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NAC Kaia's stylist was Monica Rose but after all that controversy, she now has the same stylist as Gigi (Mimi Cutrell). But yeah Kaia and Kendall are friends, plus Kaia has stated a couple times that she really looks up to Kendall so their styles being similar isn't shocking. On another note, I actually really like Kendall's style lately. Some looks are terribly off, but most of it has been pretty good. I loveeeed the couple of menswear looks she wore in June and July

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And finally the biggest question of the year. What are your thoughts on kendall vogue september cover and ed? Not one model except her nepotism model friends have congratulate her and this is saying something, right?

Here’s my rant about this whole thing:
The September issue of American vogue used to the the holy grail of covers to land and now it literally means nothing and has meant nothing the past couple of years. After handing it away to Kendall, and REMEMBER she just had a solo cover in April, wipes all meaning of it. They gave it to a girl who has minimum modeling talents and is known as a fashion icon due to her stylist, Monica Rose (who never gets a shout out or anything, a whole other rant I can go on). If they wanted to give a cover to a well known socialite AND model, give it to Karlie Kloss. That girl deserves a solo US vogue cover AND the September issue. 

Kendall’s cover is just like many of her others, posed in front of a blank wall/screen with her doe eyes. The editorial isn’t much better the only time she made a different face was the one photo when she smiled.. Vogue is a mess.

I get so irritated even thinking about it.


Kristen Stewart and Hilary Duff also turned out to fete luxury styling destination Albright Fashion Library.


On  any given night during awards season, expect to find Jeff Kim and Tara Swennen dressing red-carpet heavy hitters, from Carly Chaikin to Julie Bowen, respectively. But on Wednesday, the celebrity stylists found themselves the center of attention as co-hosts of The Albright Fashion Library’s first anniversary party in Los Angeles in tandem with founders (and mother-daughter duo) Irene and Marina Albright.

A striking mid-century home in Beverly Hills, reinvented as the West-Coast-outpost of the New York-based one-stop-styling atelier, served as the glamorous backdrop for evening, as guests including stylists Monica Rose and Johnny Wujek took a break from awards-season madness and mingled poolside and in between racks of clothes overflowing with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Tom Ford.

Kristen Stewart, the newly announced face of Chanel makeup, turned up to support her longtime stylist Swennen, as did Hilary Duff, sporting a pink shoulder-grazing bob in her first appearance since her divorce with former NHL player Mike Comrie was finalized.

STYLE GURUS: Tara Swennen and Jeff K. Kim at The Albright Fashion Library. (Photo: Getty Images)

“I like to pull gowns and pieces with corseting and really unique accessories [from The Alright Fashion Library]. Irene has an amazing eye and she literally has everything you can imagine in here,” said Swennen, wearing a Bottege Veneta piece from The Albright Fashion Library for the occasion — part of the brand’s 20,000-piece bicoastal archives, beloved by stylists, costume designers and private clients alike for its comprehensive selection of top-tier designers.

Kim, who was introduced to The Albright Library by way of the New York location (which debuted in 1990), also raved about the service. Said Kim: “Having designer clothes you can rent for commercials and those kinds of projects means you have higher quality clothing that reads better on television and print. It gives us access to pieces that might not be available from designers in-house.”

FASHION FRIENDS: Kristen Stewart and Tara Swennen at The Albright Fashion Library.