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Bright lights that won’t kill me now


The fedora is back, yes fake glasses are back and lighter clothing (well the fact that this was taken a few weeks back) This outfit brings me back to my roots, nerdy look. However, this outfit might be a bit more well put together than how I would’ve during my high school years. Actually this one might even be more cooler than that of how I looked before. (Evolution of style) But honestly it’s nice to revisit your old style and just update it a little bit. The photo and the title might give a different idea of who I am. But talk to me about Lord of The Rings and Hobbit, I will ultimately be your best friend. 

For this look, I decided to pair green and blue together which complemented each other quite nicely. I then Topped it with a biker suede jacket you might have seen a couple of post back. I normally will on wear hats if I am lazy to fix my hair. however, for this outfit I felt like a fedora adds to the cutesy nerdy look. The shoes, I opted for white sneakers that contrasted perfectly with my black fedora and jacket. I did go minimal with the accessories just a watch and a cuff with the fake glasses. ( I have no idea why we call it fake glasses) Hope you enjoy this outfit.

Outfit details: 

Shoes: Adidas

Pants: Calvin Klein

Jacket: Zara

Hat: Stetson

Jumper: Reflection London

Watch: Bulova

Cuff: Vitaly 

Photo/s By: Jihwan Park