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Two of Swords

My first tarot-card-style illustration, made for my Patrons last month! If you’re interested in supporting my art in return for some neat rewards, check out my profile for a link to my Patreon. :)

Crop of a commission for a client. He requested an illustration of his D&D character - a kind-hearted paladin half-elf who can be a little cocky at times. Though I’m not super familiar with D&D, I tried to capture a little story moment of him playing his lute in the evening for his friends at an inn. Thanks for looking

Just having some thoughts
What if all the flights have different currencies. They’re all worth the same, but different styles of tokens and coins?

Light: Perfectly octagonal coins made with various metals. The one treasure coin is the smallest and made of copper while the most valuable is the 100kt, a massive disc of gold stamped with lightweaver’s visage

Lightning: The only flight to use paper bills, each one depicting a value and a stylized dragon. The ridgeback is worth the most.

Shadow: Wooden tokens. Each value is only slightly different from the others, best to know the differences well and count them fast before you get short changed.

Wind: almost as confusing as Shadow in the fact that nearly each individual coin is perfectly unique with a value stamped…. well somewhere. How do they use these things? Very pretty, but nigh impossible to count if you weren’t raised in the system.

Water: Smooth stone tokens carved with images of various shells. Often times they are hollowed and filled with cork so that they float when lost.

Fire: Dark steel coins valued by their weight. The sizes are standardized, but every coin is the same cast black color.

Ice: Stamped iron coins each baring the ice flight rune on one side and a printed value on the other. The stylization of the rune grows more complex as value increases.

Plague: Round, often blank cast coins. Lower values are made from stone, while higher are of iron. Within these, their worth is told by size.

Nature: Square wooden tokens often hand carved. They are made from the wood of naturally fallen trees and are valued by the type of wood from which they are made.

Arcane: Tokens made from shards of crystal. They are irregular in shape

Earth: Cut tokens made from semi precious stone. While each is only a plain disk, they are all patterned with the intricate swirls and bands of the stones from which they are cast.

Okay I think I’ll finally post these :’D since I keep seeing new posts of them floating around!

“Whalewolf” concept art for the new Sharktopus movie coming out this July!

The very first version of this guy was actually more of a 50/50 hybrid with fins instead of rear legs but since they needed the character to have more land mobility, that was dropped in favor of legs (which really makes Whalewolf look like Akhlut, I’ve noticed lots of people pointing that out.) Maybe that initial sleek version might be posted sometime later as a bonus, hehe.

And yes I’m also aware that the Orca is not a “whale!” On this one the name kinda came first, I figured the “Killer whale” mixed better with the wolf aspect, it’s also a nod to the evolution of cetaceans, a thing a few people have also picked up it seems :D

There are other hints and reasons for why things were done the way they were here but I won’t spoil it all!


Appreciate A Dragon Day ~ Game of Thrones: The Targaryen Brothers—Drogon the Black, Rhaegal the Green, Viserion the Gold


Some illustrations i did (stylized as dragon age tarot) for last year.

The Krayt Dragon’s Heart

An Explanation: Last night I was sketching some designs for a tattoo I want to get; the Unfettered symbol from Fialleril’s Tattooine Slave Culture inside the Rebel Alliance symbol, when I had the thought that the Rebel Alliance symbol kind of looks like a stylized dragon with the Unfettered symbol at its heart. Then this happened. I hope you like it and that I didn’t accidentally misrepresent anything…

This is the story of the First Unfettered child of Ar-Amu, and how the Krayt Dragon acquired a new heart.

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I feel people here go little over the board with the criticism aimed at the dragon’s anatomy, especially the wings. Don’t get me wrong, there definitely are some issues ( like the male pearlcatcher’s wing being bigger than the other ) but writting long paragraphs about their wings being too small for them to be able to fly, coatl’s wings being weirdly bend or “lol how does spiral even fly” is what I’m talking about. you’re trying to find way too much sense in fictional stylized dragon species.

Dragon carpet 

Kuba, Azerbaijan, 17th cen.

“This rug represents the village carpet-weaving tradition of the Caucasus that was contemporaneously with court production in Ottoman Turkey and Safavid Iran. While rugs produced in royal workshops had flowing, floral patterns, those from provincial weaving centers retained a strongly geometric character. The motif of highly stylized dragons, which are depicted here, gave the name "Dragon Carpet” to this type of rug which was produced in Trans-Caucasia.“

Alphys Appreciation Week by @fluffnflight

Day 4: Any AU; Underswap!

I’d imagine that underswapped Alphys would totally have a hole in the middle of her helmet so she would look more intimidating by sticking her Komodo dragon tongue out and trying to hiss.

Fun fact: The design for that helmet was loosely based on an amazingly stylized webcomic about dragons that I used to read. 

(if i had known that day 3 picture would actually get some attention i woulve made this look a little nicer pfffft)