawing: Transformers, other robots, fursonas
• I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything that makes me uncomfortable, and will not draw nsfw art or sfw nudity for minors
• Fauvist portraits require a high quality photo for reference
• Reference sheets and images are preferred when drawing ocs, but a detailed description will do fine!
• Character reference sheets have no base price because it depends heavily on how much I will be involved in the design process
• Simple backgrounds include: patterns, splat marks, duplicate shadows, text, (legal to use) pre-made backgrounds, etc.
• Fauvist portraits take up two commission slots
• Because fauvist portraits take much more time and effort, 50% of the price is required beforehand instead of 25%
• Fusion design prices will become higher the more gems/humans are involved in the fusion
• Fusion designs are not canon character exclusive!

• I have 10 commission slots

pearlqueensposts  asked:

What would your suggestion be to someone who doesn't really draw for a living, yet still wants to make a daily Pokémon blog?

You don’t have to draw for a living to produce art! Most of the artists online don’t make any money for it. (I certainly don’t.) All that matters is that you enjoy creating!

Some tips:

  1. Pick a Pokemon that you really like, since you’ll be drawing them every day. It might be a good idea to fill a page with doodles of your daily Pokemon, and if you’re not tired of it yet, you’ve made a good choice!
  2. Remember that your Pokemon should be able to do things. I considered a daily Solosis blog, but it was too difficult to get Solosis to interact with objects and to emote… since it has no arms or body… (No shade to any Solosis blogs, my mind is just too anthropocentric!) I would recommend imagining how you’d respond to some of the requests that other daily Pokemon blogs receive.
  3. Try to simplify or stylize your chosen Pokemon if they’re particularly detailed. This is an arbitrary number and it’s ultimately up to you, but I try to spend no more than 15 minutes on a single drawing. As a result, even on my busiest days, I can usually spare 15 minutes on a Reuniclus while I’m waiting for someone or after I eat lunch or something.
  4. Don’t be afraid to interact with the community. This is optional, of course, but there are so many daily Pokemon blogs now. It’s a great platform to make friends!
  5. Use your queue! This helps you space out posts, especially in case of those particularly overloaded days when you can’t draw. I know it’s supposed to be a daily blog, but it doesn’t really have to be.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ignore certain requests or block certain users. You don’t need to have an excuse.
  7. The most important thing is that this blog is supposed to be fun! If, for whatever reason, it’s not fun anymore, you shouldn’t force yourself to keep it up.

This is kind of a lot, but if anyone ever has a more specific question, don’t be afraid to hit up my DMs!

Let me know if you do make a daily Pokemon blog! Reuniclus is excited to make a new friend!


ODD BIRD: Badges for your Fandom! Show off your nerdy interests/fandoms with beautifully designed metal badges! Help spread the word, or support the KickStarter here! The deadline is October 1st.

Hey darlings! A good friend of mine has been wanting to create some fandom-themed accessories for a while now, and she just made a KickStarter for her project. They’re going to be pins (cloisonne on polished nickel) with super cute stylized fandom logos (think Pokemon + trainer badges). You can see her designs for Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones above.

I personally would love a bunch of these to decorate my purse or just wear whenever I go out.

Please consider supporting this project! Or, reblogging to spread the word. Every little bit helps! Thank you~

On Another Level: Chelsea's Top 5 of 2013

Honorable Mention: Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us

     It seemed unfair to place these on the list, with both games having only their first episode up and nothing more. Though, it also seemed equally unfair to not mention them at all for various reasons. Both episodes of each respective game run at about 3 hours roughly, but they pack as much emotion, action, and character development in those hours than most full priced retail blockbusters. The Walking Dead even had it’s first season to build off of, making the debut of their second season highly anticipated by fans. The success of The Waking Dead even trickled into their new title, The Wolf Among Us, a game based on the Fables comic that maybe not everyone was familiar with going into. Telltale has found their sweet spot and they’ve been doing their thing well, with the future holding the rest of The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Borderlands and Game of Thrones… next year is looking like it will be heavy with Telltale and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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I really need to talk about this awesome installation in the Hainich National Park. They had an entire forest museum - more precisely, a SOIL museum - built to look like a magnified swath of forest detritus, roots and giant earthworms and everything.

Seen here is an interactive game losely inspired by monster fighting games, where you can send different critters into battle and see if they eat one another (the survivor gets a winning pose!). Masterful concept and execution, and educational, too! I love how they even correctly put the pincers of the pseudoscorpion so close to its mouth, even though everything is so stylized!