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Celebrating Pi Day with Food Stylist and Home Baker Quelcy Kogel

To see more of Quelcy’s adventures in the kitchen, follow @withthegrains on Instagram.

Pittsburgh food stylist Quelcy Kogel (@withthegrains) has an insatiable sweet tooth and passion for fresh food. “I remember visiting my grandparents on their farm and my grandmother was always in the kitchen preparing. One meal would be finished, and she’d be planning the next one — making everything from scratch.” In college, Quelcy started paying attention to what she was eating, and that led her to studying seasonality and proper baking techniques.

Today, we’re celebrating #PiDay with Quelcy — who took on quite the project a few years back to celebrate. “I made little pies from all local ingredients and then delivered them to homes that had ‘314’ addresses,” she says of her creative concept. This year, she’s keeping it simple with one delicious apple pie.

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dan and phil have the money not just to get their hair done every few weeks but to have a private stylist come to their home every few weeks to get it done

dan and phil used to not have enough money to get proper furniture for the first few months in london this glo up

Okay so lemme just have some words! Like….do people not know when a joke has died? Go into the Daehyun twitter tag and you’ll still see people laughing it up about Daehyun’s hair and asking shit like “Where’s Daehyun’s hairline?”. Yeah I’m dumb and checked the tag this morning to see if there were any fantakens of him leaving the theater. *sighs into the sun* Here’s my whole issue with fans joking about his hairline! Now in Daehyun’s case I do not think he’s balding like people wanna joke, boy just has a wide forehead..but that’s the thing. Like look up wide forehead and you’ll see so many who are insecure about their foreheads and so many tutorials on how to make the forehead smaller. Why the fuck should you have to hide what you’re born with? Like I love the fact that Daehyun doesn’t seem to be ashamed of his forehead, but with people making nasty comments he sure as hell will be…cause news flash! He reads the shit fans spew. 

Another reason it bugs me that people wanna joke, is because a lot of idols actually do start losing hair prematurely due to stress. Peniel from BTOB went onto Hello Counselor to talk about his hair loss, and he was saying how he’d hide his bald head with hats. Like…why would you make fun of this? Fans talk all day about how they want their idols to love themselves, how they want them to love their natural skin and not whitewash themselves, but if they lose their hair…free game for fans to laugh it up? How the fuck does that make sense? 

Okay and lastly….this has been said…but his hair had been up in a wig. Like I’m having to restrain myself to not go off on everyone I see saying shit like “I need to talk to his hair stylist”. Boy was heading home for the day, he shouldn’t have to style his hair just to come out and greet fans. Honestly it’s amazing that he loves and trusts fans enough to come out unstyled. As a cosplayer I can vouch that hair after being under a wig for a long period of time, it doesn’t look fucking great. I know personally, I’ll end up with lines on my forehead from where the wig cap bit in, and in the pics it sorta looked like he had that too. Like don;t be frigging rude when he was nice enough to come see you. Also I’d like to note that his hair dyeing process doesn’t seem complete yet, he still had some bleached looking hair closest to his forehead and in shitty lighting..that’s gonna look odd. 

Anyway! Daehyun’s hair is adorable and honestly, the boy would look precious whether he has hair or not! Also he’s using wigs for Napolean now so he’s got options if he ever needs them, watch those haters look THAT good in a wig! 

dress me up, buttercup I three (m)

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pairing : hoseok x reader

genre: idol+stylist!au, drama, humor, angst

warning: face sitting, fem dom, dirty talk

word count: 8.1k

summary: There are nearly 1,000 reasons why mixing work and romance is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, Jung Hoseok makes it very hard for you to resist.

chapters: one | two | three | four

✩ a/n: this was really just an excuse to write whiny, needy hobi….. (゜▽゜;)

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The new studio-home of stylist Carin Scheve: a 800 sq.m. loft located into an old industrial building, in Brooklyn.

Eclectic, essential yet bohemian interiors enhance the original architectural heritage of the space: concrete columns and beams, exposed pipes, industrial radiators and 26 large windows overlooking the Hudson river, are all preserved and combined with few but stunning furniture, all with a strong personality, such as a long counter top in natural wood, a pair of black metal tables, vintage armchairs and sofas. The loft is an open space and houses different areas, only defined by the decor and their function: the kitchen, the dining and the living room, a “botanical garden” and the master bedroom.

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I absolutely blame yours and BridgetteIrish's Letters series for the image of Kara playing with Cat's hair (or vice versa, I really don't care) never leaving my head, so I was wondering if you'd write me a little something of that domesticity when you get a chance? <3


Cat opens one eye. Why is Kara talking? Oh. The sheet of paper that’s wilting under Cat’s loosening grip. Focus.

“One more pass,” she mutters, and Kara exhales with barely concealed impatience. Cat feels the shudder of breath as she presses her cheek against Kara’s incredibly firm thighs. 

“You don’t normally take this long to read my articles,” Kara grumbles, but then her distraction abates and her fingers pick up their sacred task again. Sweeping gently through strand after strand, folding one over another and another, pulling just taut enough to form a braid, then unpicking again. 

The words don’t stand a chance. They blur against the page again and Cat relaxes into the gentle rhythm. She knows what comes next, because despite her professed love of spontaneity, Kara Danvers is a creature of habit. Since Cat returned to National City, one of those habits seems to be Kara touching Cat at any given opportunity.

Right on cue, Kara’s fingertips begin their gentle, circular massage at the roots of Cat’s hair. Her curls are looser now, grown out by ten months in exile with barely sight of a stylist. When coming home via Metropolis, Cat’s intention had been to recapture her pre-sabbatical style. A lunch with her mother, at which Katherine had pronounced longer hair so ageing had quickly put paid to that. Spite remains Cat Grant’s greatest motivator.

So Cat’s hair is past her shoulders these days, and apparently a magnet for restless alien fingers, no matter how frequently those fingers are put to work elsewhere.

“I’ll read it later,” Cat promises, letting the paper fall and turning to lie on her back, head still in Kara’s lap. “But I already know it’s great. You’ve grown so much as a writer, Kara.”

“You just don’t want me to stop,” Kara complains, pouting just a little. She dips her head to kiss Cat on the lips, lingering only for a second. “And since I’m good at indulging you, I won’t.” The massage continues in earnest, and Cat hums happily beneath a shaky breath. “I want a full critique later, all red pen and no holds barred.”

“Yes, yes,” Cat sighs. “Now just below my ears too, hmm?”