stylization is not an excuse

things i did that forced me to be a better artist:

  • used a reference for everything
  • thinner line art (you think thats thin? go thinner….)
  • sketch, then do a cleaner sketch, THEN start finalizing
  • color research, picking a set palette or light/dark for each work
  • you like that pose? redo it one more time
  • do not rely on stylization as an excuse for anatomy
  • draw the goddamn background you coward
  • just draw the hand- a bad hand is better than a hidden hand
  • the rule of thirds WORKS
  • take a considerable break between sketch and lines/paint
  • know that art takes longer as you get better at it
  • draw the seams on clothes
  • stop aiming for accuracy and focus on fluidity and motion, accuracy will come with practice of those two concepts
  • just…do the chiaroscuro. just DO IT. no excuses it always works
  • stop making excuses, make yourself an art schedule/set weekly(or daily) art goals and just DO IT.

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Vanitas would try to make scary neutral faces, but he has Sora’s face so he’d look more like a sad puppy, honestly.

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And here’s some newer sketches. Vetinari’s hair inspired by this post.

So this is a new female design from the game Overwatch, findable on the new map Junkertown: the queen of the city.

I’m so disappointed.

I get it she’s beautiful and waifu material and badass and all and all but… where is the character design originality/diversity here ?

Same face features than Sombra (and artistic stylization isn’t an excuse), boobswindow (She’s still a woman after all), classic body shape (at the right places uh ?)and very basic junker design it seems.

Is that the only possible design for a tyrannic warrior queen of a post-apo city, fighting against robots ?

Strong new female character yes, but new female charadesign nope…

Honestly, I’ll be happy to see here as a playable character, of course, but honestly Blizzard, if all your next female heroes have to be draw this way we don’t need another ones. (Yes had to put that ref okay.)

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There is a handwritten card inviting Pharma to a date on a nearby planet that is mostly covered in colorful rocks and that has lots of shooting stars because of increased amounts of meteorites around it. Exact coordinates are provided. The card is signed with nothing but a T inside a stylized version of the Decepticon symbol.

Wow Tarn…. heh if you’ll all excuse me I have a date with a pretty awesome tank

Finally finished a fan art of @feynites ‘s TDWH AU, just in time for Christmas! More stylized than what I usually do, but I’m generally pleased with it. Please excuse shitty Ipad photography. 

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can you do a tutorial about how you draw people?

i wasnt sure if you meant process or specifically drawing people, so here is a process gif i made in case you were curious, and for drawing people i dont really have a “set way” to do it i just???? dO IT??????

but generally, to draw people, its important to have a grasp on anatomy and proportions. i mean im not perfect at it but i have a pretty good idea of it?? (i took a figure drawing class and it was a 10/10 experience u learn a lot when u do it; if u have the chance to take a figure drawing class i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!) use lots of reference pictures too, like photos or anatomy books (artistic, not medical altho i use medical ones to study skeletal structure, which is also v helpful). also use yourself as a reference!!! if ur drawing an arm and dont know if it can bend a certain way, bend ur arm to see how a real arm moves!!!! sometimes if the anatomy on a drawing gets tricky, i will literally get up and pose out the drawing.

in actual drawing, i feel like its very important to sketch out the drawing using geometric shapes.

im a little more literal than i lead on but this is what i basically mean. i draw circles for heads and round body parts, and i also use them for joints in the body. the head i sketched is a circle and triangle, and a real head is obviously not that shape, but it works to get the main idea of the shape down. when you sketch, you want to get the main idea down, so you dont need details (yet); just the main shapes.

now granted my anatomy isnt perfect or anything but you have to remember that im heavily stylized as well??? i mean. do NOT use stylization as an excuse for bad anatomy!!! but like dont draw an arm twice as long as a normal arm and say “thats just my style!!!” no. arms usually fall between like mid-thigh ish, give or take a centimeter or two. but basically what im saying is that if youre drawing people, fictional or not, its important to have an understanding of anatomy. it has to be believable, you know what i mean?? like if i drew this picture and gave oropher legs twice as long as regular legs, it wouldnt look “right”. i dont think im explaining this well but i dont think people have 6 ft long legs.

other than that its also important to just keep practicing. its a really cliche thing to say but thats basically it. also use books, pictures, yourself, and other humans as references on how to draw people!! this wasnt really a tutorial rather than just me talking, but i hope this helps!!!!

“What’s also interesting to note is that studies show that children, themselves, prefer averaged sized heroines- and some even prefer chubby ones,” Sebastian interjected as he clung to the King’s beard.  

“So it’s not true that kids only want to see- or will only relate to- a singular body size.   But anyway, I think it’s just pretty logical that the best way to actually celebrate a diversity of sizes in society (and no, a fat or chubby princess won’t be bad for young girls to see), kill some of the rampant fat shaming that exists, and to eliminate the concept that there’s a single, ideal body size for all women regardless of an individual’s health, biology history, body type, abilities, desires, and so on, is to actually show characters that are fat, thin, average, et cetera.”

Companion piece to my previous portrait of at-smoelfe, this time it’s anya-aesthetics! Can’t have one without the other! Still playing around with the balance between realism and stylized, not sure but I guess I’m happy with it?

This was partially made to mark the one year anniversary of our friendship here on tumblr! Thanks for being so nice to me my danish Tali <3