stylist home

Mary Quant Back at home, Mary sips tea from a giant-sized cup while reflecting on the cutaway fashions worn by the dolls (left) in the glass case. 1967


The new studio-home of stylist Carin Scheve: a 800 sq.m. loft located into an old industrial building, in Brooklyn.

Eclectic, essential yet bohemian interiors enhance the original architectural heritage of the space: concrete columns and beams, exposed pipes, industrial radiators and 26 large windows overlooking the Hudson river, are all preserved and combined with few but stunning furniture, all with a strong personality, such as a long counter top in natural wood, a pair of black metal tables, vintage armchairs and sofas. The loft is an open space and houses different areas, only defined by the decor and their function: the kitchen, the dining and the living room, a “botanical garden” and the master bedroom.